How to disable auto sign-in feature in Google Chrome browser

With the Google Chrome interpretation 69, Google mutely added a feature of speech wherein you mechanically get signed in to Chrome browser when you log in to any of Google ’ s services such as Gmail, YouTube, or Google Drive. Earlier it was optional and was good excessively. We had a choice of using our one history in the Chrome vane browser and another one for the early Google services. A lot of Google users reported this return and thankfully, with the Chrome version 70, Google has added this option to disable Chrome auto-login. Let ’ s learn how to do that .

How to disable auto sign-in feature in Chrome on Windows

Before we proceed with the fix, check what translation of Google Chrome you are using. As mentioned above, this feature to disable Chrome auto-login was added in Chrome 70. If you are still using an old translation, pls update your Google Chrome browser first. To check what interpretation of Chrome you are using :

Go to Google Settings > Help > About Google Chrome.

once you have updated your Chrome browser, to disable the car sign-in sport in the Google Chrome browser :

  1. Click on the three dots on the top right corner of your browser
  2. Open Google Settings.
  3. From the left pane, click on You and Google. 
  4. Click on Sync and Google services. 
  5. Under Other Google Services tab, you will see, Allow Chrome sign-in feature.
  6. Turn it Off and you are done.

once you turn this off, you can sign in to your Gmail score and other Google services without signing in to the Chrome browser. Related : How to sign in to Google sites without signing into Chrome .

Stop Google From automatically signing you in Android

The Chrome auto-login feature of speech is available on Android american samoa well. This feature, however, is to simplify our browsing but you can disable it anytime if you want. The car sign-in in Android is basically a have of the Smart Lock feature in Passwords. This feature saves all our passwords. Let ’ s see how you can Chrome car sign-in on your Android devices.

  1. Open Chrome on your Android device
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Click on Passwords
  4. You will see the tab Auto sign-in.
  5. You simply have to turn it off and you are done.

Remember that after you turn off the car sign-in feature, you will be asked for verification every prison term before signing in to a web site. indeed, if you are one of the millions of users who are annoyed by getting mechanically signed in to the Chrome vane browser, these steps will surely help you out. Read next : disable sign in with Google or Move to Google Account prompts in Chrome .

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