Available CME futures contracts at tastyworks

Available CME Futures Contracts

Are you looking to trade futures wondering which CME futures contracts you can trade at tastyworks ? Listed below are the available CME futures contracts (including micros!) that you can trade, the nightlong requirements, the deal hours of each product, and the month codes .

To view our commissions and fees breakdown page for futures, please click here. Are you looking for the Small Exchange products alternatively ? To view a list of available Smalls, please snap here .

Which CME Futures Contracts Can I Trade at Tastyworks?

Please Note: Overnight requirements may change at any time

If the area below is blank, then please give it one moment to load.  Micro contracts are displayed in flannel rows.

*Bitcoin overnight requirement is presently 2X CME ‘s care prerequisite. Please chink here to learn more about First Notice Dates and last Trade Dates for each futures contract.

CME Futures Contract Specs

Please note when viewing the condense specifications linked below, you are leaving tastyworks.com and visiting CMEGroup.com .

Symbol Description Specs
/ZC Corn spec
/XC Mini Corn Futures spec
/ZS Soybean spec
/XK Mini Soybean Margins spec
/ZW Chicago SRW Wheat spec
/XW Mini Chicago SRW Wheat spec
/6A Australian Dollar spec
/M6A Micro Australian Dollar spec
/6B British Pound spec
/M6B Micro British Pound spec
/6C Canadian Dollar spec
/MCD Micro Canadian Dollar spec
/6E Euro FX spec
/M6E Micro Euro spec
/6J Japanese Yen spec
/CL Crude Oil spec
/MCL Micro Crude Oil spec
/QM E-mini Crude spec
/NG Henry Hub Natural Gas spec
/QG E-mini Natural Gas spec
Equity Indexes
/ES E-Mini S&P 500 spec
/MES Micro E-Mini S&P 500 spec
/NQ E-Mini NASDAQ 100 spec
/MNQ Micro E-Mini NASDAQ 100 spec
/YM E-Mini DOW spec
/MYM Micro E-Mini DOW spec
/RTY E-Mini Russell 2000 spec
/M2K Micro E-Mini Russell 2000 spec
/VX Cboe Volatility Index (VIX) Futures spec
/VXM Cboe Mini Volatility Index (VIX) Futures spec
Interest Rates
/ZT 2 Year T-Note spec
/ZF 5 Year T-Note spec
/ZN 10 Year Note spec
/ZB 30 Year U.S. T-Bond spec
/2YY Micro 2-Year Yield spec
/5YY Micro 5-Year Yield spec
/10Y Micro 10-Year Yield spec
/30Y Micro 30-Year Yield spec
/UB Ultra U.S. Treasury Bond Futures spec
/GE Eurodollar spec
/GC Gold spec
/MGC Micro Gold spec
/HG Copper spec
/SI Silver spec
/SIL Micro Silver spec
/BTC Bitcoin spec
/MBT Micro Bitcoin spec
/MET Micro Ether spec

Futures Trading Hours

*Please Note : Holidays are capable to change trade hours. curious about the adjacent approaching vacation ? If so, then please chink here. Furthermore, termination of trade varies for day-of passing futures contracts. Please denote to the contract specifications for particular times.

Futures Month Codes

January F
February G
March H
April J
May K
June M
July N
August Q
September U
October V
November X
December Z

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