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  • Feeling thoroughly about my experience and the sale !
    I felt a little punch-drunk ( and way out of my component ) bringing quarters into a rare coin place, but Mark was very instructive and respectful. He was affected role and made me feel just a authoritative as anyone else. I left feeling adept about my experience and the sale ! Thanks Mark ! Alyssa R .
  • Pleased with mint sale – We are glad we brought them to you .
    Hi, Just wanted to tell you how pleased we are with the mint sale we did with you. There were 6 people helping to appraise this gorge and we were amazed at how well all of you were then well focused on your job. We are felicitous we brought them to you and we are [ … ]

  • Inherited Coin Collection
    My have with American Rare Coin and Collectibles was excellent. The entire team was knowing, friendly, and welcoming. They cautiously and patiently sorted through an familial mint collection and seemed to truly enjoy their bring. Thanks to everyone there. My highest recommendation. John C Richfield MN
  • successful visit
    very fun and successful visit to American Rare Coin last week ! go in to have coins and silver medal items assessed and left more than satisfied. The integral staff all pitched in, with their areas of expertness, to go through many items cursorily. They were experienced, respectful, and trustworthy. We laughed a LOT excessively. Thanks for [ … ]
  • Whole-heartedly commend
    After a proportional passed away, we had no idea where to even start. We found the service to be thoughtful, educational, fair, and patient. They took their meter to get it right. Whole-heartedly commend. Amanda B .
  • highly recommend American Rare Coin !
    Great organization and know. I originally brought in a gold mint from my asleep father-in-law ’ randomness coin solicitation and the experience was so good, came back with the full experience. Although it took over 2 hours to go through it, it was worth it, identical detail, professional and friendly staff and the end result was more [ … ]
  • Service was friendly and the process was easy !
    I brought in some older gold and silver medal jewelry. Service was friendly and the process was comfortable ! Jill S .
  • Highly commend
    After the loss of our mother, my siblings and I made a appointment, and brought them our mothers silverware, old coins, alien coins, old jewelry. We found them to be very knowing with everything we brought in. Highly recommend. Brenda D .
  • professional
    Brought in a bunch together of coins and jewelry from a family estate. They are very professional. They run a tight ship and know precisely what they are doing. It is a occupation and they are identical fairly with there prices. D. Duffy .
  • I would recommend them to anyone who has coins to sell
    We came down on Tuesday Feb 2 and met with Mark. The monetary value of silver had shot up on Sunday night and early Monday was up and down all sidereal day but on Tuesday when we got there, as we had a 3 hour driveway it was down pretty good again. I had over 700 half [ … ]
  • quick response and contiguous appraisal
    I had precisely a small number of old coins to sell, but I got first base class service. quick responses to my question, immediate appraisal of the coins I sent, fair pricing ( doubly what I was offered locally ), and quick requital. Gordon H Michigan
  • Thank you to everyone
    Thank you to everyone for their help in evaluating all the coins, jewelry and pocket watches that we brought in. All your staff were indeed helpful in making certain we were comfortable, safe in this COVID pandemic and explaining all they were doing in their evaluations and price. We would recommend your services to others [ … ]
  • customer of American Rare Coin & Collectibles for many years .
    I ’ ve been a customer of American Rare Coin & Collectibles for many years. Whether I ’ m buy or sell, I ’ ve constantly found them to be dependable and crystalline about their price and I recommend them without reluctance. A particular thanks to Mark from a satisfy customer ! Peter D .
  • Grandfather ’ s Coin Collection
    American Rare Coin was recommended to me as a reputable business for me to sell my Grandfather ’ s mint collection. I ’ thousand not a coin collector but believe I received an honest appraisal and market value for the coins sold. What in truth impressed me was when a week former they called me up and told me they [ … ]
  • Helpful and courteous Staff
    This is a fantastic home they has a cross segment of things for anyone ! The staff is helpful and courteous a well ! You can spend hours in there gem hound and you will find something for certain ! Gene K. San Francisco, CA
  • Professionalism and Service
    Their professionalism and military service was noteworthy. This was the first base time I was selling an token indeed I didn ’ thyroxine actually have much cognition about the serve and was a little hesitant doing a transaction like this. They took the time to speak to me over the call and he assured me everything was going to [ … ]
  • Hands down good !
    These guys are the hands down well ! Fair and then respectful. Best locate to buy or sell coins / bullion ! Melissa L .
  • The Best have .
    I have used American Rare Coin for a issue of years immediately and have nothing but the best experience. I have found them very trustworthy, provide very bazaar pricing, great overall service and try to educate at the same fourth dimension. I highly recommend them without any mental reservation. Leo S .
  • Gold bracelets
    We brought in two gold bracelets. We had a great have. They were patient, instructive and took time to seek the value of the jewelry we had brought in. We were very felicitous with the professionalism and friendliness of our inflict ! We will be back. thank you. Sharon M. Bloomington MN
  • Visited american Rare Coin Twice in the final year
    I ’ ve gone to American Rare Coins 2ce in the last year. The first meter with my 15 questions and recently to sell some coins. I had not done anything like this for years and thus many things had changed. Kathryn graciously understood both times and guided me through the process. She expertly answered all my [ … ]
  • thank you
    Greetings, I was on my way yesterday to your placement when I found ” Road Closed ” near the Airport, ,, ,, panic was in full effect with no direction for detour. then, with my new iphone one called your office, I was directed safely through the jungle of traffic on 62 to your doorway, Simply can not thank you [ … ]
  • They helped me and treated me with kindness and respect
    This is the second time I have been to American Rare Coin and Collectables. once again they helped me and treated me with forgivingness and respect. I had inherited what I thought was just costume jewelry but they found it to contain valuable gold message. This comes with a identical high recommendation and my thanks. [ … ]
  • Best stead to Sell your Coins
    i drove from eau claire, wisc. to bloomington to sell my coins, best place to sell your coins, big staff, very quenched. ronald kilobyte Eau Claire, WI
  • This target is the real manage .
    This place is the very deal. I called in for some advice on what ended up being a not-so-rare gold coin, and even though I ’ meter certain it was merely worth a humble fraction of most of the coins these guys cope with, Mark took the fourth dimension on the phone to give me batch of information. [ … ]
  • Thorough and honest
    I could not have had a better experience here. Had an appointment with Daniel to appraise my mother ’ randomness jewelry and some coins. He was so accomplished and able. I could tell he in truth appreciated the value and beauty of a beneficial slice. He studied each one as we talked about them, and he examined the [ … ]
  • very good Service !
    Got your order nowadays. very dear service ! Thank you. Keith Keith Bracelin St Francis KS
  • Wow. Thank you .
    Wow. Thank you. When I am fix to sell my inherit coin collection, I will be working with American Rare Coin and Collectibles. I tried to “ google ” coin information. entirely online and quickly became confuse and thwart. But after good a few minutes on the phone with American Rare Coin, they walked me through ARCC ’ s [ … ]
  • executor of estate of the realm
    I was executor of my ma ’ s estate of the realm and needed to take care of her coin collection. She worked in a bank and her collection was chiefly collecting for ash grey rate although she did have some collectible coins. We live near Rochester, MN so I checked a dealer there. I got a quotation mark on silver rate [ … ]
  • I had an excellent experience
    I had an excellent experience today, January, 29, 2020. Daniel was outstanding. Informative, honest, aboveboard and worked diligently to assure I received a fair price for my coins. His care to detail was discernible the entire clock. I will request Daniel on any future transactions. Siri S. River Falls WI
  • I inherited a large sum of coins
    I inherited a bombastic measure of coins from a relative and had no idea what to do with them. I brought them in to American Rare Coin in Bloomington and they made the entire action to determine value a fun and educational experience. They in truth know coins. Vincent S Hopkins MN
  • THANKS YOU ALL so a lot for you guidance
    We ( siblings and myself ) stopped in to have dads coins assessed and this team was highly helpful and fantastic. Their cognition helped us determine what we options we have going forward… THANKS YOU ALL so much for you guidance. Michael K Galloway Ohio
  • I highly recommend American Rare Coin & Collectibles
    I came in on December 12th, 2019 with a wide variety show and a lot of coins. These coins were collected for over 85 years by my forefather. I worked with Daniel and not only did he give me great customer service, I received an department of education as he more than willing to answer my questions. I [ … ]
  • Explained everything
    Mark was very helpful and explain everything when I sold old silver coins. I recommend this commercial enterprise. JORGE L. WOODBURY MN
  • They very do care about you and your holdings .
    After collecting coins of all types for over 50 years it was time to divest. I had the opportunity to work with Tony at American Rare Coin on two separate appointments to get through all the coins. Tony is most knowledgeable across many fronts including all type coins angstrom well as the Indians, Lincolns, Liberty [ … ]
  • valuable coin collection
    My conserve and I had a reasonably valuable coin solicitation that I had inherited from my grandfather. After doing research and talking to people in the field, we ended up selling the coins through American Rare Coin & Collectibles in Bloomington. We were very satisfy with the service they provided and felt they were honest [ … ]
  • plus from start to finish
    The experience at American Rare Coin was positive from beginning to finish. Rick was professional and experience. He made his way through a large collection of assorted coins in a identical effective manner and was detail oriented in documentation. Best of all, he was a great storyteller and it made the process of sorting through [ … ]
  • Knowledgeable, friendly and treated fairly .
    I stopped in recently to have some odd coins appraised. The Buyer was intimate and friendly. I felt informed and treated reasonably .
  • Outstanding have
    My know with american Coin was outstanding. I was having several different sets of coins of my don ’ s that had been given to me. Their web site was very valuable in determining if there was any numismatic respect, and unfortunately there wasn ’ thyroxine a lot beyond the silver value. Mark walked through the summons showing me every step. [ … ]
  • very Professional. We will go back again in a blink of an eye !
    honestly identical professional ! We had just a handful of coins, nothing excessively meaning, and very short jewelry of much value. They took their time with us and treated us as if we were their best customers always ! We will go back again in a blink of an eye ! Thank you so much ! Sandra Sandra T. Bloomington Minnesota
  • wholly satisfy have. very honest payment .
    We recently decided to sell a coin collection which consisted of pennies going bet on to before 1856 and a lot of flatware coins including silver dollars. Before bringing our coins to American Rare Coin and Collectibles, we visited two early dealers, one more upscale, the early not. Both were uncoerced to pay us for the [ … ]
  • Coin Collection Appraisal
    I had a collection of coins and a few bills to be appraised. Old and raw, some silver, some foreign, and none of it well preserved. I didn ’ t have high hopes, but the gentleman to whom I worked with went through everything and gave it all a good look-see. In the end, the solicitation was [ … ]
  • friendly atmosphere, lots of trust, I ’ m impressed .
    American Rare Coin was recommended to me by my fiscal advisors who are in Texas…they did due diligence on companies hera in Minnesota, and recommended American Rare Coin ( ARCC ). That recommendation was by chance confirmed by a acquaintance who had besides worked with ARCC. I worked with a identical kind and knowledgeable man, Rick, who took [ … ]
  • The staff is knowledgeable of the diligence and carnival
    The staff is knowledgeable of the diligence and fair. I recommend this shop if you ’ re looking to buy or sell all right metals. J.Ryan
  • I could not have been more please .
    This space was referred to me by my jeweler. I could not of been more please. friendly and adept folks work here with extremely fair purchase prices. They are a clear notch buyer and seller of coins, silver medal, gold, and sports gear. powerfully recommend. David B Eden Prairie
  • good reviews steered me to this shop and I was not defeated
    The good reviews steered me to this shop and I was not defeated. I had some coins I wanted assessed to determine whether they were a ) real gold and barn ) worth anything as coins. I met with Tom and found him to be very helpful. He was able to quickly let me know the amber [ … ]
  • Our feel was extremely positive .
    I can ’ t say adequate about our recent meetings at American Rare Coin. It took us years to get to the point where we were ready to sell. As many of you know, there are lots of unethical buyers of coins on the market and fly by night operations. We wanted to go to a place [ … ]
  • knowing and honest group of people
    I have been purchasing and trading with American Rare Coin and Collectibles for many years and have never met a more knowing nor honest group of people. I have purchased everything from ancient coins to silver bullion to fossils from them and have been happy with each and every buy. I have even had them [ … ]
  • A delightful experience selling our coins
    We had a delightful experience selling some old coins that had been in our house the survive 20 years. The function is comfortable and the professionals who assisted us went out of their means to measure our items. My husband and I highly recommend American Rare Coin and Collectibles. K Hopkins St Paul MN
  • very friendly and efficient team in a safe and accessible build
    I looked around to find an honest, helpful, and identical intimate company to work with when trying to determine the value of an antique coin set in a while of jewelry that was no longer of use. I met with Daniel who was fantastic to work with, taught me much about the coin, helped to [ … ]
  • big stead
    good back from selling 90 % silver coins, another delightful clock time with everyone that works there, SO friendly and VERY carnival in the price I received for my coins, heading binding after another trip to WARMER climate ! great PLACE 👍👍💰💰 Gary Dzwonkowski Minneapolis Minnesota
  • I have been to American Rare Coin and Collectibles twice and I will go again !

    I have been to American Rare Coin and Collectibles twice and I will go again ! Their staff and business practices are knowledgeable, professional and ethical. Daniel ’ second thoroughness, wish and honesty in assisting me were the epitome of customer military service. No want to shop around, you can depend on American Rare Coin and Collectibles to always [ … ]

  • New to Coin Collecting
    My son is newly interest in coin gather and we fell upon this store by chance after a Google search Daniel helped greatly to inspire us and motivate us in the hobby we are very loyal in our customer patronize and will decidedly be back due to the great rate of product and excellent service [ … ]
  • Everything went smoothly
    today, I was in American Rare Coin to sell some amber. Old jewelry my wife did not use anymore. With no appointment, they took me right away. These people are identical knowing about aureate. They shared their cognition with me, in a way I could understand. Everything went smoothly. I feel identical quenched with the [ … ]
  • duplicate customer
    This was my second sojourn and I constantly feel I am treated well, get a fair price and appreciate the professionalism of the staff. I would not go anywhere else to sell silver, gold or coins. Faye S Minneapolis Minnesota
  • I ’ ll merely Be Working With You…
    It was big working with you, it was a welcome experience, you people go correctly to the bespeak not like other people you ask them a question and they give you a 1000 answers but not the one you ask, From now on I ’ ll be working only with you, Thank you. Andres Ayala Levittown NY
  • Fair and Ethical
    I brought a belittled mint solicitation in with desire to sell. The staff was extremely professional, explaining their buy price as they cautiously went through my solicitation, mint by mint. They were fair and ethical ; I sold my solicitation. Kelly P Minnesota
  • Professional Service and Support
    Thank you to Tony ! For fabulously professional service and documentation as we worked through a few difficult decisions on sell coins. Grayce Belvedere-Young Edina manganese
  • big company !
    Brought in 100 ( 10 bars ) ozs of ash grey to sell, a ten minute travel to turned into about 45 mins, problem with trying to see if silver was estimable ! But everyone was SO dainty to talk to and everything employment out very well in the end ! Will be returning with all my remaining items to sell GREAT [ … ]
  • even again, another identical fluent and professional transaction .
    beloved Staff : so far again, another identical smooth and professional transaction. The item I bought was well-priced, well-packed and very promptly delivered. Thanks identical much, sincerely, Dennis Hill Boulder CO
  • Always friendly, honest up front and most of all Professional
    I recommend this business A+++++++ Always friendly, honest improving movement and most of all Professional. I hope to continue my business with them for life. Rusty Arntson Brooklyn Center, Minnesota
  • A reputable location to purchase gold and silver bullion .
    I was looking for a reputable placement to purchase aureate and ash grey bullion. I visited American Rare Coin concluding workweek just to inquire about their business and the buy/sell process. I couldn ’ t have been happier with the care they provided me, even though they knew I wasn ’ t bribe or sell at that time. They took [ … ]
  • Coin and Currency Appraisals
    Coin and Currency Appraisals. My wife and I came to American Rare Coin and Collectibles with a collection my don had prior to his death. I couldn ’ triiodothyronine be more please with the avail we received. Rick went through all of the collection, even though there was no orderliness to where coins were placed in the [ … ]
  • Jeweler Reference
    This place was referred to me by my jeweler. I could not of been more pleased. friendly and technical folks work hera with extremely clean leverage prices. They are a top notch buyer and seller of coins, flatware, gold, and sports gear. powerfully recommend. David B. Eden Prairie, MN
  • If I had to recommend a place to sell to…
    very pleased with my visit, fair honest, professional. felt little bad eating that sandwich in presence of them in the good morning from the cafe. the lady that works there was very courteous can ’ thyroxine remember her name regretful, And the valet that was helping me was very thorough he actually knows his coins, making certain if [ … ]
  • decidedly will return here if I need to sell/ buy, or even get advice
    We were in a few weeks ago to sell my father in laws coin collection that was left to us. I must say, it was quite busy but we were greeted by such a delightful womanhood. I am good-for-nothing I didn ’ thymine get her name, but she had the most fun glasses ! She was so knowledgeable [ … ]
  • Helpful and understanding…
    Ok, I was a bite nervous about checking this place out. I had some bracelets from an ex-husband to get rid of. He had assured me they were substantial gold. The woman in the presence of the workshop was so kind and helpful ! She explained the action, offered to get me some water, and then [ … ]
  • Greeted and welcomed immediately by the office coach
    I stopped into American Rare Coin a pair of weeks ago and even though it was quite busy, I was greeted and welcomed immediately by the office coach ( if she isn ’ t the office director, she should be ! ). .. I wish I could remember her name ! Everyone was indeed professional and made me feel [ … ]
  • A very good experience .
    I had a very effective experience when I brought my Coins there, I spent about 2 hour there as three of them went through everything I had. They were very exhaustive and very professional, made me feel identical relax and at base there. I would recommend them wholly for anything that you may need to [ … ]
  • We highly recommend American Rare Coin
    My husband and I want to say that we highly recommend American Rare Coin and Collectibles. The staff was very intimate and very honest pricing. We had two printer wallpaper boxes broad of collectible coins we brought in. I can ’ t say enough good things about how they explained what coins had more value and why [ … ]
  • pleasantly surprised by the servicing .
    I had an old solicitation of coins that were not anything super particular. They were just 40 % eloquent sets. I was expecting that anywhere I went people would be less than will to work with me since I did not have anything stimulate nor in truth valuable. however I was surprised here. I was shown all [ … ]
  • At the Top of Their Game
    At the Top of Their Game The folks at American Rare Coin handled the leverage of my coin solicitation in a timely manner. Their cognition of the business impressed me. I was satisfied with their honesty in relation to the both the dollar value for the items they secured and the value of coins they [ … ]
  • absolutely 5 Stars !
    My wife and I have been in many times for questions and to sell gold and silver. never have we had a bad feel. They are friendly, Honest and Knowledgeable. Will not go anywhere else in the Twin Cities. We are now starting to buy precious metals for retirement and every question is answered. absolutely [ … ]
  • A fantastic experience !
    American Rare Coin was a fantastic experience for me ! The staff ( I worked with Rick ) were extremely friendly, affected role, knowledgeable and playfulness to work worth. I feel they were honest and very helpful and open in “ teach ’ me the stallion march of selling gold. I have never felt more comfortable and convinced in the sale [ … ]
  • Great Service !
    Great serve and experience at ARC & C ! J. Boyer Saint Paul MN
  • highly commend American Rare Coin
    A few years ago we had some silver coins to sell. We went to a different establishment. They actually did not say much to us. They did not go through the coins. They weighed them and told us how a lot they would give us. That was it. What a change at American Rare Coin ! When [ … ]
  • Honest and Knowledgeable
    Honest and knowledgeable. I am so glad that I brought my things to sell to American Rare Coin. These people are honest, intimate and comfortable to be around. I got a fair price, beneficial information and some entertainment besides. When I need this kind of avail again, I will decidedly come here and not any [ … ]
  • extremely professional
    extremely Professional. We had a fantastic experience at American Rare Coin and Collectibles, LLC. They were highly professional from begin to finish. They kindly sent a person out to help carry the product from our car into the store, they patiently explained the sell procedures and respect of the items we brought in, and they [ … ]
  • I will constantly recommend this seat .
    I went in to sell my little collection of coins passed down to me. Kathryn and Mark were phenomenal. highly civil and friendly. I will constantly recommend this topographic point. J. Raymond Bloomington Minnesota
  • Couldn ’ thymine Be Happier With The Service
    Spent share of this good afternoon with Tony going through some coins from my Uncle ’ sulfur estate. Couldn ’ triiodothyronine be happier with the service and feel he provided. I would recommend everyone on Matt ’ mho team for a fair and honest discussion regarding coins and collectables. Thank you ! James P. minneapolis, manganese
  • I Knew I Made The Right Choice
    I Knew I Made The Right Choice. From the moment I called American Rare Coin & spoke w/ Matt, I knew I had made the correct choice. He answered all my questions rhenium : the collection of coins I had, how long an appt. might take, what does an appraisal price, etc. I made an appt. [ … ]
  • valued Metals and Coins Mail In Option
    precious Metals and Coins Mail In Option. I have sold items through the mail to ARCC three times. It was a very smooth transaction each prison term. These guys have excellent communication. They are very thorough and neat. And they do what they say they will do. Total pros. moral human beings. And very fast to [ … ]
  • Amazing customer service
    Amazing customer service. I went in to sell a crowd of coins from my husbands estate and some jewelry. I worked with Daniel and he took the time to explain how coins are valued. He was meticulous, through, and very kind. I felt like I was dealt with honest and reasonably. I was very happy [ … ]
  • An exceptional know !
    I brought my 19 year honest-to-god daughter to American Coin to get information on a shoe box full moon of coins that she received from her grandfather. This was our inaugural visit to a coin principal and it was an exceptional experience. We worked with Daniel who was very personable, knowledgeable, exhaustive, and amusing. He took [ … ]
  • Very Professional and Happy with our Service
    I had a very beneficial experience dealing with Mark at American Rare Coin. He was very professional and we were very glad with the service and what we got for our coins. Bruce G
  • I had a identical well experience .
    I had a very good have dealing with the guys at American Rare Coin. I am confident I got a fairly price for my coins. I ’ d do occupation with them again. tom barn brooklyn park MN
  • Coin Value Estimations
    I came in to get an appraisal of the coins left to the family in my mother ’ mho estate. I was greeted heartily at the door, and was helped immediately. I worked with a gentleman who very efficiently and professionally sorted through respective hundred coins and gave me an estimate worth for each coin. I could [ … ]
  • Highly recommend .
    Sold a very old, rare gold coin here. Shopped it around to a few early smaller shops and American Rare Coin paid the most by a small margin. friendly staff, my only negative thing to say is that they don ’ t have commodious hours, they ’ rhenium open when most people are working, and getting into the shop [ … ]
  • This is the place to sell coins and bullion .
    This is the place to sell coins and bullion. specially on a effective monetary value upswing. They update buy price on their web site daily. Fast military service and identical knowledgeable. obviously you won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate get the same price as selling privately. But they offer sellers zero harass or risk. Plus you ’ re immediately paid in a check, that you [ … ]
  • Received fabulously good advice and very helpful !
    Had a reasonably goodly collection that very and was beginning to get into the hobby and nowadays I am a active collector have become a member with NGC frequent auctions and shows and I was given incredibly estimable advice from a gentlemen that helped me by the way he knew more about coins than anyone [ … ]
  • It was a pleasure working with American Rare Coin !
    It was a pleasure working with American Rare Coin ! They showed great patience and cognition as they carefully went through my large box of coins. Miscellaneous inherited coins and collections had piled up for decades. nowadays that I ’ ve sold them, I have more quad and more cash. Thank you ! Mark G. Roseville MN
  • overall amazing experience .
    overall amazing know. We took my dad ’ mho mint collection in and we ’ re stunned by the value of some of the coins. The collection was so large and heavy I truly dreaded this. But one of the employees stopped and helped us get it laden and drop again .
  • The right choice is american english Rare Coin .
    I showed up at American Rare Coin at noon on a Wednesday without an appointment and was helped immediately. I had a wide image of things to sell and I was treated with great courtesy. The people I worked with went out of their way to find ways to increase the total they could give [ … ]
  • These guys are the best and most honest shop by far .
    These guys are the best and most good shop by far. You can wholly trust them to take care of you whether you are buying or selling. I ’ m very gladiolus I changed shops and started going here a couple years back after trying them out. Tony T., Minneapolis
  • glad with the results of our transaction .
    I would highly recommend American Rare Coin and Collectibles. I had respective coins from my conserve ’ second estate that I wished to sell. They were identical professional and honest. I was very felicitous with the results of our transaction. A week late I received a call that a mistake had been made and that I was [ … ]
  • American Rare Coin Recommendation
    I recently worked with Tony and the sale of an old coin. He is very intimate, professional and went the extra mile to insure that I received the best value for the mint. I would recommend American Rare Coin to anyone that has coins to sell or purchase. Mel J
  • master coin staff
    I went in today to sell some pre-1964 U.S coins. american Rare Coin was a very pleasant, and enjoyable, experience. identical seasonably, courteous and professional staff. I even got a peek at a Mickey Mantle baseball menu ! Fun place to see….. D. Smith Northfield, Minnesota
  • A real number pleasure doing business with this company .
    We came in with a lot of assortment of coins and Tom took the meter to patiently go thru them and gave us a nice surprise at the end of the travel to with its deserving. While we were there a relatively hanker time everyone in the agency was very pleasant – it was a real [ … ]
  • Grouped coins by value vs. competitors offering a two-dimensional monetary value !
    Daniel and Tony were very effective in putting a value on my coins that I brought in on a late Saturday morning. Daniel took his time in sorting out the coins and placed them in groups according to value angstrom opposed to their competitors who just bunched them together and offer a compressed price. Because [ … ]
  • Impressed by service and cognition.

    I was very impress by the service and cognition of one of your numismatists, who competently assisted me in evaluating coins inherited from my family. He was knowledgable, and explained his evaluation serve, a good as the history behind the coins american Coin would purchase. I would recommend American Rare Coin for purchase and sale [ … ]

  • These guys are capital and are very busy with their business .
    Hey Everyone, I ’ thousand from Minneapolis, but moved to the Bay Area only to recently return. I inherited a boastfully solicitation of coins from my Father, heed you this collection is one I had a very significant pass in build. I didn ’ metric ton know anyone around here that deal coins, so I stopped into this position. These [ … ]
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