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There are five major brands of mint albums that feature a big survival of titles. These album lines are Intercept Shield, Dansco, Whitman, US Mint and Littleton. While similar in many respects, each stigmatize has some unique qualities that can impact a collector ’ south decision on which to select. In addition, there are numerous other brands with a more limited choice of titles ( much limited to popular series like the State Quarters and Presidential Dollars ). We provide a comparison of the major brands and more popular of the secondary brands below .

Intercept Shield

Intercept Shield Coin Albums Our favorite tune of albums is the Intercept Shield series. Thirty titles covering most of the major series from the late 1800s to date are presently available in this gradually expanding series. In summation, Intercept manufacturers a Type album that, in our opinion, is a better layout and blend of coins than that of any other manufacturer. As impregnable preservation proponents we are sold on the protective qualities of the Intercept Shield line. Intercept Shield albums go beyond just being constructed from archival timbre materials. Each album is lined with Corrosion Intercept which traps and neutralize corrosive gases before they reach the coins inside. The albums are sold with a pit slipcase that is besides lined with Intercept Shield providing a irregular layer of protection. State Quarter and Presidential Dollar albums are available in multiple formats ( Date Set, P & D, and P, D and S-proof ). however, the other mod series are available in entirely in the with proof format. We ’ d like to see Intercept continue to grow the act of titles available and offer a rate of lacuna albums and pages so collectors could build their own custom-made albums so any collection could be protected in matching albums .


Dansco Coin Albums Dansco albums are by far the most widely used albums in the avocation. separate of this is the sum of fourth dimension they ’ ve been manufactured. More important though is the wide kind of titles that are offered and the versatility offered through the excerpt of blank pages and binders. With 83 titles for US coins, virtually any series can be housed in a Dansco album. For modern mint series, Dansco offers albums both with and without the proof only issues. In addition, there are 23 Dansco earth mint album titles and fourteen more albums for currency, sports cards, flatware bars and rounds, gaming tokens and other collectibles. Unlike Intercept Albums, Dansco albums are not sold with a case event, however, Dansco does manufacture six sizes of archival slip cases. Six sizes of space binders are besides available that hold up to 8 pages in the largest size. Dansco is aggressive about making update pages available for developing series and besides sells a series of 27 titled, but otherwise blank, supernumerary pages and a series of 31 millimeter pages ( with holes ranging in size from 16 mm to 55 millimeter ). These pages can be interracial or matched in a blank binder to make a custom-made album or added to other albums for extra coins in the solicitation. While most manufacturers have now abandoned consumption of non-archival materials in their albums, merely Dansco ’ s case cases are advertised as being manufactured from archival materials. As a result, we frequently see coins stored in these albums developing toning around the rims .


Whitman Coin Albums The Whitman Classic series of albums is made by the hobby ’ s provide power station manufacturer and publisher, Whitman Publishing. At 43 album titles, this series exceeds that available in the Intercept Shield line but still falls short of Dansco ’ s width. The attractive deep blue albums are imprinted in aureate and are made wholly of archival materials. Whitman offers a lacuna binder and a line of eight titled but differently blank pages and 31 wholly lacuna pages with ports ranging in size from 16 mm to 55 millimeter. As a result, about any collection can be housed in a custom combination of pages. Slipcases are not available for the series. While Whitman updates the raw albums it sells with pages for the latest issues, update pages are not sold individually for collectors who have older version of the albums ( note : whitman does offer separate Territory one-fourth update pages for the State Quarter albums ). This effectively builds obsolescence into albums for current series.


Littleton Coin Albums The Littleton coin album series consists of 50 titles leaving it good short-circuit of the Dansco width but larger than the early major album lines. Slipcases and corrosion security inserts are not sold with the albums but are available individually for collectors who want them. Titled but differently blank pages are available in eight of sizes and Littleton besides offers Territory update pages for the submit stern albums. The most strike difference of the Littleton line is how the pages are held in the albums. Littleton utilizes a three hoop organization which efficaciously makes the pages “ unaffixed leaf ” style in contrast to the other brands covered above which are held in place by pins and look more like a traditionally bound book. This allows the albums and pages to lay flat and makes it easier to study or enjoy the coins in the album. On the other hand, it makes the Littleton albums much blockheaded on the spin than the other brands of albums. This takes up more space on the script ledge or in the condom and gives the album a wedge supreme headquarters allied powers europe that can be frustrating when trying to occupation them up on a ledge. We highly recommend the skid cases to help keep the albums in order on the shelf. In addition to the traditional albums, Littleton besides offers a pit agate line of collection portfolios that hold US and world banknotes, certified coins and coins in the popular 2×2 cardboard holders.

now that we have covered the pros and cons of the major album lines, we turn our attention to the secondary brands. While typically not for collectors that pursue multiple serial and have a strong desire to theater their collection in a series of matching albums, these albums still have their own appeal for many collectors.

HE Harris

HE Harris Coin Albums HE Harris is another Whitman Publishing owned brand that has a pair of state quarter albums. While alike in structure to the Whitman and US Mint lines, the Harris mint albums are labeled as “ deluxe ” and indeed do have a epicurean look to them. For ten years the alone album in the line was a 50 State Quarter Date Set album that is very popular with collectors of this series. With the presentation of the DC and Territory Quarters in 2009, Whitman added a second title for P & D versions of the 2009 quarters .


Lighthouse Coin Albums Lighthouse, a german coin and stamp provide manufacturer, entered the US album market with a State Quarter album and followed with a presidential dollar album when that series was introduced. These high gear timbre albums have a rich leather spirit and come with a equal slipcase. Lighthouse albums provide P and D slots for both series and a Territory page update is available for the state quarter album. The pages are held in place with rings ( similar to the Littleton albums described above ) so that the pages lie flat to view the coins .


SuperSafe Coin Albums SuperSafe coin albums differ from all of the albums above by the construction of the page and mechanism to hold coins in the albums. The early albums described above use a arduous cardboard page with holes cut in it for the coins. clear, acetate rayon slides fit in each side of the page to protect the coins while hush leaving both sides visible. SuperSafe albums, rather, use clear up vinyl pages with pockets that hold the coins. The pages are wholly absolved allowing for wake of both sides of the coin ( and even the rim ). This allows for a a lot more compact and cheap album. The cable includes five titles consisting of Date Set and P & D versions for both the State Quarters and presidential Dollars arsenic well a Sacagawea album .

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