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We ’ re therefore used to sexual acronym and euphemism from running the Red Light Network that we sometimes skip over what they actually mean for our newer readers. deplorable !
Some of those readers, unwilling to look like a novice on a forum, never ask the question. Well, we received a comment yesterday from a inaugural time visitor who couldn ’ triiodothyronine get his steer around the theme of ‘ NSA fun ’. not the principle itself — merely the acronym !
therefore, what does ‘NSA fun’ actually beggarly when we browse on-line date, personal ads and classified websites ? That ’ s what we ’ ra going to explain in this post, adenine well as a boatload of other arouse acronyms…

What Does NSA Fun Mean? A Definition

What does NSA Fun stand for?
Simply, NSA stands for ‘ No Strings Attached ’ ; it means the person using it is looking for a casual run into with no expectations, beyond arouse, for both partners .
Used by rights the phrase, NSA fun, is a short and effective room of stating that you aren ’ thyroxine interest in getting involved in a relationship .
The identical definition of no strings attached is perfective for applying to a sexual meet and covers precisely what a lot of people are looking for ; elementary, no holds barred and unlimited .
The beauty of the give voice is that it indicates that person is concerned in a sexual relationship – the terms of which are capable to be agreed .

Differences in NSA Fun

NSA fun pilfer up change enormously depending on the people involved and can evolve from a one night stand to a more even reservoir of arouse with the like person ; without always getting involved in a ‘ relationship ’. The rules are identical a lot up to the parties involved ; what is silent is that the agreement is based strictly on a intimate footing .
People of all backgrounds use NSA as a way of searching for others concerned in casual sex. married women who are looking for an affair, couples concerned in cuckolding or good highly sex ladies who are happy to sleep with multiple partners to get their kicks .
There are besides batch of different ways to get this message across and the variations change geographically and by age .
In some areas, people use early terms like casual encounters, one night stands, hook-ups, friends with benefits, boodle daddies or fuck buddies .
Each variation of the condition can have slenderly different connotations for the person using it .
Let ’ s take a search at a few of them :

Sugar Daddies

What is a sugar daddy?

Used to describe the relationship between an older man and a younger woman, sugar daddies are frequently wealthier men who don ’ t pay for sex in the strictest sense of the bible .
however, carbohydrate daddies are expected to give their ladies expensive or lavish gifts ; in return key, they get to have arouse with much younger and, much, very attractive girls. once again, the formalities of this arrangement are based on their being no strings attached with no party looking for a traditional relationship .
Sugar daddies are much successful and rich professional men who don ’ t have time for, or want, a girlfriend but they may want to arrange a sexual relationship with just the one, or a few, partners .
It can suit many men as an alternative to prostitutes. A batch of women, or boodle babies, besides prefer the simplicity of such an agreement ; they get to have unconstipated sexual activity with one, or possibly a couple of, spouse ( mho ) and get treated well into the deal. The profit for them is that there is no stigmatization, or legal issues, over prostitution .

Friends with Benefits

What is a friend with benefits?
besides known as fuck buddies or loot calls, friends with benefits is another take on NSA fun .
These arrangements are mutually beneficial between two ( or more ) parties who are looking for regular arouse with the same person but without any expectation of that evolving into a relationship .
There is normally no payment of any kind involved. This kind of understanding suits a draw of people who aren ’ t comfortable with the idea of multiple partners, paying for sexual activity or the hazard of becoming involved with person .

Where to find NSA fun

There are plenty of places to find NSA fun :

  • Free classified personal sites such as Craigslist, Locanto, Cracker, Backpage and Chaos Ads.
  • Paid NSA sites such as Adult Friend Finder, Fuck Buddies Australia and Sex With No Strings.
  • Via a paid escort service.

Other Terms Used in Classifieds

When it comes to scouring the classifieds and decoding what people mean when the advertise in the personals, there are several other terms which might confuse. so, we ’ ve put together a list of the most park acronym used :

Acronym What does it stand for?
M4W or W4M Man looking for a woman or Woman looking for a man
MW4M or MW4W Couple looking for man (or woman)
TV/TG Transevestite/Transgendered
M4T Man looking for (usually) transsexual
TS/CD Transsexual/Cross dresser
W/E Well endowed
BBC Big Black Cock or Big Black Cunt
BBW Big Breasted Woman or Big Beautiful Woman
GWF/GWM Gay White Female/Male
GBF/GBM Gay Black Female/Male
LTR Long Term Relationship
PNP Party and Play
SWS Sex Without Strings
FWB Friends with Benefits
DTF Down to Fuck
DDF Drug and Disease Free
B&D/BD Bondage & Discipline
MWC Married White Couple
WS Water-sports

To reiterate :

NSA = No Strings Attached .
NSA stands for pornographic fun, thrills and zero commitment. 😉

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