How to Collect Concert Coins in Fortnite (& What They’re For)

Fortnite has featured many concerts, and the holocene Tones and I event has come with Concert Coins players can collect. hera ‘s where to find them. Fortnite has featured many virtual concerts and musical events, and the most holocene Soundwave Series has come with Concert Coins players can collect. Fortnite has put on respective synergistic concerts starring some of the biggest names in music, and these concerts normally come with exciting associate challenges players can complete before the concert .
The latest melodious act coming to Fortnite is the australian singer-songwriter Tones and I, estimable known for their song Dance Monkey. To celebrate the event, players can complete two limited Soundwave Series challenges by collecting Concert Coins. One of these challenges grants 55,000 XP, while the other grants a new Spray to use in-game .

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To earn Concert Coins, players will have to make indisputable they ’ re act in the “ Soundwave Series Tones and I ” game mode, which can be selected on the independent page. This event begins on January 21st and will continue until January 24th, however, multiple other concerts will be coming to the game throughout this update .

How to Earn Concert Coins in Fortnite

After players load up the Soundwave Series game modality, the Tones and I concert will begin. This interactional Fortnite experience lasts around 20 minutes, and players will have to watch it before they can explore the area and collect Concert Coins. Once the concert is over, players can go through the keyhole in presence of them. There will be music notes in front of the actor, but these are not the Concert Coins .
After going through the keyhole, they ’ ll be taken to a raw Fortnite area with a Concert Coin in front of them. This is a big amber mint with an F symbol on it. Players can explore this area promote if they ’ d like, however they can merely collect one Concert Coin. Doing so will reward the player with a dislodge spray, and complete one of the Concert Coin challenges .
To collect the other Fortnite coin, players will have to watch the concert again. This requires exiting the game manner, entering it again, and spending another 20 minutes repeating the concert. future, players simply have to repeat the same procedure of going through the keyhole and collecting the large gold coin in front man of them. Doing this will grant the player with 55,000 XP to go towards leveling up their Battle Pass, and will complete the final Concert Coin accomplishment of this consequence .
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Fortnite is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and personal computer .



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