‘What’s New in Chrome’ page now live – keeps you informed on the latest browser features

It wasn ’ triiodothyronine retentive ago that a Chromium Repository commit discovered by Chrome Story pointed to a potentially approaching ‘ What ’ s New ’ page specific to the Chrome browser surfaced. Chromebooks already have their own version of this page showing what raw features are available to users in one centralized place via the Explore application found in their catapult. It ’ s a dim-witted rampart of updates filled with graphics and text showing how one can get the most out of their device. today, a modern browser system page located at chrome : //whats-new popped up and provides that very lapp type of content, but for Chrome itself. Featuring beautiful style and a houseclean, minimalistic layout, the page shows off merely a few pieces of contentedness at this time. The recently released Tab Search feature, the revamped profile picker, and the ability to customize Chrome with unique backgrounds per profile all make an appearance, but as new features become available, the page will fill out.

A few links are besides splashed across the page – one for adding multiple users to Chrome OS, another for the same process but strictly for the browser, and so far another for tips and shortcuts for better shop in Chrome. This last one teaches you how to organize, customize, and maximize your usage, american samoa well as shortcuts you can take advantage of, and utilitarian first-paty extensions like Save to Drive, Keep, and more. The first gear thing you ’ ll detect on the tips page now is an overview for collapsing, reorder, and naming your yellow journalism groups, and customize their colors excessively. Google is leaning all the way into tab key groups as it prepares to let you save them to your bookmarks bar, so it ’ second exciting to see them promoting them so heavily.

I ’ meter seeing the ‘ What ’ randomness New in Chrome ’ page on Chrome Canary, and have even to test it on Chrome Beta or Stable, so let me know in the comments if visiting ‘ chrome : //whats-new ’ in your Omnibox takes you straight there ! Unlike when the ‘ What ’ s New ’ page for Chrome OS became a separate of the Explore app and was able to be turned into a star icon, this new page can not be turned into a shortcut at all since it is a system page. rather, you can directly link to it, or you can tap the three-dots ‘ more ’ menu at the top-right of your browser, go down to ‘ Help ’, and then click ‘ What ’ s New ’ as seen below. ‘More’ menu > ‘Help’ > ‘What’s New’ What ’ sulfur New in Chrome

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