Dogelon Mars rises: Are Binance listing talks fueling ELON token surge?

One section within the cryptocurrency universe thrived without emphasizing much on utility program. The alleged meme tokens have gained so much popularity that assets like Dogecoin ( DOGE ) and Shiba Inu ( SHIB ) were featuring among the top 15 cryptos on the CoinMarketCap rate as of write .
other segments like metaverse games using blockchain and decentralized finance ( DeFi ) platforms talk about their utility, but meme tokens appear more about holding and waiting until the price appreciates. recently, the Shiba Inu undertaking declared its intention to enter into the blockchain net segment by launching Shibarium, besides issuing a stablecoin SHI. But even without these, SHIB commands a multi-billion-dollar market cap .
Another crypto Dogelon Mars, with watch ELON, is riding the meme token wave. Let ’ s know more .

What exactly is Dogelon Mars cryptocurrency?

The official web site of the project has identical limited information. It talks about a amusing character, named Dogelon Mars, that is out to “ explore ” the galaxy. A few pages in comic reserve dash are available on the web site. These speak about a aloof future and the “ re-colonization ” of satellite Mars.

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Besides, there is information on how to join the Dogelon Mars community. It guides the proofreader toward creating a MetaMusk wallet, a software linked to the Ethereum blockchain. ETH tokens can be bought and swapped for Dogelon Mars crypto. The watch, ELON, seems to harness the popularity of Elon Musk, a billionaire who was talked positively about cryptos, specially Dogecoin on multiple occasions .

What is Dogelon Mars’ (ELON) token price?

There was an up apparent motion in the price of ELON tokens at the meter of writing. The trade book skyrocketed in the past 24 hours and was up more than 1,000 per cent. This had translated into over US $ 200 million trade volume during the said period .
The market cap of Dogelon Mars cryptocurrency was closely uranium $ 600 million, with a per token price of closely US $ 0.000001. It was in some reports that Binance might list Dogelon Mars, which could have triggered a surge in the measure of the token.

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That said, ELON token ’ mho year-to-date ( YTD ) is minus, and it has had quite a fickle guide in 2022. A few crypto enthusiasts may be finding its first gear price per nominal attractive, but cryptos are uncertain, which is why Dogelon Mars price prediction can be notional .
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Dogelon Mars crypto price
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Bottom line

Dogelon Mars, a meme token with ticker ELON, seems to lack define utility. Its price get up over the by 24 hours could be attributed to reports around crypto exchange Binance list ELON token on its platform. Two of the most popular meme currencies, DOGE and SHIB, have a very high market capital, and by this measure, Dogelon Mars has to travel a lot of distance. ELON token does not feature in the lead 100 assets, according to CoinMarketCap .
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