How to enable or disable Global Media Playback Control in Chrome

Chrome is now offering a Global Media Controls UI in the toolbar, which helps you control all the media act in Chrome. So, for model, if you are watching a YouTube television or a series on Netflix, you will be able to control one or all of them from a individual button. The feature works on Chrome 79 without enabling an experimental flag. In this position, we will share how to enable or disable global Media Playback Control in Chrome. disable Global Media Playback Chrome

Global Media Playback Control in Chrome

While we already have the choice to mute any audio or television playback in any of the yellow journalism, but the implementation of Global Media Playback Control in Chrome is another flush. Since this feature is enabled by default, you should see a music picture next to your profile when a video starts playing. Click on it, and it will display playback command for all the video playback. however, the option to go to the next television or previous video will differ from one web site to another web site.

For model, YouTube offers almost a mini player with pause, next, previous, a thumbnail for the video, and a title of the video. On the early hand, Netflix and Facebook only offer a pause and play button. It will change once more, and more websites start implementing the schema required for the playback controls.

Chrome Media Control

This have is calm be rolling out. It was reported in December, and I only got to see it now. once available for you, it will prompt you with a presentment ampere soon as you play a video recording. New Music Control Chrome If you are not able to see it or you want to disable the Global Media Playback Control in Chrome, follow the steps :

  • Open a new tab, and type chrome://flags
  • In the search box type Global Media Playback Control
  • When the flag appears, click on the default button to change it to Enabled or Disabled.

If you disable it, you will not get to see the control anymore. This feature will besides become available in Microsoft Edge Chromium ( version 79 ). As of now, it can be enabled using the flag.

Microsoft Edge Global Media Playback It is interesting to note that if you click on the volume icon to mute any of the tabs playing a video, the Global Media Playback Control icon will be disabled. It happens when there are no other media that is paused or playing. overall I think this is a handy sport. If you open a bunch of web pages with media playback, you can play and pause them from a single control release .disable Global Media Playback Chrome

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