Putting A Floor-Mounted Ignition Switch On The Saab 9-7X Didn’t Make It A Real Saab

Saab was one of those idiosyncratic little carmakers that inspired acute commitment among its fans, thanks to some truly novel mastermind, engaging cars, and some charmingly strange quirks. When the bodied giant GM bought out Saab in 2000, it made at least some attempts to keep the Saab spirit alive. One of those attempts, though, may be one of the most cynical things GM has ever done.

I ’ thousand talking about the Saab 9-7X, which was, basically, a Chevy TrailBlazer with some unlike lights, wicket, badge, and one key detail that GM figured was thoroughly adequate to make a Chevy a Saab.

The detail ? It was the re-locating of the ignition key to the central burrow, Saab-style. G/O Media may get a commissionBraun Electric Razor for Men 24 % Off Braun Electric Razor for Men Clean
Has a limited elastic head to hit everywhere you need it to, has a kind of different functions to use to fit your prefer dash, and is designed to last seven years. ad Saab had been sticking the ignition substitution on the transmission sleep together between the seats since 1969. It ’ s there for rational swedish security reasons, but it ’ s besides become a hallmark of Saab ’ s unique engineer choices.


When GM decided to re-badge the TrailBlazer into the Saab 9-7X, it seems like they did the least they could possibly get aside with to make the car seem like a Saab. They gave it a Saab wicket, Saab lights, Saab badges, and then the crowning detail was jamming the ignition switch between the seats, Saab-style. ad

even when GM re-badged a Subaru Impreza and WRX as the Saab 9-2X they didn ’ thyroxine bother to move the winder. That Saabaru at least felt generally more harmonious with the Saab spirit, since it at least had some novel and idiosyncratic engineering, like a muster inheritance and a horizontally-opposed engine. Of naturally, those were Subaru ’ south idiosyncrasies, but at least it screen of feel alike. A little. But the 9-7X is nowhere at all near to what Saabs were, conceptually or engineering-wise. At all. That ’ mho why it constantly felt like a TrailBlazer in a Saab Halloween costume, and why that re-located key always felt like such a cynical, pandering act. ad

It ’ s like if you circumcised a pious Catholic and said boom, now you ’ ra Jewish. It equitable doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate work like that. GM ’ s done a lot of icky badge-engineering over the years, but the Saab 9-7x winder location stands out as the most cynical, half-assed, pandering single act of mastermind the General has done .

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