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Coin Collecting for Beginners: Guide to Starting Your Numismatic Collection

Collecting coins is a hobby loved by many for generations. rare coins, amber coins, alien coins, ancient coins—there are endless types of exciting coins to collect !
If you ’ re just starting out collecting coins, you might be wondering where to begin ! here is our complete lead to coin collecting for beginners who are looking to start their numismatic solicitation !
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Why to Collect Coins

There are countless reasons to begin collecting coins ! You can do it for a variety of reasons, or one primary reason. No matter why you decide to start collect, it should be a mania project of yours !


Some people collect coins as a fiscal investment because of the hypothesis that their value will increase over time, but there are things to keep in mind about the fiscal aspect of coin collect .
No one can guarantee the price of cherished metals or coins in the future. valued metallic element products are subject to price swings ascribable to the market. Like all markets, the metals and rare coins marketplace involves risk. besides, the cute metals and numismatic coin markets are unregulated. There is no “ Securities Exchange Commission ” that governs the precious metals marketplace. Because of commercialize fluctuation, Nationwide Coins recommends that rare coins be held for a minimum of five years if you are planning on selling .


One of the main reasons people collect coins is plainly for the fun of it ! The thrill of the hunt is appealing for many people. Finding an exceptionally rare mint, completing a collection, or just hunting for coins at garage sales is an entertain avocation .


It ’ s great to have a avocation and sake that connects you with like-minded people ! Coin collect is one such hobby that can unite you with people who have a exchangeable matter to. Whether you join an online forum, attend a convention, or find a local club, you ’ ll be surrounded by people who can guide you in your mint collecting travel !

What to Buy before You Collect

Before you buy your first coin, there are a few essential items you need to have in order to efficaciously start a numismatic collection. From keeping your coins clean to understanding what they ’ re worth, these items are must haves !


flush though most coins were made to be circulated and are therefore very durable, they are still delicate ( and valuable ! ) and should consequently be treated with wish. particularly if you find a coin in exquisite condition, you ’ ll want to ensure that it stays that way ! Oils and crap from your fingers can damage coins, so wearing flannel cotton gloves will protect the integrity of the mint .

Magnifying Glass

As you deepen your understand of the intricacies of each coin, you ’ ll understand why you need a overstate methamphetamine ! slight imperfections, irregularities, and damages will become clear underneath a overstate glass, and you ’ ll want to make certain each mint you buy is up to the standard you want in a mint !

What Coins to Collect

Most numismatic enthusiasts don ’ thyroxine good randomly collect coins ; they normally have a specific type of coin or minting date they collect. This not only helps you narrow down which coins to purchase and keep, but it besides means you will have a cohesive solicitation that could be worth more money someday !

By Design

You might love a particular coin—like the 1oz Gold Buffalo —and want to collect as many of that coin as you can. You can collect the design by year, so you end up with the like coin minted in unlike years .

By Precious Metal

You might decide to collect coins by what they ’ re made of—most normally gold or argent. This broader class makes it easier to find coins that fit your collection, since you ’ ra not as limited by year or coin type .

By Coin Type

If you love a especial type of mint, like a quarter or a penny, you might consider collecting different versions of that type. For case, you might decide to collect quarters, so you would collect all variations of the US quarter that exist. This is called type collection .

By Time Period or Year

many people love to collect coins that were minted in a specific year or time period—for exercise, in their parentage year or during the US Civil War .
This is besides a great choice if you want to gift a collection to a child or grandchild. You can collect coins in the year they were born as a special commemorative gift for when they graduate !

By Country

If you ’ re enamored with a certain state or culture, you can collect coins from that region of the world ! Australia, China, and Great Britain all have their own mints that produce circulated and collectible coins. This is a big way to commemorate your ancestors who are from a different state than where you presently reside !

By Error

Perfect international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate always preferred—some people like to collect coins that have flaws, imperfections, or errors. Misprinted coins are rare, so they are hard to find and worth quite a morsel of money. But that increases the shudder of the search !

Where to Buy Coins

You can purchase coins from about anywhere in the world. From local stores to large online retailers, you can find many places that sell coins for a fair price .

Reputable Websites

With the development of the online betray space, more and more people are able to easily and promptly buy coins and get them shipped to their theater !

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Make certain that any web site you buy from is legalize. The site should be fasten, meaning your sensitive information is at a lower risk to be stolen. You can tell if a locate is fasten by looking in the address measure in your browser while on the site—if it ’ second plug, there will be a lock symbol next to the URL. Nationwide Coins is proud to be a dependable web site !
You should besides take into account reviews of early buyers to learn about their experience. When coin collection, it is crucial to find a company that can educate you on the rate and quality of coins. countrywide Coins proudly has over 300 reviews on TrustPilot !

Pawn Shops

many pawn or vintage shops will have old coins in cases for sale. This is a great option if you ’ re looking to avoid shipping costs ! But beware—you might be charged more than a coin is deserving, or you might be sold a coin that isn ’ metric ton very what you thought it was. This is why it ’ randomness significant to buy The Red Book so you are informed on fairly prices and the exact details of a particular coin .

Trade Shows

Trade shows are not only a great topographic point to meet boyfriend numismatic enthusiasts, but it ’ s besides a place to expand your coin collection. many retailers will sell their coins there, and you can possibly even deal with other collectors. These people will be highly knowledgeable about the coins they own, so they might try to upcharge you a little for the coins—but you can be reasonably confident they won ’ t pull the wool over your eyes !

Spare Change

If you ’ rhenium looking for coins that might hush be or once have been in circulation, you can check your spare change ! alternatively, you can get rolls of coins from the bank and go through those to see if you find any hidden gem !

How to Determine a Coin’s Value

There are a set of factors that go into what a mint is worth—it ’ s not barely about how reasonably the coin is or how much gold is in it !

Face Value

The confront value of a coin is what it would be worth if used as currency. This measure is normally printed on the mint ( e.g., 25 cents for a US quarter ). In terms of numismatic roll up, face value doesn ’ thymine actually play a character in the respect of a coin .

Intrinsic Value

A coin ’ randomness intrinsic value is what the coin is worth based on the arrant metal content in the mint if it were melted down and sold at cost. Like grimace respect, this doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate play a big function in the value of a mint in terms of numismatic gather .


If a coin is rare, it is not identical park. normally, the rare a coin is, the more it ’ s deserving. For case, gold coins minted before 1933 ( and flush more so those minted in 1933 ) are highly rare, and are consequently worth more than non-gold coins from the same period .


The mark of a coin refers to the condition it ’ randomness in. The plate typically ranges from Good ( worst ) to Mint State ( best ), with a scope of conditions in between. Grade is determined by how clear the details of the coin are, how bright it is, and if there are any other imperfections that could have occurred from circulation, such as rubbing against other coins in a air pocket, being dropped in a puddle, or plainly being handled by hundreds of people. Grade plays a big role in defining how much a coin is worth .

How to Store Your Coins

Your coins are much rare and valuable—you should take care of them like the treasures they are ! by rights storing your coins will prevent them from being damaged or lost .


One of the most democratic ways to store your coins is in some sort of album or booklet. These specialized books have slots created specifically for holding coins and identification cards, vitamin a well as keeping the coins free from dust and other outside contaminants .
Books are easily stored on a ledge or displayed on a coffee postpone, so people visiting your house can well enjoy your collection !


Cases are a more heavy duty manner to store your coins. Some are airtight, so they will closely preserve the coins so there is no gamble of anything extraneous touching the coin ! Coins are more difficult to showcase in cases. It is besides a bulkier storage solution, then keep that in mind if space is a refer for you .

What Coins to Start With

If you ’ re distillery feeling a fiddling lose as to where to begin, hera are a few basic coins to get you started !

China 30 Gram Silver Panda

These coins, minted in China, feature an adorable lesser panda on the movement ! They are newly minted each year, so you can set out to collect one coin from each year !
gold coins minted before 1933 are rare and a key part of american History, so they are a popular detail for collectors to buy. The $ 20 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle is one such coin that is beloved by collectors. It ’ s a slenderly larger investment, but it ’ south worth it !

Canadian Gold Maple Leaf

These sandbag gold coins are some of the most exquisite in the global ! An intricate maple leaf is engraved into the front of the mint, honoring the state where the mint was minted, Canada !
many people forget about collecting silver coins, but flatware coins are not entirely beautiful, they ’ re much more low-cost than gold ones ! These 1964 Kennedy Silver Half Dollars are a bang-up starter investment.

Start your coin solicitation today !
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