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Growing up in the 60 ’ sulfur I distinctly remember my uncle telling me to gather as many dimes and quarters as I could because they would be worth more than their grimace measure some sidereal day. Looking back on this I must conclude this happened some fourth dimension after 1964 because in 1965 quarters became copper-nickel invest coins.

Of course I could not afford to save coins back then however, in 1980, as a starving college student, my uncle was proved right. A boyfriend scholar I worked with at the time, sold a bad hoard of eloquent coins he had to pay for his college ! That got my attention. obviously he had more money to begin with than me, as they say “ It takes money to make money, ” but I realized that if I had found a way to save pre-64 dimes and quarters as my uncle had suggested, I would not have had to work so hard while going to college !
late in life when I had a full-time job with some disposable income, I did purchase some mint state 62 ( MS-62 ), as rated by Numismatic Guarantee Corporation, Saint-Gaudens double eagle twenty-dollar gold coins and some debris ash grey. Of run, shortly after my purchase they went toss off in value indeed I decided I would sell them deoxyadenosine monophosphate soon as I could recover my purchase price. I forgot about them for many years and then noticed the price of gold and silver was rising. Checking their value at the time I realized that they were worth doubly what I paid for them. Figuring that was my chance I quickly sold them. Of path their value kept going up and they are probably worth 10 times adenine much today as what I primitively paid for them. We are not talking fortunes here but that is extra money I could have used !

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I did keep two gold coins, one for my son and one for my daughter. I hope these will be heirlooms that my children and possibly grand children will treasure when I am gone. If nothing else, possibly they will help pay for my thousand children ’ sulfur college educations should they choose to pursue a higher education. besides, I have a few blue-ribbon dimes and quarters from my junk silver bag. not that they are collectible but they are the least coarse examples that I could find in the draw. In the mean-time I do looking at my pictures of them in my copy of NM Collector Software !

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