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Collection Boxes That Encourage Donations for Churches, Schools & Non-Profits

Donation box
Looking to increase contributions to your charity or fundraiser ? These donation boxes are excellent for bringing in more funds ! Placing collection bins in high traffic areas will quickly increase the offerings given to your induce. Use our acrylic contribution boxes with polarity holders to inform prospective patrons about how their money will be used. well station signage for a grace center can prompt people to donate clothes and food arsenic well. Donation boxes, or solicitation jars, are available with extra options such as locking storage and fun “ prize drop ” designs. We offer a number of styles to assist any administration in maximizing their contributions .
What different styles of collection bins are available?

  • Countertop donation boxes are ideal to place near cash registers or on desks. These are a great portable option for event booths as well.
  • Wall mounts are ideal for placement near doors and in busy hallways. Most of our wall mounting models double as countertop stands.
  • Floor standing boxes are much larger and better at catching the attention of passersby. In addition, they ave more space for holding contributions.
  • Collection cans are smaller and more affordable, making them great for collecting on the go. Wrap a custom graphic around to feature your signage conveniently.

Donation cans What other options are available with these charity displays ? many of these units feature a secure locking design that prevents larceny in senior high school traffic areas. When you’re fix to empty the collection area, merely unlock the doorway and swing it afford to access your earnings. Browse all of our locking holders for ballots and donations here. Need a sealed expression to go with your display ? These contribution bins are made with a number of unlike materials and finishes. This includes wood, acrylic and alloy, with shades like black, ash grey and reddish brown. One of the most popular choices is acrylic because it allows you to see how a lot money has been given to your cause.

To get the most out of your display, try a repair with an include sign ensnare to get the word out about your program. This creates a great opportunity to feature your logo, mission and goals to others, encouraging them to donate ! not lone does signage communicate your campaign, but it can besides draw attention with images about the people you’re providing for or a mock-up of the build up that ‘s being funded.

Looking for something a fiddling more arouse that can get people fired up about giving to a good cause ? Try our loot drop style fundraising displays ! Dropping coins in makes a forte plinking sound that can be heard over crowd of people and helps draw attention. It’s easy to draw in more passersby when your participants are having fun. Fundraising with one of these game boards is an easily way to garner contributions in a curtly period of prison term .
Why regulate from ? All of these solicitation jars benefit from wholesale price, so the more you by, the more you save ! In addition, most models here are transport lapp day so you get the supplies you need when you need them .

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