Bybit Review 2022 – Accepted Countries, Payment Methods, Coins & User Reviews

  • You are then redirected to the Simplex page, where you will need to complete your credit card and personal information to complete the purchase.
  • Once your crypt wallet has been credited with your newly purchase crypto, you can make a wallet-to-wallet transfer and begin trading on the Bybit platform.

Key features of the Bybit platform

Trading Features

Spot : Offers users the ability to trade crypto/USDT parings. Order types available include Limit, Market, and Conditional .
Inverse Perpetual : Supports the deal of crypto either long or short via the derivatives trading chopine. Traders can trade with up to 100x leverage with BTC. As a ageless product, there are no termination dates. The inverse component requires traders to place the underlying crypto as margin .
USDT Perpetual : Supports the deal of crypto/USDT pairings with gearing. As a ageless product offer, there are no termination dates. Traders may trade with a maximal leverage of 50x .
Inverse Futures : Supports the deal of crypto/USD pairings with gear. The futures products are not ageless and, consequently, have passing dates. presently, Bybit offers BTCUSD and ETHUSD pairings. Maximum gearing is set at 50x.

Credit / debit card purchases : Users may besides purchase crypto by credit / debit menu via the “ Buy Crypto ” page and have purchased crypto deposited to a specified wallet address .

Tracking Options

Orders: Traders may view a detail dislocation of rate Histories via the “ Order ” page located under the exploiter bill dropdown menu .
Positions : additionally, traders may view their respective positions across the unlike products on each individual trade interface .
Balances : Users may view their respective wallet balances on the “ Assets ” foliate. Traders may view individual wallet balances for spot and derivatives accounts. additionally, users are provided with total equity, P & L, and available balance wheel .

Earning Options

Referral Programs : Bybit rewards users and their respective referees with $ 20 bonuses in USDT. Referees need to meet the minimum trade volume of $ 1,000 for USDT Perpetual and Inverse Contracts to qualify. Bybit besides offers extra earnings as newfangled milestones are hit. Please consult to the Referral Program page for more details .


SUPPORT : Users are able to contact customer support 24/7, with the Bybit community catering for 13 languages. In orderliness to contact customer support, merely click the “ Support ” picture located at the bottom right-hand-side of the Bybit page. here, users may search a comprehensive aid section or speak to customer support via “ Live Chat ” .
Social Network Platforms : Bybit has a presence on YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook .

Privacy and Security

Bybit provides traders and investors with multiple security system layers .
2-Factor Authentication (2FA) : Users need to enable 2FA in order to make withdrawals, reset passwords, change security settings, and for API management confirmation. once enabled, users will besides need 2FA in order to login .
Email Authentication : electronic mail is needed for login, coitus interruptus, and password readjust. once linked, the e-mail can not be changed .
SMS Authentication : Users may besides include SMS Authentication for login, password readjust, and change of security settings .
Account Activity : additionally, users may view account activeness via the Account & Security section located under the account dropdown menu .
Cold Wallets : Bybit uses a HD cold wallet system that guarantees the safety of customer funds.

Customer Support

Bybit provides 24/7 customer support through multiple channels .
Users may contact customer support via populate chat or by submitting a request. There is besides a Bybit chat room, where users may link up with other members of the Bybit network .
A dedicated Learn page, where users have access to the Bybit Help Centre, Bybit Learn, and Blog, besides gives users all the necessary corporeal to navigate the platform .
Social Media : Bybit besides has a social media presence .
– Facebook : hypertext transfer protocol : //
– chitter : hypertext transfer protocol : //
– Instagram : hypertext transfer protocol : //
– YouTube : hypertext transfer protocol : //

Additional Information

Some of the more frequently asked questions include :
Bybit processes and review all withdrawal requests at 3 fasten fourth dimension intervals at 0800, 1600 and 0000 UTC .
100 % of our clients ’ assets are stored in Bybit ’ s multi-signature cold wallet. A multi-signature cold wallet is an offline cold wallet and requires at least 2 out of 3 authorizations before the free of any funds, ensuring utmost asset security. As such, all our clients are required to submit a manual withdrawal request and subject it to a rigorous secession request march happening at 3 designate timings ( 0000, 0800 and 1600 UTC ) .
A new drug user who registers on Bybit with your referral code, makes a deposit, and makes at least one trade on the BTCUSD Inverse Perpetual Contracts on or after 10:00:00 UTC, January 7, 2021 .


Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Singapore, Bybit has more than 2 million registered users.

Ranked top 4 for 24-hours trade volume of crypto futures contracts, Bybit delivers amongst the most liquid platforms in the market .
With no server downtime, 99.99 % organization functionality, and a high gear stress on security, Bybit delivers a user-friendly chopine for crypto traders .
With the new descry trade platform now available, together with the ability to trade long and light via derivatives, Bybit delivers a platform where traders can take full advantage of the volatile crypto grocery store .

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