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There are several methods for storing a coin solicitation. Some collectors use coin folders or albums listing all of the years, mints, and especial series of a coin. Those systems are excellent if your goal is to collect each of the coins in a series. If your goal is to protect person coins or a larger collection, BCW Supplies has respective storage solutions .

BCW mint supplies are sized for american english coins. For coins from other nations, or commemorative coins, tokens, or chips, please compare the diameter of your coin to the US mint diameters listed below. The diameter of the opening in the BCW coin holders are slightly larger than these USA coins so the coins fit in the holders by rights .

Coin Coin Diameter Inches Coin Diameter mm
Penny .75 in 19 mm
Nickel .835 in 21.21 mm
Dime .705 in 17.91 mm
Quarter .955 in 24.26mm
Half Dollar 1.205 in 30.61 mm
Small Dollar (Sacagawae, etc.) 1.043 in 26.5 mm
Morgan Dollar (Peace/Eisenhower) 1.5 in 38.1 mm
Eagle (Crown) 1.598 in 40.6 mm

Coin Flips are a very park storage solution for coins, as this method acting is low-cost and reliable. Unfolded, Paper Flips are 4″ x 2″, which are folded to 2″ x 2″, with the coin sandwiched between the layers ( the exception are 2.5″ x 2.5″ Paper Flips for larger Eagle/Crown coins ). The circular die-cut fix is covered by a thin polyester ( Mylar ) which is an acid-free, archival-safe material.

BCW offers two varieties of paper flips. In both instances, the newspaper and polyester are about identical. The difference in the styles are the blockage technique. The first settlement method is to staple the composition flick finale with the insert coin. These are our traditional Paper Flips. The second gear closure method acting is a Peel-n-Seal Paper Flip system, using an adhesive to keep the flip closed. This version eliminates the need for staples and the potential of scratching a coin against a staple .
BCW besides offers a 2″ ten 2″ bivalent Pocket Vinyl Flip. This method is good if you want a large space to label your coin. This flip has one 2″ x 2″ pocket to hold the coin, and a second pocket to hold a 2″ ten 2″ label.

To further organize coins placed in 2″ ten 2″ flips, some collectors prefer to place the flips in open pocket pages and then in 3-ring binders. other collectors prefer to store the paper flips in mint boxes .
For mint protection that ’ s thicker than composition flips, BCW offers 2″ ten 2″ Coin Snaps. These are two layers of crystal-clear polystyrene that press together. A class insert sits between the plastic to center the coin. The foam is black, with white paper adhered to one slope, so you can write on the white label if desired. To store a solicitation of coins in Coin Snaps, BCW offers Single Row, and Double Row Coin Boxes.

The adjacent coin storage method is a Coin Display Slab. Coin Slabs are exchangeable to the Coin Snaps as they besides have two layers of polystyrene that wardrobe together, however the Coin Slabs are larger. The slabs have a header space where you can place a label describing the mint. For our Display Slabs, the foam inserts to hold the coins are sold individually. To store a collection of coins in BCW Display Slabs, our slot Display Slab Coin Box will hold 20 slabs .
To store a push-down storage of coins, BCW Coin Tubes are a popular choice. These are clear formative with a screw cap. For each respective mint, these tubes hold the lapp amount of coins as hold in coin peal wrappers .

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