To set up 2FA ( 2-factor authentication ) on, you need to go to your settings, enable 2FA, and copy the authentication identify .
After you ’ ve copied the authentication samara, you need to paste it on the Google Authenticator app.
last, copy the code on the Google Authenticator app and paste it on to enable 2FA .
Setting up 2-factor authentication on requires you to have an appraiser app.

This is because an appraiser app will allow you to get confirmation codes .
The most democratic appraiser app is Google Authenticator .
therefore, we ’ ll practice Google Authenticator to enable 2FA .
here ’ s how to set up 2FA on

1. Open the app and go to your settings

first, you need to open the app and log in to your account .
once you ’ re on, you need to go to your settings .
To do so, tap on the gear icon.

2. Tap on “2-Factor Authentication” 2-Factor Authentication
After you ’ ve tapped on the gear icon, you ’ ll state on your settings .
On your settings, you ’ ll see multiple options .
This includes “ Payment Currency ”, “ App Customization Settings ”, “ Passcode Settings ”, and more .
Scroll down until you reach the “ Security ” header .
Under the “ Security ” header, you ’ ll see a “ 2-Factor Authentication ” option .
Tap on “2-Factor Authentication” to start setting up 2FA .

3. Enable 2FA

Enable 2FA on
After you ’ ve tapped on “ 2-Factor Authentication ”, you ’ ll bring on your 2-Factor Authentication settings .
now, you ’ ll see an “ Enable 2FA ” option .
Tap on the switch to enable 2FA .

4. Copy the authentication key

Authentication key on
After you ’ ve tapped on the switch, you ’ ll land on the “ Setting up 2-Factor Authentication ( 2FA ) ” page .
The page contains instructions on how to set up 2FA .
This includes installing Google Authenticator and copying the authentication samara .
To begin with, rap on the twin picture to copy the authentication key.
You need the authentication key to add on Google Authenticator later on .

5. Download Google Authenticator on the App Store/Google Play Store

Google Authenticator on the App Store
After you ’ ve copied the Authentication key, you need to download Google Authenticator .
You can download Google Authenticator on the App Store and Google Play Store .
then, open the Google Authenticator app .

6. Open Google Authenticator and tap on the “+” icon

After you ’ ve opened Google Authenticator, you need to add .
By doing thus, you ’ ll be able to get verification codes from on Google Authenticator .
To begin with, tap on the “+” icon to start adding a new history .

7. Tap on “Enter a setup key”

Enter a setup key on Google Authenticator
After you ’ ve tapped on the “ + ” picture, you ’ ll be given a copulate of options .
This includes “ Scan a QR code ” and “ Enter a frame-up cardinal ” .
Tap on “Enter a setup key” to start adding using an authentication winder .

8. Enter the account details

How to set up 2-factor authentication on
After you ’ ve tapped on “ Enter a setup key ”, you ’ ll state on the “ Enter report details ” foliate .
The page contains a couple of fields including “ Account ” and “ Key ” .
first, enter “” in the “ Account ” field .
This will allow you to identify where your confirmation codes are coming from .
second, paste the authentication key in the “ Key ” plain .
You can get the authentication key in step # 4 .
last, tap on “Add” to add to Google Authenticator .

9. Copy the verification code

How to connect Google Authenticator to
After you ’ ve tapped on “ Add ”, will be added to Google Authenticator .
now, you ’ ll be able to receive verification codes on Google Authenticator .
first, you need to copy the verification code.
Tap on the verification code to copy it .

10. Go back to and tap on “Proceed to Verify”

Proceed to Verify
After you ’ ve copied the confirmation code, you need to verify it on .
first, go back to the app .
once you ’ re on, tap on “Proceed to Verify”.

11. Paste the verification code and enable 2FA

Set up Google Authenticator on
After you ’ ve tapped on “ Proceed to Verify ”, you ’ ll be prompted to enter a 6-digit confirmation code .
You need to copy this code from the Google Authenticator app ( via mistreat # 9 ) .
Paste the 6-digit verification code from Google Authenticator on the field .
last, tap on “ Enable 2FA ” to enable 2-factor authentication on .

12. 2FA is enabled successfully

Your 2FA is enabled successfully on
After you ’ ve entered the 6-digit confirmation code from Google Authenticator and tapped on “ Enable 2FA ”, 2FA will be enabled .
now, you ’ re required to complete the 2-factor authentication process whenever you’re making transactions on .
This includes air or withdrawing crypto/fiat .
You ’ ll besides need to complete the process whenever you ’ rhenium whitelisting wallet addresses or managing bank accounts .
You can change these settings by navigating to Settings > 2-Factor Authentication .
You ’ ve successfully enabled 2FA on !


2FA is a security measure that prevents hackers from gaining access to your report .
Enabling 2FA on is mandatory if you want to make transactions on the app .
If you ’ re having trouble with enabling it, you can contact support for help .
This can be done by tapping on the live old world chat picture on the app and starting a new conversation .

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