TradingView is an invaluable cock for us traders, and that even in its free-forever version. here ’ s a quick guidebook on how to set up your TradingView graph so that it shows multiple markets in the same window. If you ’ re not mindful of the multichart feature and you ’ rhenium not certain why you ’ five hundred want to use it, you ’ ll learn that at the end of the article. The multichart frame-up is available for every TradingView exploiter, even those on a free plan.

How to set up Tradingview to show multiple charts

  1. Click the ‘+’ icon in top left corner Load a graph layout with the main market – normally the main market of your trade concentrate. next to the market heart in the top entrust corner, there ’ s a ‘ + ’ icon. Click it. Click the '+' icon in top left corner
  2. Search the ticker you want to add The ‘ + ’ icon opens a dialogue where you can search all markets available on TradingView. Find the heart you want to add and point the cursor on it : I am choosing the CIX heart, which is the Crypto 100 Index. find the ticker to add
  3. Select ‘new pane’ When you hover your cursor over a watch, 3 buttons show up for you to choose in which way to add that grocery store. Click on ‘ newly acid ’. Click on 'new pane'.
  4. You now have a line chart in a new pane This is what it will look like by default : You now have a line chart in a new pane You can resize your panes as you like by dragging the edges .
  5. Optional: Change to a candlesticks chart To change to the candlesticks chart, to which you are probably used to, click the cog icon : line chart TradingView

    Change the set from ‘ Line ’ to ‘ Candlesticks ’ : Change to a candlesticks chart

  6. Optional: Add technical indicators, scripts and strategies Your newly added chart acid has access to the like TradingView script library as all TradingView charts. Click the three dots ( obscured in the video ) and choice ‘ Add indicator ’ to access the library of technical foul indicators. Add technical indicators, scripts and strategies If you ’ re uninspired and don ’ thyroxine know what index to add, pick something from the free scripts we reviewed in ScriptSpotlight .
  7. Final Setup: A Tradingview window with multiple charts Make a complimentary explanation at TradingView to try it out and possibly do some good market timing analysis. A Tradingview window with multiple charts

What to use TradingView multi chart layout for

Having multiple charts stacked on top of each other is the best way to set up for market time analysis. In commercialize time, we compare the performance of a unmarried market with the operation of the industry represented by a basket index. indeed, in crypto, you ’ d have to compare for example ETHUSD with some USD-based basket of cryptocurrencies. There are a few of these indexes around – CCI30 is a good one, but not very well available. Sticking with TradingView, you ’ ll get a decent choice of indexes right on the platform :

  • CIX (CRYPTOINDEX 100), which is the top 100 crypto coins, continuously rebalanced.
    • Here is the TradingView chart of CIX.
    • Index methodology can be found at
  • FTX index perps of various altcoin groups:
    • The Dragon index for Asian cryptos
    • An index for mid-cap cryptos, which are basically dino alts
    • An index for small low-cap cryptos
    • An index for exchange tokens like BNB, and so on.
    • Composition of FTX indexes is in their docs and the code for 5% fee off is altcointrading.

The best choice of index for market time purposes is the CIX. It ’ s the largest basket and TradingView has it available as plain index, not as a ageless swap of an index. The basic market clock is done just by ocular comparison of the two candlesticks charts on top of each other. Tradingview automatically aligns them candle by candle on the lapp timeframe, which is handy. Here is what it looks like with the CIX index:

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tradingview multiple charts market timing

  • The index represents the price action of the industry as a whole.
  • The single market chart shows whether your market has stronger or weaker runs than the industry in general.
  • To make the visual comparison easier, you can draw support and resistance or high volume areas into both charts. Then see if both the market and the industry index crossed them.
  • You can also use indicators that overlay price action on both charts.
    • Bollinger bands will help you judge which chart declined relatively lower in its bottoms, or peaked relatively higher: It’s about the distance of the extreme from the band.
    • Fib retracements can also help judge the strength of the market vs industry: In retracements, the stronger market will bounce sooner.

last, I will not miss the opportunity to note that in Wyckoff address, to see if a single market moves stronger or weaker than an index is to say whether it is a drawing card or a dawdler. There are certain benefits in deal or at least following the leaders, such as that they often top out first .

  • If you want read more on market timing, we’ve got a strategy post on that.
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