Remy Ma Announces “Chrome 23” All-Female Battle League

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The New York native announced the name of the league and the idea behind it. Called “ Chrome 23 ” or “ C23, ” it stands for “ Chromosome 23 ” – the name for the copulate of chromosomes that determine our sexual activity .
A few heavyweights of female struggle blame have been confirmed for the beginning event on February 12. 40 B.A.R.R.S, Ms. Hustle, and Jaz the Rapper will all be putting their bars to the test, although the end of the card remains a storm .
During a recent consultation, Remy spoke on the importance of creating an avenue specifically for the ladies. “ I want all the women that have ever put their lineage effort and tears into this, that ’ s been doing this for years to get a chance to make some decent money. ”
furthermore, Remy Ma is welcoming to anyone with concerns regarding her motivation and says they can come on board .
“ Anyone that has anything negative to say or that feels like I ’ thousand trying to take person ’ sulfur place or feels like I ’ megabyte trying to step on person ’ second toes, y ’ all are more than welcome to donate to the campaign, ” she said. Remy explained, “ It ’ second costing me hundreds of thousands of dollars to do it out of my pocket and out of the favours that I ’ molarity calling in, so you ’ ra welcome to come in and assist. ”
She added, “ I ’ meter not doing this because of me, I ’ m not trying to be cocky or nothing. I ’ thousand rich, I in truth am. ”
According to Remy, it ’ s not merely women who are in support of the league, including equal give for the ladies. “ Every dude that I ’ ve spoken to has been one hundred and fifty percentage, ” she said .
however, Remy says “ Chrome 23 ” might feature the episodic man or two. “ It ’ s a female league but, ya know…the guys could come over. We ’ ll let them come over sometimes. ”

Watch the Interview With Remy Ma Below

Remy Ma besides discussed early avenues for battle rappers to make money, including a battle knock enlistment ; “ I ’ thousand trying to think of every way we can get money and work less. ”

Remy Ma said she ’ randomness calling on her rapper friends to get involve and asked Joe Budden to cover the event on his platform. She has a long roll of names to call from so there could be some major surprises in store !

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