Fortnite is a 2017 video recording game developed by the caller Epic Games, released as different software packages featuring different game modes, but sharing the like general game engine and mechanics. This Overtime challenge, the close up event of Season 8, is not precisely newly. We had the demand like challenge during the former season stopping point, so you know what to expect .

How to get coins on featured creative islands

If you want to complete the challenge of collecting coins on featured creative islands in Fortnite plainly visit certain featured creative islands and collect 15 coins. Below we give you all the details so you can solve the challenge promptly and directly .

Explore the islands thoroughly, because in some cases, some coins are well obscure, either inside buildings, behind containers… It is not very difficult, but you will have to explore the islands thoroughly. For model, one that is quite good to start with is called “ Sky Snipes V2 ”.

obviously, the inaugural thing is to know how to get the coins. It ’ second easier than it sounds, although it can get quite complicated :

  • Select Creative Mode, either in the menu or in the mode selection if you’re already in the Battle Royale section.
  • With the mode already selected, press Play and choose any of the options. You can either play with friends, or start your own server, it doesn’t matter.
  • You will arrive at Battle Island and see a multitude of portals: you are looking for the ones marked “FEATURED”.
  • You must “go through” the portal that allows you to access the mission created by the player responsible for the play and you will appear in it.
  • You will be pointed to the objectives and rules of the “game mode” created on this private island.
  • When you agree to start the game, and regardless of whether you play “by the rules” or not, what you are looking for are coins like this one below. The only thing you need to do to get them is to go through the coin, nothing else.
  • .

now comes the fun part : you have to find 20 coins, you can replay the same game and pick up the same coins over and over again. If you ’ rhenium struggling to find them, we recommend you go back to the list of featured creative islands for the duration of the Extra Time challenge, as we imagine raw ones will be appearing .

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