Fortnite Concert Coins: Locations, Rewards & More

In September, Fortnite announced a new series of music events. Now it’s time to collect the concert coins!

Fortnite KonzertmünzenZwei Konzertmünzen gibt es, die wollen gesammelt werden. | © Riot Games Fortnite starts the new year with a hale series of concerts. TONES AND I perfom in the second Fortnite Soundwave event. Spectaculous, explosions, sound waves, La Ola. A ecstatic experience for veridical !
For the Fortnite Soundwave Series quest, you need to find concert coins hidden all over the map. If you manage to do that, you ‘ll get rewards. hush no hint ? Do n’t worry, we have listed both the locations of the concert coins and the rewards in this very article. We wo n’t leave you out in the cold !

Concert Coins In Fortnite: How To Get Them

For the Soundwave Series quest, there are a total of 2 concert coins hidden on the island. If you were looking for them in the past already, we have to disappoint you : The concert coins are alone available as of today since 12 AM ( CET ). This is due to the way you can get them .
Currently, the TONES AND I concert in the “Soundwave Series: Tones and I” mode in Fortnite is running in continuous loop until 25th January, 12 AM (CET). If there is no pop-up book right away while logging in to Fortnite, you can besides check out the By Epic Section to access the game manner. Simply go into matchmaking and watch the integral concert once. That will take a total of 20 minutes.

How To Get The First Concert Coin

The first concert coin is a reward for watching the entire concert of TONES AND I once. equally soon as the concert is over, single keynotes will appear out of nowhere. Follow them ! finally you will arrive at a huge keyhole that will lead you to the foremost concert mint.

indeed to get the first concert coin, you do n’t have to do anything but go to a concert. Let ‘s be honest, we ‘ve had to work intemperate for our Fortnite challenges earlier. fortunately, we do n’t have to worry about the dinos in the meanwhile .

How To Get The Second Concert Coin

so, adenine soon as the first concert coin is in your possession, it ‘s time to get out of the bet on manner. Out, out, out ! You can lone collect a maximum of one mint in a individual session.
To get the second concert coin, you have to go back to “ Soundwave Series : Tones and I ” mode. Repeat the hale dang thing. Now watch the concert a second time and get the second coin.

Rewards For Collecting Both Concert Coins

Fortnite Konzermünzen Quests

These rewards are in store for you! | © Riot Games The rewards for collecting both of the concert coins are quite first gear. For obtaining the first mint, you get an exclusive Tones and I consequence spray. Once you got both coins in your possession, you’ll get rewarded with an amazing amount of 55,000 XP.
That ‘s it, get on with it and enjoy the concert ! differently, check out the latest crossovers. If you want to be a man of culture as well, you do n’t inevitably need to attend a concert. Fortnite nowadays besides has an art exhibition .

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