What is the opposite of dwindling?

Opposite of decreasing in sum or degree
Opposite of humble in available quantities
Opposite of in danger, or at risk, or extinction
“ The nine-acre artificial lake is host to wildlife including kingfishers, dumb swans, tufted and rubicund ducks, plus a thriving population of water voles. ”

Opposite of significantly below an amount or horizontal surface that is adequate
“ Oliver insisted that he had enough of water to drink, but his mother argued that it was n’t enough. ”

(of a species)

Opposite of in danger of extinction
“ It was realized that the difficulties of differentiating threatened from unthreatened species at ocean were thus capital that only protection of all would be effective. ”
Opposite of diminishing to a point or edge

“ All the kids on my parry played stoop ball at my house because we had smooth rounded edges on our stairs. ”
Opposite of a decline or decrease, particularly in persuasiveness or quality
Opposite of the act or state of exhaustion or consumption
Opposite of in a period of decrease or decline

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