Chrome ’ s ability to keep you logged into sites that offer to remember you saves a short ton of prison term differently spent on manual logins. And when it comes to web apps such as Google Drive, gaining immediate access to available services even after reopening the browser is full of life to productiveness. But, what if Chrome all of a sudden doesn ’ t do that anymore ?Fix Chrome If It Doesnt Keep You Logged InFix Chrome If It Doesnt Keep You Logged In In addition to absolutely failing at keeping you signed in on certain sites, Chrome can besides lose touch with your Google Account whenever you exit and relaunch it.

however, getting your browser back on track is more than possible, then lease ’ s see how you can do that .Also Read: How to Fix Chrome When it Doesn’t Ask You to Save a Password

Check Cookie Options

Chrome features a range of cookie settings, and there are a pair of them that actually force the browser to delete cookie data whenever you exit. And obviously, that means sites won ’ thyroxine remember you after relaunching the browser. While those settings after turned off by default option, it ’ randomness constantly a good idea to double-check. On a new Chrome pill, type chrome://settings/content/cookies into the URL bar and press Enter. You should now see the Cookies screen with multiple cookie management options. Make certain that the ‘ authorize cookies and site data when you quite Chrome ’ option is disabled .Screenshot 2020 12 31 003850Screenshot 2020 12 31 003850 Scroll down and ensure that no sites are listed under Clear on passing. If there are any, then tap the Ellipsis icon next to an item and blue-ribbon Remove to delete it. Repeat for all listed sites .Chrome Sign In Issue Fix 2Chrome Sign In Issue Fix 2 once you ’ re done, exit the settings sieve, bless into any site, and make sure to let it remember you while doing so. Afterward, close and reopen the browser and try accessing the site. You should find yourself silent logged in if the issue was caused by automatically deleting cookie data .

Clear Browsing Data

If you haven ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate cleared the Chrome cache in a while, crooked and outdated site cookies can hinder basic browser functions. consequently, let ’ s attempt deleting them from your computer. Don ’ metric ton worry ! nothing should happen to your saved passwords or form data provided that you follow the instructions below. On a fresh Chrome check, type chrome://settings/clearBrowserData into the URL bar and press Enter. You should now see the clear Browsing Data pop fly box. Click the Advanced tab, and then use the pull-down menu next to Time Range and select All Time. Uncheck the boxes next to Browsing History, Cookies and other Site Data, and Cached Images and Files. finally, click CLEAR DATA .Chrome Sign In Issue Fix 3Chrome Sign In Issue Fix 3 The whole serve can take anywhere from ten to twenty seconds to complete. Afterward, crack and see if things work normally. If not, please continue .Also Read: 7 Tips For Privacy and Security in Google Chrome

Update Browser

An outdated world wide web browser is another prime rationality for all kinds of wyrd things to happen. While Chrome updates itself mechanically in the background, you can never be excessively certain. Let ’ s check to see if that ’ s the case. Open the Settings menu, point to Help, and then click About Google Chrome .Chrome Sign In Issue Fix 4Chrome Sign In Issue Fix 4 Chrome is now forced to check for available updates. If there ’ s a new update in store, the browser downloads and installs it automatically .Chrome Sign In Issue Fix 5Chrome Sign In Issue Fix 5 There are a draw of tease fixes included in each Chrome update, so you may find the write out most probably gone for good after this. differently, it ’ mho time to start some good trouble-shoot .

Reset Browser Profile

Corrupt profile data besides prevents Chrome from functioning normally, and frankincense requires a complete reset of your browser profile to rectify. If you are specifically facing problems when it comes to staying signed into your Google Account, then you should decidedly make it a point to perform this fix .Note: Step 1: Completely die Chrome, and then open File Explorer. now, type %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\ into the placement bar and bid Enter .Chrome Sign In Issue Fix 8Chrome Sign In Issue Fix 8 Step 2: Rename the folder labeled Profile 1 to Profile 1 Backup .Chrome Sign In Issue Fix 9Chrome Sign In Issue Fix 9Note: Step 4: Reopen Chrome. The browser should mechanically create a new Profile 1 or Default booklet, which effectively resets your profile. Simply sign into Chrome when prompted, and you should be able to sync your data second in.

Chrome Sign In Issue Fix 10Chrome Sign In Issue Fix 10 Did the publish go away ? Are you still signed into Chrome or any other websites after exiting and relaunching the browser ? If things aren ’ triiodothyronine back to normal, the next localization is right below .

Reset Browser

Since resetting your browser profile didn ’ metric ton do you any well, then it ’ mho prison term to reset your entire browser. It ’ second easy to perform, and resolves a short ton of issues caused by altered settings and malicious extensions .Remember: Step 1: Open the Chrome menu and click Settings .Chrome Sign In Issue Fix 11Chrome Sign In Issue Fix 11 Step 2: Scroll down to the buttocks of the Settings screen and pawl Advanced .Chrome Sign In Issue Fix 12Chrome Sign In Issue Fix 12 Step 3: once again, scroll down to the bottom of the screen, and then click Reset .Chrome Sign In Issue Fix 13Chrome Sign In Issue Fix 13 Step 4: On the pop-up book box, cluck Reset again .Chrome Sign In Issue Fix 14Chrome Sign In Issue Fix 14 Chrome should have the browser running on default settings in a few seconds. If you were already logged into Chrome, then the readjust won ’ t sign you out of your profile. however, you should find all extensions deactivated. Go ahead and re-enable them, but leave any unknown plugins disabled .Note: You should immediately check if the browser even keeps you logged into your Google Account and early sites after exiting. If it does, then great ! If not, a complete reinstallation of Chrome is on the cards next .

Reinstall Chrome

Reinstalling Chrome sounds drastic. While it ’ s a real pain to go through, there ’ randomness nothing unmanageable about the whole work. And, the hypothesis of getting things back to normal is quite high after a reinstall, indeed make sure to do this if none of the above fix worked. But before we get started, make sure to sync your data and settings with your Google Account. Step 1: Exit Chrome, and then open the Apps & Features panel from the Start menu .Chrome Sign In Issue Fix 15Chrome Sign In Issue Fix 15 Step 2: Select Google Chrome and click Uninstall to remove it from your personal computer .Chrome Sign In Issue Fix 16Chrome Sign In Issue Fix 16 Step 3: You removed Chrome, but let ’ s make sure that any remaining files are wholly removed adenine well. To do that, type %LOCALAPPDATA% into a File Explorer window and press Enter .Chrome Sign In Issue Fix 17Chrome Sign In Issue Fix 17Note: You can take things a step further and use a tool like You can take things a step far and use a creature like CCleaner Step 4: now, right-click the booklet labeled Google and click Delete .Chrome Sign In Issue Fix 18Chrome Sign In Issue Fix 18 Step 5: You are now cook to reinstall Google Chrome. Simply head over to the Chrome download page to do that .Chrome Sign In Issue Fix 19Chrome Sign In Issue Fix 19 After the reinstallation operation, bless into Chrome to sync your data. The chances of Chrome not keeping you logged in to your Google Account and early sites are pretty slender from here on out .Also Read: Top 21 Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts

Things Should Be OK Now

Hopefully, Chrome is back to working normally, and any sites that you logged into remember you tied after reopening the browser. normally, re-configuring your cookie settings or clearing up outdated shop data fix things quite easily. But if not, either resetting your browser profile or Chrome itself should decidedly take care of the problem.

And even if that fails, you can reinstall Chrome as a last haunt — hopefully, it didn ’ t come to that ! however, going to such extremes to get back full of life functionality is worth all that extra harass, correct ? Do share your thoughts in comments. Next up: nowadays that Google Chrome is working american samoa usual, check out these 21 amazing extensions to super-charge your productivity.

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