Use THESE strategies to easily day trade your crypto [2022]

Updated on April 26, 2022

Day trading is a fructify of techniques used to take advantage of short-run changes in the prices of a commodity. As the name implies, the goal of a day trader is to end any given trade day with their holdings having a higher measure than they started with .
Crypto day deal is no different. however, crypto day deal is an even higher-risk, high wages activity. With an effective trade scheme, you can be on your manner to crypto riches in no time ! But you first need to understand in-depth how to day trade crypto so you don ’ t make unnecessary losses .
In this article, we ’ ll unpack the details of how to day trade crypto and take a look at some of the most effective sidereal day trade strategies .

How to Day Trade Cryptocurrency 

The main start point for trade cryptocurrencies is to own some measure of your chosen currency ( for exercise Bitcoin ) and to have the means to exchange that currency.

The simplest way for you to get started is to open an explanation with one of the leading centralized crypto exchanges ( e.g. Coinbase or Kraken ), fund your account with decree currentness, and buy your choose currentness .
From there, you can use one of the below sidereal day trade strategies to start day trade crypto .

Crypto Day Trading Strategies

The dispute between gambling and trade is an effective scheme. A thoroughly strategy can be the difference between one or two lucky streaks and consistent long-run returns. You can apply different trade strategies in different situations, depending on the nature of the grocery store and your competencies. It is up to you to understand the market and decide when it is appropriate to apply a given strategy .
here are a few crypto trade strategies you could use to understand how to day trade crypto in more detail .

High-Frequency Trading (HFT)

High-frequency trade is a technique where you take advantage of price changes that occur on the order of seconds or fractions thereof. The frequency in wonder is routinely on the regulate of dozens of trades per second—far beyond the capability of a human trader .
The only way to engage in High-frequency deal is using a musical composition of software known as a trade bot. The bot monitors the market and, based on the given trade logic, executes trades continuously for vitamin a long as it is connected to the exchange. By instituting specific trading logic, High-frequency deal can be combined with many early strategies .


Scalping is a scheme for making a small profit from a bombastic number of trades, which adds up to a larger net income. Scalping uses bombastic amounts of liquidity ( currentness ) to take advantage of little price changes over a short-circuit period. The time horizon is broadly a few minutes but can be american samoa short circuit as seconds or adenine hanker as hours .

Range Trading

roll trade is based on the assumption that crypto prices will normally —over a given period— only fluctuate within a certain crop. Price bowel movement outside of that scope is assumed to indicate that a price is about to undergo abnormal change. For example, if the price dips below the lower bound of the range, that could suggest it is time to sell—under the assumption that it is the begin of a significant down dangle .

Technical Analysis

technical analysis is a statistical trade strategy. By performing diverse statistical calculations on historical price data, you attempt to uncover trends in the market. technical foul trade is based on the impression that past prices have some consequence on what future prices will be .

News and Sentiment Analysis

News and opinion psychoanalysis is like to technical analysis, with one crucial remainder : it is based on predicting homo actions and reactions, preferably than price trends. With newsworthiness and sentiment analysis, you try to predict whether requirement will fall or rise for a given cryptocurrency by analyzing different information sources. By analyzing the sources you try to understand the social consensus on that currentness and predict what actions people will take. The sources of this data are industry and mainstream newsworthiness outlets, angstrom well as social media posts .

What Experts Say About Day Trading Crypto

Before you quit your job and start day trade cryptocurrencies, let ’ s take a search at what some experts say about doing it .
Tyrone Ross, CEO of Onramp Invest, a crypto asset-management engineering for fiscal advisors, says that most people should not be investing in crypto at all :
“ The everyday individual is looking at crypto assets as an investment or opportunity to build wealth, but the majority of people should not be investing in them. ”
When explaining why this was his position, Ross said, “ It can work for the properly person, but there are so many things that are crucial before you get there, like having an emergency savings, paying down debt, and setting your fiscal goals. If you haven ’ t done that, you shouldn ’ thyroxine be trading crypto. ”
Taylor Greenberg, head of business development at Allnodes, doesn ’ t say to avoid day deal crypto wholly, but only recommends doing it if you have a wide understanding of the assets and their underlie technologies :
“ Knowing what the blockchain does, its network size, administration, and protocols will allow you to assess the overall condition of your prospective investment. ”
Greenberg continued that she thinks most people that do this will be profitable : “ Crypto day trade is a hazardous activeness. Invest what you can afford to lose. But when you approach day trade with the lapp deference as any serious job and learn everything about the craft and the assets you are trading, you ’ ll be profitable. ”

Crypto Day Trading FAQ

Below are some frequently asked questions about day deal crypto that you might find utilitarian.

Which Cryptocurrency is Best for Day Trading?

The highly volatile, highly changeable nature of crypto means that any general pronouncements of ‘ best ’ and ‘ worst ’ are probably to be outdated within a few months. however, a simple way to decide whether a given cryptocurrency is a good day trade candidate is to find out whether it has gamey liquidity ( lots of decree currentness associated with it, often expressed as ‘ grocery store cap =-≥ ) and high trade volume ( lots of people trading it ). by and large, these numbers should both be in the area of several hundred million USD or more .

What Is the Tax Rate of Crypto Day Trading?

Governments around the world are scrambling to create regulative frameworks for cryptocurrency. In the United States, the legal categorization of cryptocurrency as securities, commodities, currentness, or place remains reasonably ambiguous. however, the Internal Revenue Service ( IRS ) does already recognize gains in the value of cryptocurrency as taxable. Visit their web site here or contact the agency directly for more information .

What Are the Downsides of Day Trading Crypto?

many fortunes have been made in cryptocurrency, but it is authoritative to always keep in mind that many, many more have been lost. The impudent slope of unprecedented price surges of several hundred percentage is sudden drops. The very high volatility of crypto prices is a double-edged sword, and you need to keep this in mind. Making a loss is a matter of when not if. A good strategy will determine whether that loss is catastrophic or merely unfortunate .
In accession to price risks, the cryptocurrency outer space besides presents some alone security risks that are not introduce in traditional fiscal markets. security system breaches at centralized cryptocurrency exchanges are risks that you should understand .
ultimately, trade fees can be quite high, specially for strategies that employ a very high frequency of transactions. It is important to understand the costs of actually using a deal platform before investing in it .

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Day trade can be a lucrative natural process. however, it is necessity to keep in judgment it is besides by far one of the most bad ways to interact with cryptocurrencies. Understanding the details of how to day trade crypto is identical important if you want to see long-run gains .
The best way to manage this gamble is to thoroughly understand the cryptocurrency marketplace, then develop and stick to an allow scheme. With these precautions, you besides can become a successful crypto day trader .

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