Links to Helpful Numismatic & Coin Collecting Websites

Explore the links below to expand your knowledge of coin collecting and numismatics.

The trace list contains links to some of the best websites available to numismatists. Use these websites in conjunction with the recommended books listed below.
Reading entirely a copulate of books or relying merely on internet sources will not provide sufficient cognition to do well as a coin treasure hunter. And while there are other helpful, educational numismatic websites to assist you, the sites listed here will start you out in the right direction.

Online Numismatic & Coin Collecting Resources

• (ANA—American Numismatic Association) • ( ANA—Young Numismatists ) • (ANS—American Numismatic Society)
• ( ANS—American Numismatic Society ) • ( Edward C. Rochette Money Museum ) • ( ANA Member Dealer Directory )
• (Numismatic book company, publisher of the “Red Book” and CPG) • (Coin World magazine) •     hypertext transfer protocol : // ( Newman Numismatic Portal ) • (COINage magazine) • (The United States Mint) • (The BEP—The United States Bureau of Engraving and Printing—for paper money) •  (CONECA—Combined Organizations of Numismatic Error Collectors of America) • (Variety Vista—home of the CONECA Master Listing of Die Varieties) • (Lincoln Cent Resource—reference specifically for Lincoln Cent die varieties)

• (Reference of US Coins from Numismatic Guaranty Corporation) • ( Counterfeit Detection Resource from Numismatic Guaranty Corporation ) • (Encyclopedia of US Coins from Professional Coin Grading Service)     • (Information about Ancient Coins) • (PCGS online collector forum/social media exchange) • (CoinTalk—an online social media forum for numismatists) • ( Federal Reserve Bank Services – Coin & Currency FAQs )
There are numerous websites where coins are bought and sold, and these can be helpful in that they provide fair market valuations. (These are prices resulting from recent auctions and are often the most accurate representations of current coin values because they reflect the prices people actually paid for certain items.) For more information regarding reputable dealers and local coin clubs, use and go to “Find A Dealer” through the Dealer Directory or “Find A Club” in the Club Directory.

Recommended Reading

•    A Guide Book of United States Coins (the “Red Book”) by R.S. Yeoman; Ken Bressett, Senior Editor. •    A Guide Book of United States Coins: Mega Red, Expanded Deluxe Edition by R.S. Yeoman; Ken Bressett, Senior Editor; Q. David Bowers, Research Editor; Jeff Garrett, Valuations Editor. •    The Error Coin Encyclopedia by Arnold Margolis and Fred Weinberg. •    Cherrypickers’ Guide to Rare Varieties of United States Coins (6th Ed., Vol. I and II) by Bill Fivaz and J.T. Stanton. •    Strike It Rich with Pocket Change (4th Edition) by Ken Potter and Brian Allen. •    The Coin Collector’s Survival Manual (Revised 7th Edition) by Scott A. Travers.

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