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This online-only estate sale auction has items in Olivehurst, CA. Please register and view the auctions to bid. You can preview by appointment and get extra data on these items by contacting gail @ or hypertext transfer protocol : // 24 hours anterior to the end of the auction. pickup for the Olivehurst auctions will be on Friday at our estate sale in Olivehurst on April 23 from 10-1. contact 530-693-0386. We may be able to ship some items but please check with us before bid. If items are not picked up we will consider the detail abandoned and the detail will be donated to charity.

Welcome and thank you for looking at our items. Please be sure to read the stallion token description. Some items may have extra information provided in the FAQ segment.
frequently Asked Questions

When is the next estate sale or online auction ? Sign up on https : // to receive our newsletters. We will email you about a week ahead of prison term with a save the go steady electronic mail and another e-mail a couple of days before the sale will begin.
Can we preview the items before bid ? Most of the time this is possible. Contact us hypertext transfer protocol : // for questions or an appointment during the preview time. Be sure to click on all pictures in the catalog and read any details that might be in the detail description.

Where/when do I pick my items up ? The pick-up date, times and city will be posted in the auction. Winning bidders will be emailed the address. You are required to remove the detail at the fourth dimension and date given unless extra arrangements are made ahead of clock. hypertext transfer protocol : // If you can not pick up the item please do not bid. If you do not pick it up at the indicate time it will be considered vacate property. You may be charged a disposal fee. Buyers that do not pick up items will be banned from future auctions.

What do I need to bring when I pick up my items ? The buyer must provide pick up code and a picture ID at the time of pickup. Quantities should be checked by the Buyer or their agentive role before the removal of items. No exceptions will be made for claims or shortages once items have been removed. Please bring your own boxes, dolly, tools, truck ( if needed ) and muscleman to help to move any larger items you purchase. It is the buyer ’ s duty to disassemble furniture or gulf utilities to auction items including gas, waste and water lines. It is the buyer ’ s responsibility to remove the detail safely from the placement. The buyer shall restore and repair all actual and personal property and any price he caused when removing the item.

Do you give refunds, credits, warrantee or layaway on the items ? Everything is SOLD AS-IS there are NO REFUNDS, CREDITS, layaway or CHARGEBACKS.

How old do you have to be to bid on an item ? You must be 18 years old to bid on an token.

How do I pay for the detail I am bidding on ? We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Credit and debit cards.

Do you charge sales tax ? Yes, the submit of California requires us to charge sales tax. The sales tax is determined by the city the items are located in.

Do you have a buyer ’ second premium ? Please check the person auction for details.

How do I get on your mailing list ? here is a connect to subscribe to our newsletter. hypertext transfer protocol : //

Do you have a Facebook page ? Yes, hera is a radio link for you to find us on Facebook. We frequently post presale items on our Facebook page. hypertext transfer protocol : //

How do I list my estate of the realm sale with you ? If you need an estate sale or online auction because of retrenchment, divorcee, debt or the death of a love one lashkar-e-taiba us do the work for you. Contact us at hypertext transfer protocol : //

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