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This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Sharing is caring ! We ’ rhenium doing letter C activities at our family, and I like to include a set of theme mathematics with each letter. For letter C, we ’ ra learning about coins. While I don ’ t teach my preschoolers how to figure out the value of coins, I do want my kids to be familiar with them and start to learn their names .
I created this fun and simple game to teach the names of coins. It works well for older preschoolers, kindergartners, and kids in first grade.

Teach the names of coins with this free printable game!
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Teach the names of coins with this free printable game!
You will need

  • a game board (get it in the download at the end of this post)
  • playing cards (also in the download)
  • coins (we used a whole sleeve each of quarters, nickels, dimes, and pennies — but you won’t need quite that much)
  • a die
  • playing pieces

Teach the names of coins with this free printable game!

Teach the names of coins with this fun game!

How to play
1. Give each player 5 quarters, 5 dimes, 5 nickels, and 5 pennies. Have your child count out the coins for each player if he ’ s up for it .
2. Take turns rolling the die and moving around the board .

  • If you land on a coin, you get ONE of that coin from the bowl of coins.
  • If you land on a colored space, draw a card from the pile.

Teach the names of coins with this free printable game!
These are the cards. Depending on what you draw, you will either buy something and pay out of your own coins into the coin bowl, or get coins from the bowl as a give.

If you do not have adequate coins to pay for something, just pay what you are able to ( if it calls for five pennies and you only have three, merely pay three ) .
3. Keep playing until all players have reached the piggy bank .
4. At the end of the game, each player counts up his coins. Whoever has the most coins, wins. If you ’ d like, add up the prize of the coins to determine the achiever. This will be something a grown up will have to do unless older children are playing the game .
Teach the names of coins with this free printable game!
This crippled was a HUGE strike with my daughter, who is merely finishing inaugural class. She wanted to play it countless times throughout the day. even though she knows the names of coins pretty well, this gave her extra drill. At the end of the game, she enjoyed finding the respect of her winnings with my help .
When she played with her brother, who has not so far started kindergarten, they added up the number of coins to determine the achiever .
A tip : When print, print pages 1-2 spinal column to back. then you will have the instructions on the back of the game. I like to print my games on cardstock and laminate for lastingness .
Have fun !

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