today I learned about Shazam ’ s Chrome extension, which seems to have been out for about a calendar month and can help you identify music dally on the web page you ’ ra screening. Having the app directly in Chrome could help you figure out what song is playing in an ad, trailer, or livestream without having to mess around with your telephone. ( Thanks to 9to5Google for finding and pointing out this bang-up tool. )
The propagation does everything I ’ d expect it to — you go to the yellow journalism where music is playing, press the Shazam button, and it ’ ll try to identify the song. If it succeeds, it ’ ll give you a associate to the song in Apple Music ( serving as your episodic reminder that Apple owns Shazam ). It ’ ll besides keep racetrack of the songs you ’ ve identified in a run number and let you link your Apple Music explanation. Doing so will let you listen to the stallion song in the extension alternatively of fair a preview .

I had decent luck testing it out — it worked on YouTube, Twitch, SoundCloud, and even Wikipedia. Most of the time, it even got the song right, though that more sol talk to Shazam ’ s locomotive than the extension itself. I did occasionally notice that the actual sound recording coming out of my speakers would get a bit staticky or jump slightly while Shazam was doing its thing, but it didn ’ metric ton happen every time and wasn ’ thymine intolerable when it did. It ’ s besides deserving noting that your mileage may vary here — 9to5Google and respective reviews on the Chrome Web Store report that they weren ’ thyroxine able to get the app working.

I ’ ll credibly keep this extension installed because it ’ s easily to imagine times when it ’ d be utilitarian — some technical school companies play reasonably capital music before their livestreams, and I ’ ve wasted more time than I ’ d care to admit in the comment sections of movie trailers trying to sus out the sung play in the setting. Of path, most of the time, I could merely ask Siri what song ’ sulfur play ( or use Snapchat, which has Shazam built into it ), but when my call ’ s in another room or I ’ molarity using headphones, having an extension to do the same thing could come in handy.

Update January 10th, 3:44PM ET: concisely after this article was published, the extension was made unavailable from the Chrome Web Store. The apps page on Shazam ’ s website still advertises the extension, but the connect to it leads to a 404 mistake .
Update January 11th, 8:05AM ET: The reference is second .

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