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BlackBox Bootcamp Class New Member Class Testimonial :

I was so excited after attending the boot camp that I signed up for a 2nd boot camp training this week. Attending the boot camp is a must for all members, new and old, in mastering the BlackBox system as it evolves for its members. The training helped me to better navigate the BlackBox platform, and learn basic trading terminology, trading basics, best practices, risk management and position sizing to avoid blowing up your account. I’ve been a member for just over 2 months and my account has grown 125% and I look forward to trading with the Blackbox family every day. Thank you, BlackBox!

@wesleybelizair on Twitter @ wesleybelizair on chitter At BlackBox, we know education is necessity for achieving consistent profitableness in trade. We offer a variety of classes to help our members learn and develop their deal styles and strategies. Our education program begins with the BlackBox Boot Camp – a 3-hour comprehensive initiation to stocks, options, and the BlackBox system. Boot Camp is designed to help you ‘hit the ground running ‘ ! ALL CLASSES AND CONTINUING EDUCATION ARE OFFERED TO OUR MEMBERS FREE OF CHARGE ! During Boot Camp, you will learn the follow : Hour 1 – How to Trade Stocks

  • basic market terminology
  • deal – buying and sell
  • What is “ abruptly selling ” and what are the risks ?
  • Pattern Day Trader ( PDT ) rules – What are they and how do they impact your trade ?
  • Recommended brokerages – TD Ameritrade discounted commissions and brokers to avoid
  • The dangers of trade Penny Stocks and Low Float Stocks
  • An introduction to Technical Analysis – charts, candles, and more
  • Identifying support and resistance levels
  • FIVE ways people blow up their accounts ! ( How to protect your capital and profits )
  • Tips for new traders

Hour 2 – How to Trade Options

  • Options terminology
  • What are calls and puts ?
  • directional option strategies
  • Reading an options chain
  • Choosing a come to and termination
  • village timeframes
  • Cash score option for little accounts

Hour 3 – Tutorial on the Blackbox System This segment will give you an in-depth look at the BlackBox system and how to use its potent features including :

  • Our multiple alarm types and what they mean :
  • Our proprietorship scanners and data tables plus our extensive graph program :
  • Alert Log
  • crown 10 Gainers
  • Pre-market scanner
  • Intraday scanner
  • post grocery store scanner
  • book proportion scanner
  • Alert charts
  • Volatility indicator ( our substitute for a Level 2 system )
  • chart tools, studies, and indicators
  • Our robust media features :
  • real-time news program
  • symbol specific news program
  • social media sentiment
  • Our moral force BlackBox trade community
  • How to access our live trade rooms
  • Your moderators
  • How to connect, interact, and put up – we encourage engagement !
  • Room guidelines
  • How to sign up for our secret Twitter feed and early valuable content on BlackBox ’ s sociable media sites

Your Instructor – Teresa

Teresa has been trading with BlackBoxStocks since January 2017. Teresa learned to trade with BlackBoxStocks and is proof of the power of our system to turn new traders into profitable traders. Coming from a background rooted in technology, she began her career in Silicon Valley, serving in Director and VP level positions with companies like Pacific Bell, National Semiconductor, and Macromedia. Her international experience includes sixteen years of marketing products worldwide and three years on assignment in Europe. Today, Teresa is truly passionate about trading and helping others develop their trading skills. She is a full-time options trader and moderator in the BlackBox live options trading chatroom. She brings her extensive experience and energy to the BlackBox Education program by teaching our BlackBox Bootcamp and other classes.

Teresa BlackBoxStocks -Teresa The live Boot Camp webinar is offered multiple times per workweek so it is easy to find a class to fit your schedule. To sign up for the Boot Camp, just sign onto the BlackBox platform, front for the Support check then click Calendar and sign up for the classify that works best for you. Welcome to Team BlackBox !
Click “ Support ”, then “ Calendar ”

Click on a class to register

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