Find My: How to use the app, from setting up your iPhone, to locating your AirTag

The worst feel you can get when owning an Apple device is forgetting where you left it – you might have lost an iPhone under the go to bed or your AirPods somewhere in the garden. Find My first appeared as Find My iPhone in 2010, which did what it said with its diagnose. As the years passed the app would be updated to locate your Mac and other Apple products, which prompted the list switch to Find My. There was besides a classify app called Find My Friends, which besides did as it described, but this was combined into Find My in 2019.

It ‘s become an app that can be all-important for when the worst scenario occurs. You can mark your Mac as lost, find your iPad on a map, make your iPhone ring a pierce legal, or use a recently new feature in io 15 to help find your AirTags with an AR-focused see. With this in mind, our guide will show you how to use all the features of the app, so you can have that peace of heed for those moments when you ca n’t find your iPhone .

How to set up your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and AirPods with Find My iPhone

iOS iPhone Find My ( effigy credit : TechRadar ) When you buy an Apple device, one of the first steps will be to sign in with an iCloud account. This activates many features, such as mail and synchronize between other devices, but it will besides register the device for Find My. But if you want to check – go to Settings > Account name at the top > Find My, and check whether ‘Find My iPhone ‘ is switched on. The Apple device name here will change, depending on what device you ‘re using for this. But if you ‘ve gone through to the setup screen at the start without logging in with an iCloud account, or you do n’t yet have an Apple ID, choose Create a new Apple ID and follow the instructions. While you ‘re here, make certain to turn on Share My Location. This feature will keep the placement of the iPhone, iPad, and others be constantly updated to Find My. A raw feature of the iPhone 13 devices and above is that they will silent transmit location, evening when the battery has run down or it ‘s switched off.

How to set up Find My Mac 

( persona credit : TechRadar ) Find My on the Mac looks exchangeable to the iPad, so you ‘ll be on familiar ground here. There ‘s a sidebar that will list your friends and family localization, arsenic long as they ‘ve allowed it, aboard your devices, and any keys that are compatible with Find My. You can entree the same features on the app that ‘s on your iPhone and iPad, such as enabling a sound or Lost Mode. If you want to make certain that it ‘s switched on, go to System Preferences > AppleID > Find My Mac > Options. ( image accredit : TechRadar ) If it ‘s On, you ‘ve got nothing else to do. however, if you plan on selling your Mac, make certain to switch this off, as it wo n’t in full erase if it ‘s left alone. ( trope recognition : TechRadar ) Released in April 2021, these are the size of a mint that can be placed in bags, laptop cases, and in accessories that can allow Tags to be slotted in and attached to keys. once you ‘ve activated them by pulling the chase, they will pair to your iPhone, followed by showing in FindMy. There ‘s a newfangled feature that ‘s presently associated with AirTags that allows your iPhone to direct you to where they ‘re located.

( image citation : TechRadar ) Go to Find My > Items > Name of your AirTag > Find, and the app will try to connect to the AirTag. once this is done, it ‘ll prompt you with the direction and how far it is. Follow the arrow and the taps on your iPhone will get faster, the close you get to the AirTag .

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