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Acronym Definition
CMA Country Music Association (country music awards)
CMA Certified Management Accountant
CMA Comparative Market Analysis (real estate)
CMA Certified Medical Assistant
CMA Comma
CMA Canadian Medical Association
CMA Canadian Marketing Association
CMA Cleveland Museum of Art
CMA Competitive Market Analysis (real estate)
CMA Crystal Meth Anonymous
CMA California Medical Association
CMA Carbon Monoxide Alarm (various companies)
CMA Competition and Markets Authority
CMA Current Market Analysis (real estate sale price estimate)
CMA Capital Market Authority (Oman)
CMA Catchment Management Authority (Australian water program)
CMA Census Metropolitan Area
CMA Comerica Incorporated (stock symbol)
CMA Converged Management Application (trademark of Polycom; teleconferencing)
CMA Clearwater Marine Aquarium
CMA Communications Management Association (UK)
CMA Chemical Manufacturers Association
CMA Chambre de Métiers et de l’Artisanat
CMA Chemical Materials Agency
CMA College Media Advisers
CMA Christian and Missionary Alliance
CMA Cable Management Arm (computing)
CMA Creative Model Associates (trains)
CMA Canadian Museums Association
CMA Constant Modulus Algorithm
CMA Clinical and Molecular Allergy (journal)
CMA Christian Music Association (Nashville, TN)
CMA Chromosomal Microarray Analysis
CMA Case Manager Assistant (various organizations)
CMA Cabinet Makers Association (Milwaukee, WI)
CMA Columbus Museum of Art (Columbus, OH)
CMA Chinese Medical Association
CMA California Maritime Academy
CMA Complete My Album (Apple iTunes)
CMA Concert Multithread Architecture
CMA Complement Accumulator
CMA Communication Managers Association
CMA Core Micro Architecture
CMA Common Management Agent
CMA Connectivity Management Architecture
CMA Canis Majoris
CMA Center for Missing Adults
CMA Content Management and Archiving (software)
CMA Centre of Mathematics for Applications (Norway)
CMA Congestion Management Agency
CMA Community Media Association
CMA Chamber Music America (New York, NY)
CMA Commission for Minority Affairs (South Carolina)
CMA Content Management Administration (software)
CMA Computer Misuse Act
CMA Centre for Mathematics and its Applications (Australia)
CMA Christian Missionary Alliance
CMA Congrès Mondial Acadien
CMA Chinese Martial Arts
CMA Centered Moving Average
CMA Common Monetary Area (South African economic zone)
CMA Chief Medical Advisor (various organizations)
CMA Catholic Medical Association
CMA Cash Management Account
CMA Common Mode Analysis (aircraft safety engineering)
CMA Colorado Mining Association
CMA Chambre de Métiers d’Alsace (French: Alsace Chamber of Trade; Alsace, France)
CMA Cardiomyopathy Association (UK; formerly HCA)
CMA Content Management Application
CMA Creative Marketing Associates (various locations)
CMA Compagnie Maritime d’Affrètement (French: Marine Chartering Company)
CMA Chocolate Manufacturers Association
CMA Center for Medicare Advocacy
CMA Covariance Matrix Adaptation (algorithm)
CMA Coastal Management Area (various locations)
CMA Community Money Advice (UK)
CMA Christian Motorcyclist Association
CMA Canadian Motorcycle Association
CMA Christian Management Association
CMA Carnegie Museum of Art
CMA Congrés Mondial Amazigh (French: World Amazigh Congress; North Africa)
CMA Computer Matching Agreement
CMA Competent Medical Authority
CMA Certified Movement Analyst
CMA Communications Managers Association
CMA Current Mailing Address
CMA Concentration Maximale Admissible (French: Maximum Allowable Concentration)
CMA Carbon Management Association
CMA Cylindrical Mirror Analyzer
CMA Centre des Musiques Actuelles (French: Center for Contemporary Music)
CMA Civil and Military Alliance
CMA Culver Military Academy
CMA Canadian Manufacturers Association
CMA Campus Ministry Association (various schools)
CMA Court of Military Appeals
CMA Christian Martial Arts
CMA Centre de Mathématiques Appliquées (French: Center for Applied Mathematics)
CMA Control and Monitor Application
CMA County Ministerial Association (various locations)
CMA California Modified Assessment (grade level testing)
CMA CORBA Management Agent
CMA Christian Mission Aid
CMA California Military Academy
CMA Cingulate Motor Area
CMA Concert Multi-Thread Architecture
CMA Countryside Management Association
CMA Caldwell Marketing and Advertising (various locations)
CMA Civilian Military Assistance
CMA Case Management Agency
CMA Chicago Media Action (Chicago, IL)
CMA Cost-Minimisation Analysis
CMA Carbon Market Analyst (publication; Point Carbon)
CMA Cover My Ass
CMA Chrysler Museum of Art
CMA Classical Music Archives (since 1994)
CMA Cumulative Meta-Analysis
CMA Credit Managers Association
CMA Chartered Asset Manager
CMA Center for Movement Arts (Portland, OR)
CMA Cookware Manufacturers Association (Birmingham, Alabama)
CMA Comprehensive Maritime Awareness (Naval Research Lab program)
CMA Chartered Market Analyst
CMA Chinatown Merchants Association (variuos locations)
CMA Certificate in Municipal Administration (various schools)
CMA Customer Marketing Agreement
CMA Computer-Marked Assignment (Open University, UK)
CMA Cumbre Mundial de la Alimentación (Spanish: World Food Summit; UN)
CMA Closure Manufacturers Association
CMA China Meteorological Agency
CMA Component Modelling Approach
CMA Community Management Account
CMA Career Management Association (Canada)
CMA Customer Membership Agreement
CMA Carolina Marathon Association (Columbia, SC)
CMA Computer Museum of America
CMA Collection Management Authority
CMA Classical Midi Archives
CMA Cité des Métiers et des Arts (French: City of Arts and Trades)
CMA Change Management Analyst
CMA Critical Medical Anthropology
CMA Clothing Monetary Allowance
CMA Community Medical Assistant
CMA Context Management Application (aeronautical telecommunications)
CMA Clothing Maintenance Allowance
CMA Centrale Marketing-Gesellschaft mbH der Deutschen Agrarwirtschaft (German: German Agricultural Marketing Board)
CMA Clinical Movement Analysis Laboratory (US NIH)
CMA Coop Mineraloel AG (Swiss oil company)
CMA Columbia Military Academy
CMA Configuration Management Accounting
CMA Centrally Managed Allotment
CMA Connecticut Maritime Association, Inc.
CMA Calgary Musicians Association
CMA CM Administrator
CMA Customer Management Automation (division of Bell Atlantic)
CMA Composites Moulés Aveyronnais (French plastics company)
CMA Club des Mouvements Anormaux (French: Abnormal Movements Club; neuroscientist association; est. 1986)
CMA Corps Member Advisor
CMA Contract Management Application
CMA Chinese Morphological Analyzer
CMA Control, Monitor and Alarm
CMA Community Mail Agent (Australia Post)
CMA Configuration Management Agent
CMA Center for Management Assistance
CMA Ceramic Multilayer Actuator
CMA Cabinet Messin d’Avocats (French law firm)
CMA Certified Marketing Analyst (AAPRMA)
CMA Controlled Movement Area (airfields)
CMA Charring Material Ablation
CMA Contact Motion Analysis
CMA Council of Magickal Arts, Inc (Fort Worth, Texas)
CMA Clothing Manufacturers Association of the USA
CMA Configuration Management Application (CACI)
CMA Cooperative Merchandising Agreement
CMA Centrally Managed Account (USAF)
CMA Coalition Medical Assistance (US Army)
CMA Chemically Modified Asphalt
CMA Cylindrical Mirror Assembly (NASA)
CMA Canis Majors
CMA Commonwealth Medical Associations (UK)
CMA Cyan Magenta Amber (intelligent stage lighting)
CMA Center on Minority Aging (University of North Carolina)
CMA Community Medical Auxiliary
CMA Central Meteorological Agency (Japan)
CMA Corps Maintenance Area
CMA Cooperative Ministry on Aging
CMA Conception de Matériel Agricole (French agricultural equipment manufacturer)
CMA C4ISR Mission Assessment Support for QDR
CMA Chartered Member of Security Analyst Association (Japan)
CMA Cambodian Medical Association
CMA Croatian Military Art (website)
CMA Clemmow, Mullaly, and Allis (diagram)
CMA Circular Mils Area (wire industry)
CMA Continued Membership Application
CMA Childrenswear Manufacturers Association
CMA Cow Milk Adverse reaction
CMA Nonlinear digital video editing project file, proprietary to Avid Cinema, a division of Avid Technology)
CMA Children’s Miracle Award (CIBC)
CMA Communications Management Architecture (Bellcore)
CMA Cumulants Matching Approximation (Algorithm)
CMA Core Marketing Agreement
CMA Computation Mission Area
CMA Capital Market Assumption
CMA Chartreuse Mountain Airsoft (French airsoft association)
CMA Casey Martin Award (Nike)
CMA Cadet Management Association (US Coast Guard Academy)
CMA Communications Monitor Assembly

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