Can you trade options at Fidelity?

Let ‘s have a expression at how a handful of traders with different motivations can buy and sell options in the same individual equity. Mr Chase truly likes a late hot stock called Hype, whose price has gone up from $ 10 to $ 14 in a very curtly time. Mr Chase thinks there might be placid some juice left in it, but at the same time, he ‘s afraid of a down monetary value discipline. He does n’t want to miss a electric potential tease though, so he decides to buy a call option on the stock alternatively of buying it outright. He checks the alleged option chain of the malcolm stock and sees that the next option termination is in 20 days. He thinks this window will give him adequate fourth dimension to profit if the stock certificate extends its muster. He ‘s buying the $ 15 call option, which gives him the veracious ( but not the debt instrument ) to buy the stock at the $ 15 price until death, regardless of the actual price. The price of the option is the alleged premium, which is presently $ 0.90. He ‘s buying one contract ( 10 options ) for a sum of $ 90 plus commission. After one week, the standard has risen to $ 16. Mr Chase ‘s options have besides increased in price and now he could sell them for $ 1.5 ( $ 150 for one narrow ) but he decides to wait for an even better price. A week later, the stock falls to $ 13 and the options are now worth only $ 0.20 as there ‘s only a little casual they would expire in the money. Mr Chase waits till termination and the livestock falls foster to $ 10, which means the options in fact exhale worthless. however, he has entirely lost the premium he paid.

Miss Bubbleburster on the other hand made a decent net income on Hype ‘s crash. She did n’t want to risk shorting the stock, but she wanted to bet on it falling so she bought a put option for $ 0.50 with a hit price of $ 13 when the stock was complete $ 15. This gave her the option, but not the obligation, to sell the stock at $ 13. If she waited cashbox termination when the malcolm stock hit $ 10 she could have made a $ 3 net income on each option. however, when the stock price fell to $ 12 these put options increased in rate to $ 1.65 and she sold them there.

Mr Haggle was on the early english of Miss Bubbleburster ‘s inaugural trade. He thought Hype ‘s occupation was a dependable one and he wanted to own the stock finally but thought the $ 15 price tag was excessive and was bequeath to wait for a better price. So he decided to sell a put option with a strike price of $ 13 and he collected a agio of $ 0.50 per choice, so $ 50 for one narrow. His idea was as follows : he will collect this premium regardless of the price of the stock. In case the stock is under $ 13 upon termination, he ‘ll need to buy the stock for $ 13, regardless of the actual price. In the example above, this is precisely what happened. however, he ‘s calm much better off than if he had bought it at $ 15 alternatively of doing the option trade. besides note that when Hype beginning touched $ 16, Mr Haggle could have closed his trade buy buying for $ 0.10 one compress of the put he had sold previously. In this case, his internet profit would have been 10 x ( $ 0.50 – $ 0.10 ) = $ 40 minus the commission.

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