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Guide: Fix ‘Chrome Keeps Log­ging Me Out’ Issue 

Signing in to Google Chrome has many advantages. For example, your browsing data, passwords, bookmarks, etc. are endlessly synchronized across devices. More importantly, you don ’ t have to repeatedly log in to Google services like Gmail, Drive, etc. when you close Chrome. Unfortunately, some Chrome users are logged out of their Google accounts in Chrome. Let ’ s see how to if Chrome logs you out.

If you are signed in to Chrome, you normally do not need to sign out when you close the browser. That will annoy anyone who has to re-enter their history information for Google services every clock .
fortunately, the problem can be easily solved with a few trouble-shoot solutions tips mentioned here. Let ’ s take a look at them .

1. Restart the computer

many of us put our calculator to sleep or hibernate for days without shutting it down properly. Restarting a calculator repair respective issues on your personal computer and besides updates the Chrome browser. If you haven ’ thyroxine rebooted for a long time, it ’ s a good idea to start the Chrome trouble-shoot march by restarting your device .

2. Enable cookies

You must have cookies enabled in your browser if you want to remain log in to the websites. then check out the Chrome settings and see if cookies are enabled or not. here are the steps :
Step 1: Click the three-dot icon in the top right corner of Chrome. Select Settings from the menu .
Chrome keeps signing out, issue 1
Step 2: Click on Cookies and other site data .
Chrome keeps signing out, issue 2
If you don ’ metric ton see the option, click Site Settings followed by Cookies .
Step 3: Choose Allow all cookies. Restart Chrome .
Chrome keeps logging out issue 3

3. Check Cookie Settings

If the cookies were already enabled or after you enabled them as shown above, you will need to check certain cookie settings that may cause you to log out of Chrome .
first gear, turn off the switch next to ‘ clear cookies and locate data when you close chrome ’ .
Chrome keeps signing out, issue 4
In addition, scroll down and check the websites listed under ‘ Always clear cookies when windows are closed ’ and ‘ Sites that can never use cookies ’. If you are only logged out from a particular web site, remove it from these two lists .
Chrome keeps signing out, issue 5

4. Clear the cache

sometimes a defile cache file can besides prevent you from staying logged in to Chrome. To fix this, you need to clear the hoard in Chrome. Do not you worry. No data will be deleted from you such as bookmarks, passwords, etc. Deleting the cache only deletes irregular files .
Open the Chrome settings to clear the cache for Chrome. Click clear browsing data under Privacy and security .
Chrome keeps logging out issue 11
A bang-up shield will open. Click on the Advanced pill. Under the Time range option, choice Always and check the box next to Cached images and files. The rest must be eliminated. then chink Clear data button
Chrome keeps signing out on issue 12
Tip Find out how to clear the Chrome cache and cookie for one web site only .

5. Enable Allow Chrome Login

If you sign in to Google sites like Gmail, YouTube, and so forth, but Chrome doesn ’ triiodothyronine keep you signed in to the synchronize services, chances are you ’ ve turned off permit Chrome sign-in featureWhen it is disabled, you can log into Google sites without logging into Chrome. So you may think Chrome is logging you out.

To fix the trouble, you need to enable the Allow Chrome login setting. here are the steps :
Step 1: Go to Chrome settings from the three-dot icon at the circus tent .

Step 2: Click Sync and Google services under You and Google .
Chrome keeps signing out, issue 6
Step 3: Turn on the toggle for Allow Chrome login .
Chrome keeps signing out, issue 7

6. Unlink Google account from Chrome

If you are using Chrome ’ s synchronize feature To stay signed in, you should try to disconnect your Google score from Chrome for a while. The problem should be solved by adding it back after unplug .
To do this, follow these steps :
Step 1: Go to Chrome settings .
Step 2: Click Disable adjacent to your name and electronic mail cover under You and Google. Doing so will sign you out of Chrome and early Google sites. Your existing bookmarks, passwords, browsing history, etc. will not be deleted .
Chrome keeps signing out, issue 8
Step 3: Restart Chrome and go to Settings again. Click Enable and add your Google account information to sign in to Chrome. Hopefully, when you close Chrome now, you won ’ metric ton be signed out .

7. Reset Chrome settings

finally, you should try to reset your Chrome settings. Doing this will besides fix the Chrome logout issue that occurs due to respective change settings or extensions. Resetting Chrome won ’ t delete your bookmarks, passwords, or your data. Read in detail what happens by resetting Chrome before go .
open Chrome Settings to reset Chrome. Scroll polish and click Advanced to view more options .
Chrome keeps signing out, issue 9
Scroll down and click on ‘ Restore settings to their original defaults ’. Confirm on the next screen .
Chrome keeps signing out, issue 10

Switch profiles

After completing each troubleshooting step, restarting your personal computer should be a adept choice. We hope you will not be signed out when you close Chrome. sometimes a drug user log into another Google account and Chrome makes it the default account. Find out how to change a default report in Chrome .
The next up : Tired of losing your yellow journalism when you by chance close Chrome ? Check out three ways to save tabs before closing Chrome from the follow link .

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