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What is the Cornix Trading Bot and How to Use it?

The primary motivative of this article would be to familiarize you with the cornix trade bot. furthermore, since we completely automate our premium crypto trading signals with the Cornix bot, this article is going to be a guide to help you understand more about the Cornix Telegram bot .
If you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know how to interpret signals, please read our scout on trade signals .

Cornix – A simple yet powerful trading bot

Crypto trade bots have become highly democratic among millions of cryptocurrency users. Cornix is an automatize crypto trading bot for Telegram crypto signals groups with many utilitarian functions. furthermore, crypto signals are basically from a group of skilled traders that tell you how to trade and generate profits .
A crypto trade bot places buy and sell orders for buyers. When crypto signals are combined with Telegram crypto deal bots, there are major advantages like easier barter execution, automated deal opportunities, and more .

The main advantage of the Cornix crypto trade bot is that it saves time in notifying the results of trade to the users both on the plus a well as negative side. basically, a crypto trade bespeak is what tells you how to buy pairs and from where to buy them. Like any early bot, Cornix sets the targets. In general, while doing crypto trade manually, you have to put some necessary information and if you are using signals. You can learn more about it from our Cornix review .

What is the problem with manual trading?

Doing all this manually is time-consuming and in cryptocurrency deal, things change quickly. therefore, this is where you need Cornix deal bot ; moreover, the bot offers two chief options :

  • Automated one-click/ follow a signal
  • Manual/bfollow signal

This tool is very easier to use and allows users to manage their trades wholly through their mobile/ smartphone without logging into an switch over. furthermore, it does the lapp as what you want i.e. secures profits and reduces losses .

How to set up Cornix in Telegram?

Before we move fore, Make certain you have telegram installed on your Android or io devices. Once it ’ sulfur done, tap on the overstate field glass and search for the “ CORNIX trade BOT ”
Cornix Trading BotCornix Trading Bot

  • Thereafter, select the CORNIX BOT mentioned above in the picture and Tap on Start and follow out all 5 first-time tutorial steps.

Follow the steps given below :

  • Here is a brief description of the bot, click on the START button, and then the Continue below:

Cornix Trading Bot: BeginCornix Trading Bot: Begin

  • There are 3 options you all will follow the group signal so tap on the “I want to follow group signals”.

I Want To Follow Group SignalsI want to follow group signals

  • Before going furtherrRead out the Terms And Conditions and TAP on Accept
  • Tap on the Notification Service and activate it.

Notification ServiceNotification Service

  • Thereafter, you’ll be redirected to another Channel from CORNIX where you will receive all the updates related to the trades. After activating the notification channel Tap on Return to Complete step 5.

Cornix Notification ServiceCornix Notification Service

  • This step is very important because here you will be doing all settings related to automating the crypto signals.
  • The connection between the Cornix bot and exchange is what they call a “Client”. Therefore, click on “Add First Client”.

Add First ClientAdd First Client

  • This is how the next screen will look like:

Connect Your Exchange With CornixConnect your exchange with Cornix

  • Thereafter, you’ll be provided with two options as shown above. Now, if you already have an account then click on “Yes, I have an exchange account” and select your crypto exchange. If you don’t have an account refer to Binance Review and create an account on the largest platform in terms of the trading volume. Once done, click on the “Yes, I have an exchange account” button.
Notice: that for Binance Futures you should choose Binance

Choose Your ExchangeChoose Your Exchange

  • Here you will be provided with three options Binance Futures (USDT), Binance Coin-Futures (USD), and Binance SPOT (regular). You can learn the dieeference between Binance Coin and USDT futures from our guide to Binance futures trading.

Binance FuturesBinance FUTURES

  • You have to select one at a time to set it up. Let’s suppose we selecct Binance Spot, the next step would be to select My Binance as it is the default name. Thereafter, you’ll have to provide your API keys in a way as stated below:

My BinanceMy Binance Before we start, make sure you completed your Binance report confirmation, both basic and average. We recommend you complete the confirmation, as Binance allows API keys universe only for accounts that have completed their account basic and intermediate verification. then come back and follow the steps for creating your Binance report with Cornix .

  • Now, you’ll be able to see two options on the screen, click on the first option for a guide to create API keys on Binance. However, if you already have an idea about API keys, click on the second option and head over to Binance.
  • Furthermore, if you’re still confused about how to create the API keys, refer to our Cornix review for a step-by-step guide.
  • After creating the API key, copy the API key and Secret key and paste it into the bot like in the picture below!

Binance Api Key And Secret KeyBinance API Key and Secret Key Please make sure that you provide the API Key and Secret in the right format, with the API Key followed by a comma and then the Secret Key.

And connect it with your SPOT SIGNAL Channel.
You will be get a exchangeable menu as under ,
Cornix Telegram Crypto Trading Bot SettingsCornix Telegram Crypto Trading Bot Settings To turn on the automation for the Futures trades, fair tap on the lend another Client and follow out the same steps but do select the Binance Futures ( USDT ) or Coin-Futures and connect it with your Futures signals channel .

Cornix Telegram Crypto Trading Bot Settings

  • Please tap on the Bot configuration shown in the image above.
  • Thereafter, tap on the trading button.
  • Select the client you want to set up its configuration and tap on General.
  • After that, tap on Amount per trade, and select, either of the Risk management and Fixed USD amount.
  • Come back, click on strategies, then on Entry Strategies, and finally select the Decreasing Exponential.
  • Come back, Tap on taking profit strategy and select the decreasing exponential.
  • Come back, tap on Trailing Select the Moving target, Default Trigger.
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