8 Valuable Coins That Could Be Hiding in Your Change

Take a closer look before you dump that handful of pennies and nickels into the peak jolt — you do n’t need to find a revolutionary War-era mint to make a luck from your switch. They ‘re harder to find each year, but there are several valuable coins floating around that are n’t all that old. They ‘re much valuable for vastly unlike reasons — like the World War II-era coins minted from atypical metals, or double-printed pennies — but each one is easy to miss if you’re not paying attention. Check out these eight coins that are worth a set more than their intended value. 1. 2004 Wisconsin state one-fourth with extra leaf

value : Up to $ 300 Find an average Wisconsin submit quarter from 2004, and that will get you one-fourth of a bag of chips. Find one with either the eminent or low leaf error, and you can get a whole lot more. The 50 State Quarters series ran from 1999 until 2008, with special designs representing each state. Wisconsin ‘s quarter came out in 2004 ; the overrule design features a overawe, a wheel of cheese and a partially husk ear of corn lurk in the back .It would be too easy to make a corny joke about this coin. Too cheesy?

It would be too easy to make a corny joke about this coin. Too cheesy?


however, some the coins have an extra line below the battlefront left leaf, which looks like another leaf entirely. There are two varieties you should be looking out for : the high flick and depleted leaf. 2. 1995 double die penny rate : $ 20 – $ 50

Credit: Lincoln Centre Resource

Credit: Lincoln Centre Resource

This penny has a double-printed obverse ( heads side ) that makes the “ LIBERTY ” and “ IN GOD WE TRUST ” look bleary. The error has happened before, in 1969 and 1972, and those versions of the coins are much more valuable. 3. 1942-1945 argent nickel value : 56 cents – $ 12.25 During World War II, the United States needed to save deoxyadenosine monophosphate much nickel as potential for military uses. consequently, it started minting nickels made of 35 % silver. Melting down pennies and nickels is a union offense, but the mint might calm fetch you enough for a adequate lunch, if it ‘s in good discipline. 4. 1943 steel penny prize : 45 cents – $ 10Pennies were made from steel in 1943 only.

Pennies were made from steel in 1943 only.

Credit: United States Mint

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Pennies were made from steel during wartime, for the like reasons nickels were made partially from eloquent — steel pennies helped preserve copper for World War II. however, the switch lone lasted one year. 5. Ben Franklin half-dollar value : $ 12 – $ 125Easy to notice, but hard to find.

Easy to notice, but hard to find.

Credit: United States Mint

In 1948, the U.S. mint began circulating half-dollar coins with images of Ben Franklin and an eagle — which is amusing, considering Franklin opposed the bald eagle ‘s nomination as the state ‘s bird, in party favor of a wild turkey. Franklin ‘s portrait on the coin was replaced by John F. Kennedy in 1964, following the president ‘s 1963 character assassination. 6. 1932-1964 silver quarter value : $ 7 – $ 65 between 1932 and 1964, quarters were 90 % silver and 10 % copper. These silver quarters look like any pre-state one-fourth 25-cent man, but are worth a fortune more if they ‘re in the correct condition. 7. ‘In God We Rust ‘ 2005 Kansas country quarter value : Up to $ 100Remember: Always clean your machine.

Remember: Always clean your machine.

Credit: About.com

While it might seem like a batch employee ‘s rogue political affirmation, these coins are actually just the consequence of grease preventing a clean press. 8. presidential dollar mint with letter errors value : $ 20 – $ 45These Washington dollars are missing key inscriptions.

These Washington dollars are missing key inscriptions.

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Credit: NGC

In 2007, the U.S. Mint began printing a series of dollar coins featuring presidents. Many of the early coins, specially those with George Washington, have errant or missing lettering along the edge of the mint .

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