How to find your lost phone – even if the battery is dead

How to find your lost phone – even if the battery is dead

I love my husband, but he misplaces everything from his keys to his wallet more often than you would think is even possible. It was more of a pain years ago. These days, I ’ ve slapped an Apple AirTag on anything I can that he owns. We even have one on our Golden Retriever ’ s collar, equitable in shell. Tap or click for more clever ways to use AirTags and Tile trackers. Be careful, though. There are reports of criminals using AirTags to mark vehicles and steal them late. AirTags are then small that one can be easily slipped into a backpack or bag.

Know the signs. Tap or chink for steps to check if there ’ s a covert AirTag track you. When it comes to finding your telephone, there are better ways than shouting for person else in the house to call you, and that ‘s not always possible. Try these rise methods rather :

Apple makes it easy

If you have a newer iPhone, I have bang-up news. A holocene Find My app update lets you locate an iPhone evening if it ’ s powered off or has a dead battery. bill : This works for the iPhone 11 and newer, including all iPhone 11, 12 and 13 models running io 15. first, make sure Find My is enabled and check your settings. here ’ second how : • On your iPhone, open Settings > [your name] > Find My. If you ’ re asked to sign in, enter your Apple ID. • Tap Find My iPhone, then slide the toggle following to Find My iPhone to the right to enable it. ( This should be enabled by default option. ) • You can besides turn on or off either of the pursuit : • Find My network: If your device is offline ( not connected to Wi-Fi or cellular ), Find My can locate it using the Find My network. On a back iPhone with io 15 or subsequently, turning on the Find My network allows you to locate the device for up to 24 hours after it ’ s turned off. • Send Last Location: If your device ’ sulfur battery tear degree becomes critically low, its location is sent to Apple automatically. Tech maintenance 101: Get rid of ear sludge. The best way to clean AirPods, Galaxy Buds and other radio earbuds .

How to use Find My

nowadays that Find My is set up, you have a few options to use it should your earphone go missing. Have an Apple Watch ? You have a simple method acting. Swipe up on the screen. once your watch is open, tap on the phone icon with phone waves. This tap will force your iPhone to emit a noise even if it ’ second on mum. If you have an iPad or MacBook, use the Find My app. You can use it to track your telephone and utter sound, just like with an Apple Watch. See entire steps to track from a Mac here. hera ’ s how to track your earphone from an iPad. Don ’ thyroxine worry if your iPhone is your only Apple device. You can use your web browser. • Log in to • Locate the Find iPhone sport. • Once you ’ ve selected Find iPhone, sign in again. • Click on All Devices to locate the call you ’ ra looking for. • Select the phone you ’ ve lost and choose Play Sound. You can besides view your misplaced call on a map. Remember this whoremaster. If your earphone is ever stolen, you can wipe it remotely, so your information does n’t get into the wrong hands. here are the steps to get that done. Want to be shocked? Speaking of maps, the iPhone secretly tracks your every move on this hide map .

What about Androids?

Find My Device is automatically turned on when adding a Google account to any Android device. For it to work, you must : • Be signed in to a Google Account

• Be connected to mobile data or Wi-Fi • Have Location turned on • Have Find My Device enabled once your telephone is missing, it ‘s besides late to do these steps. Do it now while you ‘re thinking about it. Like with Find My iPhone, you can locate your Android phone using a few different methods. here are some options : From a browser, go to to locate your device : • Sign in to your Google Account. • Click on the lost phone icon at the clear of the screen. • A presentment will be sent to your phone. • You ’ ll see on a map approximately where your call is located. • Choose Play Sound to cause your phone to ring at soap book for five minutes so you can find it. Related: You can hide your secret photos in a lock folder on your Android – here ’ s how If you have a second Android device, like a pad, download the Google Find My Device app and use it to locate your missing device. • Download the Find My Device app and open it. • Choose Continue on your profile. • Follow the like steps as listed above from your web browser. Like an Apple Watch, you can use your wear OS Watch for Android to locate your telephone in sealed circumstances. To use your watch, your phone must be powered on and connected to your watch by Bluetooth : • If you can ’ thyroxine see your screen, wake up the watch. • To see your list of apps, weight-lift the Power button. • Tap Find my phone. • Your earphone will ring to notify you of its placement. These methods work only if your phone is powered up. If you have a Samsung earphone, there ’ s an app you can use to track your phone even after it dies. Tap or cluck here for direct download links and instructions. Bonus Tip: 5 things you need to do with your photos before it ‘s besides belated We all have more photos than we know what to do with. Most are on our phones and computers, but then there are all the albums and frames full of old print photograph besides. In this episode, you ’ ll hear insider secrets that the pros take with saving photos before it ‘s besides late. Check out my podcast “ Kim Komando Explains ” on Apple, Google Podcasts, Spotify, or your front-runner podcast player. Listen to the podcast here or wherever you get your podcasts. Just research for my last name, “ Komando. ”

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