How to Logout of Pinterest: Complete Guide for 2022

In this tutorial, you are going to learn how to logout of Pinterest. I divided this tutorial into three sub-sections. Where I mentioned detail steps on how to sign out of Pinterest in unlike devices including Android, io ( iPhone & iPad ) and computer. Let ’ s dig deep into the article .

How to Logout of Pinterest: Complete Guide

Part 1. How to sign out of Pinterest on the Web

Although signing out of Pinterest on your calculator is not a one chink job but true, it ’ s not unmanageable a well. Let ’ s travel further and check out what are the steps involved in signing out of Pinterest on the calculator.

Step 1. First of all, go to the Pinterest official web site and log into your account by entering your Login credentials. ( probably you are already logged ). Pinterest Login Step 2. Once you are done surfing the Pinterest and feeling like logging out from it, just move your cursor towards the profile icon on the top correct corner. now you need to click on this picture in order to go to your visibility setting option. See the screenshot below. Pinterest profile setting option Step 3. On the next page, You will see three dots on the clear of the screen just beside the bolt icon. so just snap on the three dots located on the top middle of the sieve. To locate the option more easily, equitable have a front at the under screenshot. logout of pinterest Step 4. On clicking the choice highlighted in the above screenshot, a list of choice will get abruptly opened. One of these options is Log Out. In club to log out of your Pinterest report, you need to click on this option. You can understand this step well if you glance at the below screenshot. logout of Pinterest now as preferably you click on the log out button, you will be signed out of your Pinterest account. now you can log in to Pinterest again by going to https : // and enjoy surfing Pinterest ! Read Next : How To Delete Pinterest Account

Part 2. How to Log out of Pinterest on Android

If you are an Android user and prefer using Pinterest app your Android device, the above steps won ’ metric ton avail you log out of your Pinterest account. so in order to know how to logout of Pinterest on an Android device, follow the downstairs steps. Step 1. Since you are bequeath to know the procedure to log out of your Pinterest report, I assume you are already signed into your Pinterest explanation on your Android call, if not, then enter your credentials and sign out of your Pinterest account. Step 2. Once you are there on the home page of your Pinterest account, precisely tap on the profile icon at the top right corner of your android screen. To help you locate the choice easily, I ’ ve grabbed a screenshot. so have a attend at the screenshot and tap the Profile icon. Pinterest Profile icon

Step 3. In the adjacent screen, you need to tap the bolt picture located at the top right corner of your screen. To know how the bolt choice looks like, have a spirit at the screenshot below. cant log out of pinterest Step 4. Once you click on the rigidly picture, you will encounter a tilt of some fix options. The death option you see in the tilt is Log out. Have a count at the below screenshot. how to log out of pinterest Step 5.   now fair tap the logarithm out button and you will be logged out of your Pinterest account in no time. now let ’ s see how do we log out from Pinterest on iPhone or iPad.  

Part 3. How to Logout of Pinterest on iPhone/iPad

The steps to log out of Pinterest on iPhone or iPad is again fair a topic of a few clicks. Let ’ s see how do we do it. Step 1. First and the foremost pace is to launch the Pinterest app on your IOS device. once done, just tap the profile picture precisely like to what we did on Android. But the only difference you will see on Android and IOS interface is the localization of the profile picture. In Android, the profile icon is located on the top, while in the iPhone/iPad, the placement of profile picture is the bottomland correct corner. You can have a look at the below screenshot to see the profile icon on iPhone. Pinterest profile icon on iPhone Step 2. Once you tap on the profile icon, you will get redirected to your profile page. There, you need to go to the settings page of your Pinterest account. In decree to do that, just tap on the gear picture located on the top right corner. A screenshot testify that option is given below. Pinterest account setting Step 3. That ’ s it. now you are good a tone away from signing out of your Pinterest. On the settings page, the last option you see is Log Out. Just tap on that option and you will be signed of your Pinterest report. how do i logout of pinterest With this, we have reached the end of the article and its clock time for us to wrap it up ! I ’ meter reasonably certain you have now successfully signed of your Pinterest report careless of which device you use Pinterest on !

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indeed this was a detail tutorial on how to log out of Pinterest. it ’ mho prison term to wrap it up. If you encountered any issues while following the steps, citation that in the comment section below. And if you found the article helpful, feel detached to share it on your social mediums .

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