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Brave supports Chrome extensions. The problem was with the author ’ s version of Brave ; it was roughly a class old. very old versions of Brave didn ’ t include service keys ( necessary for interacting with Brave ’ s privacy-preserving proxy-service ), whereas modern versions do ( which is why you and I are able to install extensions without any issue )Sampson from Brave

To explain – the place I have installed Brave hasn ’ t made available any newer versions of the browser since December 2020. So the keys it shipped with have become outdated. Since no-update was available, I didn ’ thyroxine see the common orange “ Update ” release on the taskbar .
⚠️ NOTICE: Closing comments as they have moved from discussing the issue to attacking me for not being crypto friendly.

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Original Post

I have been using the Brave Browser for about 2 years I think. @ logic introduced it to me at some point and it has been my primary browser both in Desktop and Mobile, home and agency computers since then .
I got my inaugural heads up when I came across a post on HackerNews about Brave misbehaving due to the “ Brave backend servers ” being unapproachable. It struck me as strange when a comment on the Github ticket mentioned that Brave servers need to be up for Brave to function .
This is a bad design NO-NO for something adenine all-important as a vane browser. But then, the inactiveness of it being a daily driver, its amaze ad-blocking and tracker auspices, Chrome extension compatibility, and the fact I haven ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate faced any such issues prevented me from doing any changes .
today I was looking to install an propagation to manage the browser tab key and I ran into this
Can’t install any extension
I thought possibly the extension was buggy and tried a couple more and the lapp result for everything. And searching for the error led me to this Github Ticket, which again describes that it is a “ server-side ” issue and it was fixed.

well, it is not fixed for me. But that ’ s beside the point. This come of colony for a browser to have on “ backend servers ” is pathetic. For software, ampere important as a browser, through which I have come to entree about everything digital for me is unacceptable. then with this post being the final thing I will do on Brave, I will bid adieu .

Exploring options…

  1. An interesting alternate is Vivaldi – It is trying to do what Opera was doing pre-Chrome. It rolls email, calendar, RSS reader, browser all into one and also provides built-in ad-blocking.
  2. Open source Chrome aka Chromium – This used to be my primary dirver before. So I am thinking of going back to it with the usual extensions like Ghostery, AdBlock+..etc., Not sure how much things have changed there.

not certain who posted this in HackerNews. Thanks for all the feedback .

  1. I will be trying Firefox. So many people have recommended it. It’s something I have forgotten over the last couple of years and before that it frequently caused issues and was only my secondary browser for testing.
  2. There is nothing sinister about the decision or PR at work. I tried installing extensions, it didn’t work, I uninstalled and made a note of why I am doing it. Interpretations are all yours.

Update 2:

This is for people suggesting I jumped the gun and credibly didn ’ t take the clock to understand the real number problem. I am an Chrome extension generator myself, I had just published a new translation of it alone 8 hours before and tested facility on Brave and Chrome. So, I understand the offspring. And I have linked to GitHub issues where this has been discussed .

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