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Tech Apps for Coin Collectors

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For new mint collectors or if you ’ ve been a fan for years, it ’ south never besides late to up your plot with engineering. Smartphone apps can make precisely about every coin collecting job easier, from updating your catalog to checking a mint ’ s cert verification. Discover the nine apps that all coin collectors must have .

PCGS CoinFacts Coin Collecting

Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) makes a number of coin-related smartphone apps, CoinFacts Coin Collecting being one of them. The app for mint collectors claims to be the earth ’ randomness largest encyclopedia of U.S. coins and it includes coin values, images, narratives, auction prices realized and more for over 39,000 U.S. coins. The app besides provides a barcode scanning functionality so you can look up coins graded by PCGS. As an lend bonus, it besides incorporates expert narratives on particular coins from leading diligence professionals like David Hall, Ron Guth, Q. David Bowers and others. The app is rid to download but it does require an active internet connection to use .

PCGS Coin Cert Verification for coin collectors

This app takes the barcode scanning functionality from CoinFacts Coin Collecting and puts it into a standalone app. rather of typing in the mint ’ s documentation issue, simply scan the barcode ( obverse ) or QR code ( invert ) on the coin label with the Coin Cert Verification app. The app will then pull up information related to the mint, such as denomination, go steady and mintmark, grade, mintage, holder character, PCGS Population and PCGS Price Guide prize. Depending on the coin, far data may besides be available, such as a high-resolution double of the coin, the mint ’ second last auction appearance and its current presence in any PCGS Set Registry sets .

PCGS Price Guide – Coin Values

This PCGS app provides current retail values for 15,000 U.S. coins in up to 10 different grades. Coins are organized first by denomination, then by type and ultimately by date and mintmark. Price Guide – Coin Values covers all regular U.S. issues ( both proof and business strikes ) in bull, nickel, silver medal, and gold, plus commemorative coins, bullion coins, colonials, territorial gold coins and proof, and mint sets. The app besides includes a “ shop class ” button that immediately takes you to all offerings on eBay for the coin you are researching .

NGC Cert Verification & Populations

Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) besides has an app, which includes NGC Cert confirmation, access to an augmented NGC Census and all the latest NGC newsworthiness. App users can scan the barcode found on their NGC-certified coin ’ s label to verify the holder and see moment population data – not to mention NGC Price Guide values for US coins. Images are besides available for about 15 million certify coins. And since NGC has a solid presence in China, there is lyric support for both Simplified and Traditional Chinese ( accompaniment for other languages is in the works ) .

PCGS Photograde

As its name suggests, the Photograde app lets coin collectors grade 92 popular U.S. regular publish coin series and 43 Colonial coins accurately with 2,768 high-resolution images from the reference sets of the Professional Coin Grading Service. All you have to do is compare your coin with the photograph to determine the mark of your mint. The app features full color, high-resolution photos that are 500×500 pixels to allow for zooming and near inspection. The images are high quality and provide crystal-clear viewing–even at high zoom–thanks to TrueView photography .

Coinflation is one of the most visit websites for coins and cherished metals, and now you can carry around its database in your pocket. The Coinflation app features the live 24-hour gold and argent price ( update every moment ) ampere well as four calculators for U.S. silver coins, base metallic element coins, gold trash and silver medal trash. The app ’ mho calculators tell you the melt value of your coins ( i.e., how much their amber or silver message would be worth if you melted them down ) .

Coin Collectors Set Registry

It ’ second time to upgrade your spreadsheet to an app that was actually designed to be a mint catalog. Set Registry allows you to upload images, search the U.S. coin database to autofill your coin details and add your buy dates, purchase prices, current mint values, comments, notes and more. The app besides offers a “ What if ? ” officiate that allows you to scan a PCGS-graded coin ’ s barcode to determine whether or not it will upgrade your typeset. You can besides mark coins as “ sold ” and add the buyer ’ sulfur name, sale date and sold price if you decide to swap out some of them .

Coin Book Pro

While this app international relations and security network ’ metric ton free, it ’ s not expensive ( normally $ 5.99, and it ’ s on sale for $ 2.99 right now ) and many of its 16,000 users say it ’ south worth the few bucks. In fact, Coin Book Pro has an average denounce of 4.4 stars with more than 1,100 reviews. This catalogue of U.S. coins features a database with hi-res obverse and reverse images vitamin a well as a scout for grading each coin. In fact, if you can ’ thymine identify the grade of the coin on your own, there ’ s an in-app chain mail arrangement that allows you to send a painting to the team for appraisal and identification. As an add bonus, the app doesn ’ triiodothyronine need an internet association to run, so you can use it on the move .

Euro Coin Collection

If you prefer to collect coins from across the pond, this app can help you keep them in order. As indicated by the name, Euro Coin Collection provides detailed images of all 460 different coin designs and an interactional album that allows you to view all Euro coins at a glance. The app provides year, grade, batch mark and edge character for each mint vitamin a well as Own, Swap and Want lists you can easily manage. The app besides provides maps and info about all 23 Euro area countries ( each of which has its own currency design ) and is localized in seven languages : English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese and Spanish.

US Coin

If you prefer to manage your mint collection on your computer quite than on a smartphone, there are besides background apps available. One of these is US Coin, which is compatible with Apple Macs and will besides sync your collections to iPhones and iPads. The app provides Heritage Auctions archives and eBay auctions for your coin, a well as reports that cover basic inventory, buy lists, detail fiscal analysis and more. US Coin besides lets you open your collection to view and edit using Microsoft Excel, which makes it comfortable to copy settings ( Location, Variety, Supplier, etc. ) to a big number of coins at once .
Try one or more of these coin collector apps to reduce the logistic load of coin collect. Using these apps will give you more time to do what you truly love–tracking down and evaluating rare and valued coins .

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