Elvis Presley 32 HALF DOLLAR Collectors Coin Set FROM 31 MOVIES NEW WAS $229.00 | #1763337280

MUST SEE Elvis Presley 32 HALF DOLLAR Collectors Coin Set FROM 31 MOVIES VERY RARE TUFF TO FIND HATE LETTING THESE GO BUT HAVE TOO HOPE SOMEONE ENJOYS THEMFor Auction is a collection of *ELVIS PRESLEY, SET OF 32 COLOURISED HALFDOLLAR MOVIE COINS This is the Complete Elvis Movies Colourised on Half Dollars Elvis Presley ‘s first movie was “ Love MeTender ” in 1956 …. While his 31st and final movie was “ Change ofHabit ” in 1969.Each coin in this collection is a actual U.S. Kennedy Half Dollar that has been colourised with an trope from one of Elvis Presley ‘s 31 movies. Each coin is U.S. legal tender and was struck by the United States Mint under an Act of the U.S. Congress. The color images of Elvis are accomplished through are volutionary color technique Each coin in this collection besides features Elvis ‘ official facsimile signature and was issued under official license from Elvis Presley Enterprises. Comes with a beautiful display subject very flimsy wear·  The coins were issued on the fiftieth anniversary of Elvis Presley ‘s historic recording of “ That ‘s All Right ” in 1954 – the event that marked the birth of Rock ‘n ‘ Roll and brought a fresh style of music to bulge. It besides marked the start of a career for Elvis that had a monumental impact on the history of american english music. Elvis ‘ musical achiever besides made him a democratic Hollywood

movie paragon. His beginning movie was “ Love Me Tender ” in 1956. His 31st and final movie was “ Change of Habit ” in 1969. In between, he starred in classics such as “ Jailhouse Rock, ” “ G.I. Blues, ” “ Blue Hawaii, ” and “ Viva Las Vegas. ” ·  This mint collection features 31 legal tender U.S. Kennedy Half Dollars, and each mint is colorized with an image of Elvis from one of his 31 movies. This is the global ‘s inaugural set of coins honoring Elvis ‘ movie career. T is besides a 32nd Kennedy Half Dollar to show the reverse design of the Great Seal of the United States. ·  The Kennedy Half Dollar is struck by the United States Mint under an Act of the U.S. Congress and is official legal tender in the United States. The color editions are created entirely by the Morgan Mint, which is besides the worldwide allocator. Each color coin is created in cooperation with Elvis Presley Enterprises and features Elvis ‘ authorized facsimile signature. ·  In Brilliant Uncirculated condition. To help preserve the coins for future use, each coin is protected in a clean airtight ejection seat, and the dispatch collection is delivered in a deluxe cherrywood-finish presentation case with a Certificate of Authenticity. REGULAR retail PRICE AT MORGAN MINT WEBSITE WAS OVER $ 200Great piece of history selling a long ton on cards and mem for a ally who wants to far invest in church that he is Pastor of please see other listing as I will be working indefatigably to get them listed long prison term ebayer and you can count on me to treat you rightall items will be shipped very impregnable cards all in bubble mailer and mem packed greatTHE HIGHER IT SELLS THE LOWER THE SHIPPING AS I WILL ADJUST IT. DownI WILL ALSO COMBINE SHIPPING ON MULTIPLESthanks

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