The 2nd half of Fortnite x NBA : The Crossover arrives on May 25, 2021 in Fortnite Creative with an all-new NBA-themed Welcome Hub .

NBA Welcome Hub

This hoops-inspired seaport, built by Atlas Creative, brings the NBA to Fortnite Creative. As you explore the Welcome Hub, you ’ ll find a wide array of basketball-themed areas to explore and you can view and purchase the new NBA Outfits directly from the Welcome Hub !
16BR NBA CreativeHubStaticPromo Social

The Season’s Best Highlights

While exploring the Hub, you ’ ll be surrounded by clips covering this season ’ south best highlights. With the 2021 NBA Playoffs afoot, celebrate dunks, dimes, doorbell beaters, and the best plays of the unconstipated season, as Fortnite brings video into creative Mode for the first time always. A fresh NBA highlight virginia reel will be showcased in the Hub each day :

  • May 25 – Top Plays of the Season
  • May 26 – Dazzling Dunks
  • May 27 – Crossovers & Handles
  • May 28 – Clutch Plays
  • May 29 – Top Rejections
  • May 30 – Top Dimes
  • May 31 – Top Plays of the Season (Encore)

Court Crashers LTM

We ’ re besides excited to bring you an NBA-themed LTM showcase — The Crossover : Court Crashers — besides created by AtlasCreative. Launch yourself off huge jumps and down bad dunks on basketball hoops to score points. Queue up for The Crossover : Court Crashers playlist to play or enter code 1898-7178-3313 to check it out privately.

Complete The Crossover quest by playing the Court Crashers LTM and visiting the NBA Welcome Hub. You will score XP as you complete each challenge and unlock a Basketball Hoop Banner as the final reward !

16BR NBA HoopBanner

Check out everything before time runs out. The Fortnite x NBA Creative Hub will be available between May 25 – June 1, 2021.

Player Lockers

admonisher that in addition to everything happening in Creative, this week the Item Shop features Locker Bundles personally selected by NBA guards Donovan Mitchell and Trae Young .
Donovan Mitchells Fortnite Locker Loadout
Donovan ’ second Locker Includes : Cozy Chomps Outfit, Sharky Shawl Back Bling, Stark Splitter Pickaxe, Dynamic Fire Wrap, Fire Spinner Emote

Trae Youngs Fortnite Locker Loadout
Trae ’ mho Locker Includes : scarlet Commander Outfit, Gold Digger Pickaxe, Happy Stars Wrap, and Baller Emote

Fortnite x NBA Content Creation 

active members of the Support-A-Creator ( SAC ) program will be able to host contented from the NBA Creative Welcome Hub on YouTube. Content will not have monetization restrictions on YouTube for seven days, and no put-down notifications should occur subsequently. More information :

  • Remember to follow Epic’s Content Guidelines.
  • Make sure you’ve linked your YouTube and Support-A-Creator accounts (here).
  • Important: Be sure to upload your YouTube content as Unlisted or Public. If you upload the video as Private, it is possible you could receive a monetization claim on your video.
  • For uploading content on other platforms, refer to your channel’s platform policies for tips on how to avoid copyright strikes. 
  • Not in SAC?  Don’t worry, you can still share your highlights.  You will not be able to monetize this content on YouTube.

Note: For Twitch Creators streaming the NBA Welcome Hub, we can not prevent your clip subject from getting flagged by the platform ‘s copyright signal detection systems. The general recommendation is to either mute your nip subject or turn off clips entirely to protect yourselves against any kind of claims or strikes american samoa better as possible. For more context, check Twitch ’ s web log post about copyright claims .

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