How To Make A Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker In Excel

cryptocurrency portfolio tracker in excel Creating your own crypto portfolio tracker is a cheap and easy way to help you keep on top of your cryptocurrency investments. As you may know, once you start holding altcoins in different exchanges it can be exponentially more unmanageable to keep cut of your overall portfolio performance. That is precisely why in this article I ’ molarity going to teach you how to make your own cryptocurrency portfolio tracker using excel. All methods used in this tutorial are wholly absolve.

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How To Build A Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker In Excel

Step 1: Download cryptosheets addon

Cryptosheets is by far one of the best ways that we have found to import altcoins and the independent cryptocurrency coins in excel. This is because it mechanically tracks your crypto and updates their prices accordingly. The most crucial view is it allows you to besides track altcoins such as doge coins, crypto coins, you name it. Whereas methods such as world wide web scraping or using Excel ’ s “ stocks button ” may not be as intuitive, as they do not provide all the altcoins. besides, it can be quite awkward.

If you want to learn more about early alternative methods that you can import cryptocurrency prices in Excel, you can read our other article “ How To Import Cryptocurrency Prices Using Excel “. To download our add-in you can follow these steps:

  1. Click on Insert header on Excel
  2. Click on Add-ins
  3. Click on Get Add-ins
  4. Search for Cryptosheets
  5. Click on Add
  6. Tick “I agree to all the above terms & conditions”
  7. Click on Continue

Step 2: Create an account with cryptosheets

once you have successfully downloaded your cryptosheets addon, it should appear as a modern header on your excel. however, you ’ re not finished so far.

One of the requirements is to make an account with cryptosheets which is completely free. Without making an account you won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be able to use any of the functions as it will return a suspense mistake. To make an account, you can follow these steps:

  1. Click on Cryptosheets
  2. Click on Register
  3. Click on Register in the pop up box
  4. Follow the prompts and create your account

Step 3: Import our live cryptocurrency prices

now that we have created and signed into our accounts, we can use all the available functions.

To import live crypto prices in excel we can use the function CS.EXRATE(CRYPTO-TICKER SYMBOL”, “USD”, “Refresh time” ). basically, you equitable need to declare the crypto heart symbol then followed by the relevant currentness you want to display and the clock time it refreshes. For exemplar, if I want to display the price of bitcoin in USD and update every second, it would be cs.price(“BTC”, “USD”, “1”). You can learn more from the article “ What ’ s the difference between CS.EXRATE vs. CS.PRICE vs. CS.PRICEA ? “.

Step 3: Create our portfolio investment table

A portfolio investment postpone shows the statistics of our portfolio, such as our purchase price, the current value, how much we invested, sum come back and etc. As shown in the image above, in this pace we will basically be filling in each header section of our board. Below I have listed each column header and explained in-depth precisely how I made the formulas.

Purchase price: The leverage price is basically the average buy price of your crypto coin, for example, if you bought 5 bitcoins on average of $ 30,000. You would enter $ 30,000.

Numer of currency held: The number of currency held, is how much currentness of each mint you presently hold. For example, if you have 5 bitcoins purchased an average of $ 30,000, you would enter 5. Amount invested: The sum invested is basically the total amounts you invested for each coin, since we already have the phone number of coins purchased and our average buy price, you can just use the function =Purchase price of mint * Number of currency held. Market value: The marketplace rate shows the worth of our stream crypto coin, the formula we can use is =Last Price * Number of currentness held. Dollar change: Dollar change is basically how much profit or loss we have occurred since investing in cryptocurrencies, to calculate the dollar change you can use the formula =Market Value – Amount invested.

% Gain: The percentage gain shows us how much our crypto portfolio has changed since we started investing, to do this. It is fair a bare convention of =Dollar Change / Amount Invested Total Initial Investment: The total initial investment is the sum come you have invested in cash to your cryptocurrency coins, this is equitable the sum total of your entire amount invested column which the formula is =sum ( Entire Amount Invested column ) Total Market value: The full marketplace value shows our stream portfolio worth, this is equitable the sum of our entire market respect column which is =sum ( Entire Market Value Column ). Portfolio gain: To calculate our total portfolio reach we can use the convention =Total Market Value – Total Initial Investment. Total % Change: For the sum percentage exchange of our entire portfolio it is equitable the measure of money we made divide by our initial investing which is =Portfolio gain/Total Initial Investment.

Step 4: Insert a distribution pie chart

A distribution proto-indo european chart is a graphic representation of the diverseness in our portfolio, it helps with providing a promptly ocular of our cryptocurrency holdings and the relative slant of its worth compared to the integral portfolio. To make a distribution pie chart you can equitable copy the cryptocurrency ticker column and the weight column then to import the pie graph you follow these steps :

  1. Highlight the entire cell values of the newly generated table
  2. Click on Insert
  3. Click on the Pie chart Icon
  4. Click on a Pie chart

Step 5: Create a Return on investment Column Graph

A retort on investment column graph shows our percentage fall on investment. This is a great manner to show the cryptocurrencies which are making money and others that are dead. To make an investment banish graph, it ’ south reasonably much the same as our pie chart. Where you copy the cryptocurrency watch symbol and the proportional % amplification. subsequently, to visualize our data you follow these steps :

  1. Highlight the entire cell values of the newly generated table
  2. Click on Insert
  3. Click on the bar chart icon
  4. Click on a bar chart

Free Excel Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker Spreadsheet Download

We have attached a finalize imitate of our homemade free-to-use cryptocurrency portfolio tracker spreadsheet which you can download using the button below. You will need to download the cryptosheets addon. If you have not done therefore already. If you like our sour and would like to support us by learning, then we suggest trying a FREE trial in one of Skillshares Online courses: You can besides download free cryptocurrency templates on cryptosheets by following these steps :

  1. Click on cryptosheets
  2. Click on Templates
  3. Click on Load Templates

Benefits to making your own cryptocurrency protoflio tracker

  • Track all your crypto investments: Having an excel spreadsheet to track your crypto portfolio centralizes all your investments at one place. This is extremely useful if you hold altcoins in multiple exchanges, ICOS and even crypto in cold wallets.
  • Make your own tailored analysis: Excel is widely known for its ability to conduct financial analysis. This means you can make your own personalized graphs, tables and many more personalized features to track your portfolio.
  • Identify underperforming cryptocurrencies: Since you have all your crypto tracking at one place, you can quickly identify the investments that are underperforming.
  • Automatically updates and tracks your portfolio: The method we that we’re showing you in this tutorial automatically tacks and updates cryptocurrency prices which allows you to make a live crypto portfolio. This is extremely useful if you like to see a centralized overview of all your entire crypto protfolio.


How do I create a crypto spreadsheet in Excel? You can create a crypto spreadsheet in excel using cryptosheets addon, this addon automatically gets exist prices of cryptocurrencies.

How do I import crypto prices into Excel? You can import crypto prices into excel using the cryptosheets addon in excel .How do you keep track of crypto portfolio? You can keep track of your cryptocurrency portfolio by making a live tracker using excel spreadsheets with the cryptosheets addon .

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