How to Set Up and Use ‘Find My’ on Mac

It is most probably that your computer has personal photos, sensitive and confidential information stored on it. Hence, consider setting up Apple ’ s ‘ Find My ’ Service on Mac to help track your device, in case it gets lost, misplaced or stolen .
Set Up and Use 'Find My' on Mac

Set up ‘Find My’ On Mac

Apple ’ s ‘ Find My iPhone ’ service is presently known as ‘ Find My ’ and it can be used to track the location of any Apple Device, including your MacBook .
In summation to pin-pointing the exact localization of your lost, misplaced or stolen MacBook, Apple ’ s ‘ Find My ’ servicing can besides be used to Lock your MacBook or wholly erase of rub its data from a distant location.

This manner you can prevent the possibility of your confidential or personal data from being misused by anyone .
With this understand, let us go ahead and take a look at the steps to Set up ‘ Find My ’ service on Mac and use ‘ Find My ’ to track the placement of your lost or stolen MacBook .

Steps to Set Up ‘Find My’ Service on Mac

Follow the steps below to set up ‘ Find My ’ Service on your MacBook, Mac Mini or iMac .
Click on the Apple Logo in top menu-bar and choose System Preferences option in the drop-down menu .
Open System Preferences on Mac
On System Preferences screen, chatter on iCloud .
iCloud Tab on System Preferences Screen
If prompted, enter your Apple ID and Password to login to iCloud .
On the next screen, you will be prompted to Set up two-factor authentication. In this case let us click on not now and move to the following screen .
Set up Two Factor Authentication On Mac
On the future screen door, select Do not Upgrade option, as we are not setting up two-factor authentication at this period .
once you are in your iCloud Account, choice Use Find My Mac option and click on the next push button .

Use Find My Mac Option in iCloud on Mac
Note: At this point, do not select or check Use iCloud for Contacts, Calendars, Reminder, Notes and Safari, unless you want to .
You will see a pop fly, asking you to “ Allow Find My ” service to use the location of this Mac. Click on the Allow clitoris .
Allow Find My Mac to Use Location of this Mac pop-up
You may see a pop fly, prompting you to enter your Admin User Name and Password ( this happens when you are not signed in with your Admin Account ).

following, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and make certain that the option for Find My Mac is enabled .
Enable Find My Mac Option in iCloud on Mac
You can now close the iCloud window. however, make sure that you do not click on the Sign out button, as signing out of iCloud Drive will disable Find My Mac service .

How to Track Lost or Stolen MacBook Using ‘Find My Mac’ Service

If you end up losing or misplacing your MacBook, you can login to your iCloud Account using your iPhone, Windows computer or another Mac and track the placement of your missing Mac using ‘ Find My ’ Service .
1. On your iPhone, Android Phone, personal computer or another Mac visit
2. Sign-in to iCloud using your Apple ID and Password associated with the Lost, Misplaced or Stolen Mac .
to iCloud Account
3. Once you are in your iCloud Account, chatter on Find iPhone choice ( See trope below ) .
Find iPhone Tab on iCloud
4. If prompted, enter your Apple ID Password, to sign-in to Find iPhone Service .
5. On the following screen, click on All Devices option and select your Device name .
All Devices Tab on Find My iPhone Service on iCloud
6. On the following shield, you can select Notify me when found choice, if Find My Mac serve says that it can not locate your Mac. This can happen if your MacBook is out of stove or has been switched OFF ( See effigy below ) .
Notify Me When Found and Other Find My Mac Options
ampere soon as anyone turns on your MacBook, you will receive a telling on your e-mail cover associated with your Apple ID .
7. If your MacBook happens to be on-line, Apple ’ s ‘ Find My ’ service will indicate the Location of your MacBook on a Map and it will besides provide you with the following options .

  1. Play Sound
  2. Lock
  3. Erase Mac

here is an explanation of what each option does :
Play Sound: This choice plays an audible timbre on your Mac. This choice can be used when you are quite sure that you have misplaced your Mac, either within your house or at a ally ’ mho place .
Lock: This choice can be used to completely lock your Mac with a passcode. You can besides display a custom message on the Lock Screen of your Mac for the finder of your Mac ( Your call count to get in touch with you ).

Erase: Using this modality you can delete all your personal information from your Mac, in orderliness to protect your privacy .

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