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Where E*TRADE shines

Something for everyone : Whether you are a novice or an advanced trader, E*TRADE has a chopine and a mobile app for you. The E*TRADE Web platform and the mobile app offer real-time quotes and market comment, stock and exchange-traded fund screeners and a good batch of bill management. More active traders can turn to the Power E*TRADE platform and app to get technical studies, drawing tools, customizable options chain views, deal ladders and other features for complex strategies. Tradable securities : E*TRADE offers a wide scope of investing choices, from stock, bonds, ETFs and more than 4,300 no-transaction-fee reciprocal funds, to futures and advanced options strategies.

educational resources and support : The educational resources and support options on propose from E*TRADE are some of the best. You can watch webinars on diversification and technical analyses american samoa well as on more-complex topics like options trading. There are online investing courses from Morningstar that cover a host of topics, and a thematic invest section covering how to invest in companies that align with your values.

Where E*TRADE falls short

web site transparency : Our testers examined E*TRADE ‘s web site and were unable to easily find the party ‘s necessitate explanation minimal or steering on how to close an account, both of which should be promptly available.

E*TRADE is best for:

  • frequent traders .
  • Beginner investors .
  • inquiry and data .
  • Retirement design aid .

E*TRADE at a glance

Account minimum

$ 0
neckcloth trade costs

$ 0
Options trades

No base mission ; $ 0.65 per shrink ( bulk discount available )
history fees ( annual, transfer, close, inactiveness )

No annual or inactiveness fee. $ 75 full transfer out fee ; $ 25 partial
Number of no-transaction-fee common funds

Over 4,300
Tradable securities

• Stocks • Bonds • Mutual funds • ETFs • Options • Futures
Crypto handiness

Investors have entree to crypto-related products, but not cryptocurrencies themselves .
trade chopine

Two platforms available for dislodge to all customers : • E-Trade Web • Power E-Trade
Mobile app

Two apps : • E*TRADE mobile • Power E*TRADE Available on io and Android .
research and data

unblock and extensive, with over nine providers available at no cost .
Customer accompaniment options ( includes how easy it is to find key details on the web site )

call, e-mail and chat support 24/7 ; 30 local branches

More details about E*TRADE’s ratings

Account minimum: 5 out of 5 stars

E*TRADE ‘s account minimum is $ 0. This is typical of brokers these days — the huge majority of the brokers we review do n’t require a minimal to open or maintain an account. Keep in mind that some investments, such as reciprocal funds, may require a minimal initial investment.

Stock trading costs: 5 out of 5 stars

In 2019, E*TRADE dropped its once-high $ 6.95 trade commission to $ 0 for online stock, options and ETF trades. many other brokers did the lapp, and now barren commissions are standard in the industry. You ‘ll still pay a tip to trade certain securities, including futures, arsenic well as a per-contract fee for options trades ( see below ).

Options trades: 4 out of 5 stars

Options trades are commission-free, but they still carry a contract charge, which is $ 0.65. E*TRADE offers a discount tip of $ 0.50 for active traders ( defined as those who trade 30 or more times per quarter ).

Account fees: 4 out of 5 stars

E*TRADE charges no annual or inactivity fee. There is a $ 75 full transfer out fee ; it ‘s $ 25 for a partial derivative transfer. Most brokers impose a fee to transfer securities out of your account ; that fee is frequently higher if you transfer out your full balance and close the explanation completely. E*TRADE waives the partial derivative transfer fee if you have a remaining report balance of more than $ 5,000.

Number of no-transaction-fee mutual funds: 5 out of 5 stars

E*TRADE offers more than 4,300 common funds that carry no transaction fee. common funds not on the no-fee number will cost $ 19.99 per transaction. E*TRADE ’ south analysts regularly update a list of highlighted common funds called the All-Star Funds Report with the top no-load funds and ETFs offered.

Tradable securities: 4 out of 5 stars

E*TRADE allows investors to trade stocks, bonds, reciprocal funds, ETFs, options and futures. The company does not offer forex deal, cryptocurrency or allow investors to trade fractional shares of stocks. fractional shares are becoming more common in the industry ; they let investors purchase stock based on a dollar total they select quite than the price of a unharmed share. This may be particularly advantageous for investors who are working with limited money, but want to build a highly diversified portfolio.

Crypto availability: 2 out of 5 stars

While E*TRADE investors ca n’t buy or trade cryptocurrencies immediately, the platform does provide access to crypto-related products, such as Bitcoin futures and cryptocurrency whole trusts.

Trading platform: 5 out of 5 stars

E*TRADE has two deal platforms — E*TRADE Web and Power E*TRADE. Both are complimentary and available to all customers, with no trade activeness or balance minimums. E*TRADE Web offers free streaming market data, free real-time quotes, live market comment, analyst inquiry malcolm stock screeners and more. From the splashboard, you can track your accounts, create watch lists, view market data and make trades, including complex options strategies. And for in truth active traders, there ‘s Power E*TRADE, the result of the party ‘s acquisition of OptionsHouse respective years ago. The web platform offers real-time data, more than 100 technical studies, over 30 describe tools, streamlined trade tickets, customizable options chain views and trading ladders.

Mobile app: 5 out of 5 stars

Our star topology rate here is based on how io and Android users score the agent ‘s mobile apps. E*TRADE has two free mobile apps, available for io and Android. The E*TRADE mobile app allows you to easily manage your account, place trades and get real-time quotes and news, including Bloomberg television receiver. It offers advanced mobile features like sprout and ETF screeners, a well as multi-leg options trades. The E*TRADE app is available for Apple Watch american samoa well. The Power E*TRADE app offers many capabilities on the become : Traders can access the customizable options chain, a selection of democratic technical studies, charts, streaming quotes and news. The app can be used for deal complex strategies, including four-legged option spreads, and futures traders can enter futures orders directly from the futures ladder.

Research and data: 4 out of 5 stars

To earn five stars in this class, brokers must offer at least 15 third-party research providers at no tip, a well as a firm excerpt of research tools. E*TRADE offers inquiry from 9 providers at no fee, but the broke ‘s analytic tools are user-friendly for both retirement investors and active voice traders, and they ‘re available free of cathexis. In the by year, E*Trade has added Morgan Stanley to its batting order of research offerings, which already included Moody ’ s, MarketEdge, and Morningstar.

Customer support options: 4 out of 5 stars

Customer accompaniment is available 24/7 via call, electronic mail and chew the fat. E*TRADE besides has potent in-person customer service, with 30 branches staffed by fiscal consultants. If you ‘d preferably skip determine and cede investment decisions to the experts, E*TRADE ’ s robo-advisor service, E*TRADE Core Portfolios, will manage your portfolio for you for an annual advisory fee of 0.30 %. The minimum investment for that avail is $ 500. Robo-advisors are computer-based investment advisors who build and manage node investment portfolios.

Is E*TRADE right for you?

E*TRADE ’ s investing tools, educational resources, large selection of no-transaction-fee reciprocal funds and innovative trade technology will suit all types of investors. active traders will love the $ 0 commissions, and beginners will easily get up to speed with the party ‘s abstruse educational resources. For U.S. residents merely.

How do we review brokers?

NerdWallet ’ s comprehensive review process evaluates and ranks the largest U.S. brokers by assets under management, along with emerging diligence players. Our target is to provide an independent appraisal of providers to help arm you with information to make sound, inform judgements on which ones will best meet your needs. We adhere to strict guidelines for editorial integrity.

We collect data directly from providers through detailed questionnaires, and conduct first-hand screen and observation through provider demonstrations. The questionnaire answers, combined with demonstrations, interviews of personnel at the providers and our specialists ’ hands-on research, fuel our proprietary judgment serve that scores each supplier ’ s performance across more than 20 factors. The final output produces star ratings from poor ( one asterisk ) to excellent ( five stars ). Ratings are rounded to the nearest half-star. For more details about the categories considered when evaluation brokers and our process, read our wax methodology.

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