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For over 30 years, The Coin Vault has been the finish for the best coins and currency deals on television and this holds true to this day. The Coin Vault systematically offers quality coins, currency, and numismatic collectibles to viewers at low-cost prices. Our customer servicing team is the best in the television patronize industry, with a Preferred Customer Division that provides a one-on-one, personal serve to collectors .
originally calling Newport, Tennessee dwelling, the Shop at Home network launched Late Host: Robert Chambers, The Coin Vault Coin Television Show in the mid-80s by collapse Joe Overholt. An idea for a indicate was born with the goal to bring collectors and numismatists the opportunity to own some of the global ‘s finest rare coins. The Coin Vault was then introduced on the net in 1988 and the usher was an instant success. At the time, programming on competing shopping networks was typically direct towards female buyers and this brand modern coin show offered numismatic collectibles that targeted a largely male audience .
Robert Chambers ’ concern in collectibles began at an early old age. In 1988, his passion became his profession when he took a chance on an audition at the Shop at Home network for a new show geared toward mint collecting. Chambers did a screen test on a Wednesday, was hired on that Thursday, and then began his hosting career live on the air by that Host: Scott Houk, The Coin Vault Coin Television Show Friday. Chambers hosted The Coin Vault for over 25 years until his pass in 2014 .
By 1993, many changes in the home denounce air industry had taken position and while under newly ownership, Shop at Home decided to move to a newfangled facility in Nashville, Tennessee. The network opened a state-of-the-art broadcast facility with digital production studios and included an in-house call plaza. Shop at Home then became a cable and air media company, purchasing airtime for programming. With this upgrade, coverage increased into approximately 100,000,000 households across the United States.

With the rise in popularity of Host: Andy Abel, The Coin Vault Coin Television Show QVC and HSN, the Shop at Home network was ineffective to successfully compete and in March of 2008, the network closed its doors permanently. Because of its success and wide popularity, The Coin Vault was purchased by Leon Hendrickson, the owner and founder of SilverTowne in Winchester, Indiana. Hendrickson recognized the opportunity to grow and expand with this television venture. Under this raw ownership, the show was moved to a studio in Franklin, Tennessee. In addition to host Robert Chambers, Scott Houk remained and as of December 2008, The Coin Vault returned to air, newfangled and improved.

Along with this new era of The Coin Vault, three generations of numismatics were brought to the vanguard as a raw face was welcomed to the air in 2014 : Andy Abel, who happened to be Hendrickson ’ s grandson.This new earned run average of The Coin Vault brought with it three generations of numismatists. immediately family owned and operated, construction began from the establish up on a sword fresh studio apartment located at the SilverTowne headquarters in Indiana. On June 1, 2015, The Coin Vault formally moved into its fresh facility and began broadcasting with display horde Andy Abel Host: Tyler Abel, The Coin Vault Coin Television Show alongside his newly added co-host and brother, Tyler, after the passing of Chambers. With the studio apartment now at home, longtime server Scott Houk joined the brother duet and continues to join them on air arsenic frequently as he can while sharing his life of numismatic cognition with dedicate viewers.

Through the evolution of the testify, one constant remains : The Coin Vault is here for collectors. From first-time collectors to seasoned veterans in the avocation, all are treated like family .
recently added to take customer service to a raw level is the Preferred Customer Division. This specialize group of numismatic advisors work as a resource to help collectors find coins needed to dispatch collections. Offering a one-on-one service, representatives work directly with customers to find deals that aren ’ metric ton found on television .
With over three decades of experience and ace customer service, The Coin Vault remains your sure source for coins and currentness .

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