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here you find a list of guides for achievements in Shadowlands zone Revendreth .

Shadowlands guides

Tea Tales – scout

hear every side of the story at Theotar ’ s tea party .

  • Theotar
  • Gubbins and Tubbins
  • Vulca
  • Lost Sybille

The accomplishment Tea Tales requires you to complete the 4 ‘ Tea Tales ’ earth quests in Revendreth. only one of these world quests can be up day by day, so Tea Tales takes at least 4 days to complete. The entrance to the tea party is at /way 31.1, 57.1.

Caught In A Bat Romance – guide

Finish the world quest “ Secret Service ” without losing your disguise. Caught In A Bat Romance is a pretty straightforward accomplishment, but may take a few tries to complete. This accomplishment can alone be obtained when the world quest hidden Service is active. You keep your disguise a long as you don ’ triiodothyronine die and stay away from the stone gargoyles .

Parasoling – steer

Master the art of Parasoling by completing the World Quest “ Parasol Peril ” 10 times. For this accomplishment you just need to complete the Parasol Peril earth quest at /way 57.6, 55.6 10 times. This accomplishment takes at least 10 seperate days to complete, since Parasol Peril can lone be completed once each time it is up. Completing the Parasoling accomplishment rewards you with the toy Weathered Purple Parasol .

absolution For All – usher

Help 100 fleeting souls complete a ritual of absolution in Revendreth. The accomplishment Absolution For All is easy to complete, but is reasonably time-consuming. You have to bring 100 fugitive souls to the Avowed Ritualists standing around the statue at /way 72.5, 53.8. fleeting Souls can be found all around the Halls of Atonement sphere. Right click a fugitive Soul and walk to the Ritualists in the square center. Speak to the Ritualist to Absolve the soul. During the ritual the soul will spawn a few small hostile adds. presently on the PTR you do not need to kill this to progress on the accomplishment ; just handing a person to a Ritualist gives accredit. This might be fixed late, then dependable check your accomplishment advancement to make surely you ’ re getting credit. absolution for All is one of the three achievements required for the meta-achievement The Accuser ’ randomness Avowed .

It ’ second Always Sinny In Revendreth – guide

Defeat the following inquisitors in Revendreth .

  • Inquisitor Otilia
  • Inquisitor Sorin
  • Inquisitor Petre
  • Inquisitor Traian
  • High Inquisitor Dacian
  • High Inquisitor Magda
  • High Inquisitor Gabi
  • High Inquisitor Radu
  • Grand Inquisitor Aurica
  • Grand Inquisitor Nicu

For this accomplishment you need to kill 10 inquisitors in the Halls of Atonement area. To unlock the Inquisitors you need to complete the questline The Final Atonement ( starting at The Accuser at /way 71.8, 40.4 ) up until the quest Hunting an inquisitor

  • An pervert of Power
  • The Proper Souls
  • The Proper punishment
  • Ritual of Absolution
  • Ritual of Judgement
  • Archivist Fane
  • The Sinstone Archive
  • Rebuiling Temel
  • Atonement Crypt Key
  • Hunting an inquisitor

These quests end in you killing the first Inquisitor needed for the accomplishment, Inquisitor Traian. To summon the Inquisitors, you need to find a Sinstone with their name on it ( for example, “ Inquisitor Otilia ’ s Sinstone ” ). These Sinstones can drop from Depraved gang in the Halls of Atonement area. You can besides obtain Sinstones by handing in Sinstone Fragments at Archivist Fane at /way 73, 52. These Sinstone Fragments besides drop from Depraved syndicate in the Halls of Atonement area .

  • An Inquisitor Sinstone costs 100 Sinstone Fragments
  • A High Inquisitor Sinstone costs 250 Sinstone Fragments
  • A Grand Inquisitor’s Sinstone costs 10 Grand Inquisitor’s Sinstone Fragments. These Grand Inquisitor’s Sinstone Fragments have a chance to drop from Inquisitors.

once you have a Sinstone, you can activate the equate inquisitor by going to its placement and using the extra action button that appears in the middle of your screen .

It ’ second Always Sinny In Revendreth Inquisitor Locations

  • Inquisitor Otilia – /way 64.7, 46.4
  • Inquisitor Sorin – /way 69.8, 47.2
  • Inquisitor Petre – /way 67.3, 43.4
  • Inquisitor Traian – /way 76.2, 52.1
  • High Inquisitor Dacian – /way 72.1, 53.2
  • High Inquisitor Magda – /way 69.8, 52.3
  • High Inquisitor Gabi – /way 75.3, 44.2
  • High Inquisitor Radu – /way 71.2, 42.4
  • Grand Inquisitor Aurica – /way 69.7, 45.4
  • Grand Inquisitor Nicu – /way 64.5, 52.7

It ’ sulfur Always Sinny In Revendreth is one of the three achievements required for the meta-achievement The Accuser ’ second Avowed .

Crypt Kicker – guidebook

outdoors 50 Atonement Crypts in Revendreth. For the Crypt Kicker accomplishment you need to farm 50 Atonement Crypt Keys in Revendreth, then use these keys on Atonement Crypts in the Halls of Atonement area. You can loot Atonement Crypt Keys from Depraved gang in the area. I farmed them solo in about 1.5-2 hours ; farming the keys in a group will speed this up well. To unlock the Atonement Crypts, you will first need to complete the quest atonement Crypt Key at Cryptkeeper Kassir at /way 70.2, 56.2 Crypt Kicker is one of the three achievements required for the meta-achievement The Accuser ’ mho Avowed .

The Afterlife Express – scout

Ride each of the pursue carriages in Revendreth .

  • Chalice Carriage
  • Banewood Carriage
  • Darkhaven Carriage
  • Old Gate Carriage
  • Pridefall Carriage
  • The Castle Carriage

For the accomplishment The Afterlife Express you need to ride all 6 carriages in Revendreth. The carriages are constantly moving along a route that takes 2-3 minutes. The easiest way to get this accomplishment is to just wait at one topographic point on the route and hop in when the passenger car passes. You do not need to ride the wax path a carriage makes ; merely entering for a second is adequate for accomplishment build up. The carriage locations listed below are just one coordinate on the baby buggy ’ s path ; I picked out spots that were closest to flight masters .

The Afterlife Express Carriage Locations :

  • Chalice carriagerides past /way 50.9, 49.7 near the Charred Ramparts flight point.
  • Banewood carriageat /way 43.4, 59.8 near the Wanecrypt Hill flight master. The route of Banewood Carriage is a bit longer than the rest of the carriages; you may need to wait up to 4 minutes.
  • Darkhaven Carriageat /way 62.5, 60.5 near Darkhaven.
  • Old Gate Carriagenear the Old Gate flight master, at /way 59.6, 39.4.
  • Pridefall baby buggyrides past /way 69.2, 81.5 near the Pridefall Hamlet flight point.
  • The Castle baby buggyrides past /way 45.8, 46.1 with the nearest flight point being Charred Ramparts.

Ramparts Racer – guide

Win “ It ’ s Race Day in the Ramparts ! ” World Quest 10 times. For this accomplishment you merely need to complete the It ’ sulfur Race Day in the Ramparts ! world bay at /way 40.6, 46.8 10 times. This accomplishment takes at least 10 seperate days to complete, since It ’ randomness Race Day in the Ramparts ! can only be completed once each time it is up .

What We Ride In The Shadows – lead

Rent Castle Sinrunners to give you a ride to each of the follow locations in Revendreth .

  • Old gate
  • Dominance Gate Battlements
  • Hole in the Wall
  • Darkhaven

For the accomplishment What We Ride In The Shadows you need to rent Castle Sinrunner horses and ride them for a few minutes. It costs 5 infuse Ruby to rent a Castle Sinrunner, but because 1 of them counts for 2 locations you only need 15 infuse Ruby in sum to complete this accomplishment. note that unlike the accomplishment The Afterlife Express, you do need to stay on the cavalry for a while before you progress on the accomplishment. Make sure you get progress on the achievement before you dismount.

Castle Sinrunner Locations :

  • hole in the Wall and Dominance Gate Battlements at /way 41.25 47.2
  • Darkhaven at /way 69.6 58.1
  • Old Gate at /way 60.35 62.5

Best Bud With Benefits – lead

Earn Stonehead ’ s friendship in Revendreth. You can get this accomplishment, and gain the mighty to pass past Stonehead without being thrown, by completing the quest Snacks for Stonehead. This quest starts from the Chewed Light Shard beside him. You can get conclude adequate to the quest item by using one of the nearby Hollow Rocks to disguise yourself ( one of the rocks in at /way 38.9, 64.3 ) .

cricket bat ! – guide

Use infused rubies to animate each Dredbat Statue in Revendreth. For Bat ! you need to activate the Dredbat Statues in Revendreth using 5 infuse Rubies. Dredbat Statue Locations:

  • Dredbat number 1 at /way 60.4, 61.2
  • Dredbat number 2 at /way 64.1, 62.1
  • Dredbat number 3 at /way 57.3, 61.3
  • Dredbat number 4 at /way 31.9, 59.2
  • Dredbat number 5 at /way 21.7, 50.25 (up the tower)

The Dredbat at /way 25.1, 37.6 does not count for the accomplishment. bill that while some Dredbats give credit adenine soon as you start the ride, some won ’ thymine complete for the accomplishment until a certain point in the ride or until you land. I suggest merely doing the fully ride each clock to be certain .

Sojourner of Revendreth – steer

Complete the optional Revendreth storylines listed below .

  1. The Duelist’s Debt
  2. Dirty Jobs
  3. Mirror Maker of the Master
  4. Tithes of Darkhaven
  5. The Final Atonement
  6. Revelations of the Light

The Sojourner or Revendreth accomplishment is part of the meta-achievement Loremaster of Shadowlands. The Duelist’s Debt questline starts at Dimwiddle at /way 60.8, 62.4 and consists of the following quests

  • A curious invitation
  • The Lay of the Land
  • active Ingredients
  • A fine vintage
  • message for Matyas
  • comfortably Numb
  • The Field of Hnor
  • It ’ s a bunker
  • Finders-Keepers, Sinners-Weepers
  • offer of freedom

Dirty Jobs starts at Rendle at /way 72.6, 73.2 and consists of the follow quests

  • It ’ s a Dirty Job
  • Dredger Duty
  • We ’ re Gon na Need a Bigger Dredger
  • Running a manure

The questchain Mirror Maker of the Master begins at Laurent at /way 26.4, 49

  • An Unfortunate situation
  • Foraging for Fragments
  • unaccented punishment
  • When alone Ash Remains
  • Escaping the overcome
  • Mirror Making, not Breaking
  • Moving Mirrors
  • We Need More ability

Tithes of Darkhaven is a questline that begins by speaking to Mistress Mihaea at /way 61.4, 63.8. It consists of the following 3 quests

  • Bring Out Your tithe
  • Reason for the Treason
  • And then There Were none

The Final Atonement questline starts at The Accuser at /way 71.8, 40.4 and consists of 14 quests

  • An mistreat of Power
  • The Proper Souls
  • The Proper punishment
  • Ritual of Absolution
  • Ritual of Judgement
  • Archivist Fane
  • The Sinstone Archive
  • Rebuiling Temel
  • Atonement Crypt Key
  • Hunting an inquisitor
  • Halls of Atonement : Your absolution
  • Missing Stone Fiend
  • fix to Serve
  • It Used To Be Quiet here

Revelations of the Light is the last questchain needed for Sojourner of Ardenweald. It starts at Sabina at /way 35, 53.8 and has 4 quests

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