Using actual paper sticky notes rarely works well for the multitude of web pages. The reason why is we travel from browser to browser on different devices. In this web log entry, we will explore respective solutions to this common trouble .


“ How can I put sticky-notes on a web page I happen to be visiting so I can remember what I need to do with it ? ”

awkward notes can be a blessing for students capturing notes on a web page, besides. Note-taking has several benefits that go beyond interactive checklists. now that we ’ ve clarified the problem, let ’ s see what Chrome browser extensions or apps work .
This Chrome browser annex makes adding digital awkward notes easy and quick. You have a kind of color combinations to choose from for your sticky note. gluey Notes are “ always on top, ” but you can hide them for a short clock. Click on the conventionalized “ newton ” on a yellow background. even if you empty the Chrome browser ’ s hoard or cookies, data is not lost. What ’ s more, all data is auto-saved. That ’ s a bad deal. One feature I wish sticky Notes had is the ability to move the eminence around the web page. As of its current secrete, the note appears in the top right hand corner of the sieve. Another feature that it lacks is having more than one note per world wide web foliate.

A nice option to this extension is Note Anywhere. It allows you to move notes around the screen and saves the notes to a network page. It lacks many features other solutions have, but it does offer adding more than one note to a vane page. however, you can not resize the notice. Too regretful this first solution lacks these features equally well .

Solution #2: Sticky Notes

alike in identify the previous solution, this Sticky Notes has a few different features. This Chrome app ( as opposed to a browser extension ) makes it easy to save notes. It is designed to be used as a desktop computer app. But, since it saves your notes to Google Drive, you could besides use it on a Chromebook to keep cut of any needed notes. It features a menu that offers speech-to-text, connection embed, and much more, as you can see from the list below. For example, the textbook display in the note below was dictated .

Its feature list includes language recognition for command, Google Drive synchronism, and on-line notice sharing. You can move notes around on the screen, pin a note “ constantly on acme, ” and choose colors and fonts. A feature many Google Keep users wish for is the ability to format text with bluff, underscore, and italics. This app enjoys all those. It besides handles task or disturbance lists as well .
This potent solution combines many of the features of solutions one and two. You add sticky notes to your favored web pages and then notes appear across browsers and devices. The motley notes are easy to add to pages you visit or created in a splashboard. A serious drawback to this reference, however, is that it reloads your open browser tab. It appears to lack a graphic interface to text format options. If you know keyboard shortcuts ( Ctrl-B for bold ), you can take advantage of those features .

Did You Know?

If you are a Windows 10 user, there is a built-in “ Sticky Notes ” app. Launch the Win10 Sticky Notes app via Cortana in the bottom left corner of your screen. Look for a space to type or magnifying field glass. You can besides find it listed under “ S ” in the Start Menu list of programs. Type Ctrl-N to create a raw note or Ctrl-D to delete it. Learn more.

Need more complex solutions ? While these are outside the scope of this blog entrance, here are two. The beginning is Notematic .
A bit more complex at first, Notematic comes with a tutorial. To create notes, you long-press with your left mouse button to create a bill. The bill allows you to specify a title and then fill in your notes. You can create trap boards to house your non-website affiliated notes. I do not recommend it for use with younger learners. Older students may find its feature of speech set full-bodied and worthy of exploration. One caveat : To synchronize your notes, you will have to create a Notematic Cloud account. This may be undesirable in a K-12 environment .
A similar, more full-bodied solution is available for Android and io apps. Try the cross-platform, cross-browser Note Board. Again, you will need to make an explanation. Consider Google Keep and/or OneNote as complimentary alternatives to these two options .

Solution #5: Notes for Google Drive

A bang-up note-taking solution, this Chrome extension saves your notes to Google Drive. You can open the notes as Google Docs. Some features that set it ahead of the others include bold, italics, and textbook highlight, and the ability to add bulleted or numbered lists. This particular extension works independent of a web page, so no assigning notes to a set page. The fixed position of the notes make it less than desirable. The inability to adjust the note window size can cover up valuable blind outer space. This can block critical content .

What Do You Recommend?

Finding the correctly digital muggy notice solution can be tough. After looking over so many note-taking apps, I have two recommendations. Need to keep it simpleton ? Use Solution # 1. It makes adding a unmarried note to a page easy.

Need something a bite more full-featured ? Use Web Page Sticky Notes. This is a Chrome extension that allows many, chattel digital sticky notes. Web Page Sticky Notes gives exponent users encryption options for security. You can export/import notes and use Markdown and many more options .
not indisputable you like these choices ? Spend a few hours exploring the Chrome Web Store “notes” options .

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