Visiting the Numismatic Museum of Iceland – Blind Coin Collector

It was a identical unusual startle for a slip. In a long clock, the first meter I wasn ’ thyroxine traveling for business. Just recently they introduced a daily flight from Cleveland to Reykjavik. At home we have talked about it, soon after which My daughter, Emily brought home a book from the library about Iceland, and a few days subsequently she started telling people that I ’ thousand taking her to Iceland. I had no theme where she got the theme from, but we talked about it with my wife, and it sounded like the perfect vacation theme. As always, I checked if there was a money museum there, and sure enough, there was one .
A few weeks before we left for Iceland, I sent an electronic mail to the Numismatic Museum, which is part of the Icelandic National Museum. In a couple of days I got a reaction that our syndicate is welcome to attend a go at the museum at the time of our choose. This was very generous, specially because we found out that the museum ’ sulfur curator, Mr. Sigurður Pálmason came in to meet us during his vacation.
Iceland 5 Kronur

I have to say that it seems I have constantly known of Iceland and it was something far and distant to me. My first meeting was erstwhile in one-fifth class, when we had a large plastic european map, and in the upper berth leave corner there were two little spots of some kind with the letters IL, which meant Iceland. Later I remember learning about the geysers, volcanos, but this was by and large it. Though it always fascinated me, I don ’ t even know what. probably the fact that it was so far from everything, and it is by and large an arbitrary decision that it belongs to Europe and not America. Ok, culturally it makes sense, but geographically much less, particularly that part of the island belongs to the American tectonic plate. late as I started traveling, I remember that when the pilot burner said anything about our road between America and Europe, if lone one thing was mentioned it was Iceland. For case, we will be flying above Iceland, or presently we are above Iceland. But nothing more, it only gave me an theme how far it was from Europe. Earlier this summer when I was in Belfast, I was probably closest to it, approximately less than a thousand miles, but this is calm a big distance.

When we reserved our trip, I wanted to learn a little more about Iceland. The first thing I wanted to find out is something about the language. I knew it had a scandinavian inheritance, but I didn ’ t have more of an idea .
Icelandic is largely related to the scandinavian languages, but in its archaic form. People in Iceland are able to understand their literature many hundreds of years back. As constantly, I wanted to learn a few words in Icelandic, I thought it would be something relatively easy, as I learned a few things in swedish and Danish a few years ago when I was in Denmark. It turned out to be much more complex than what I thought. Icelandic has a few characters which do not exist in Danish. besides, finding a way to read it out with a lecture system was challenging, because I was not able to find an Icelandic text to speech organization. I did find a description of the braille characters, but without much steering of pronunciation it didn ’ t make much sense .
I am ashamed to admit, though in the first place I planned to, I did not learn much more than yes and no in Icelandic. however, it was besides interesting to find that there was no time when I needed Icelandic. a soon as people figured out that we weren ’ thyroxine local, and credibly it wasn ’ t a difficult estimate, they switched to fluent English, and it was very comfortable to communicate. Mr. Pálmason for case apologized for his english, but I don ’ t think it was any worse than mine after populate in the US for many years. And in general it wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate anything unusual. It was courteous to hear the language though on the streets in substantial life, it gave me a better theme of what it in truth sounds like .
It fascinated me how this little country can provide all the necessity cognition people need. Just for a comparison, a little more than 300 thousand people live in the state, a bit more than half of the people in Cleveland. Outside of the area, not many people speak Icelandic, yet, they have everything a big state has. Schools, at least one university I know of, fantan, stores, banks, entertainers, authors, translators, radio operators, DJs, newsworthiness broadcasters, and of course, many tour guides .
Another thing that amazed me was the prices. We heard that Iceland wasn ’ metric ton bum, but I thought that we have lived in DC and Chicago, and we have seen it all. No, we haven ’ t… But I besides have to say that what we got for our money was always exceptional .
We visited the museum on the third day of our quell, hoping to give the kids a couple of days to adjust to the clock time remainder. Asking to learn about local anesthetic coins was the best theme. The museum has some 5000 artifacts, but what we have learned about the money of Iceland I couldn ’ t have found anywhere .
Before the trip, I tried to find some information, I by and large read relate articles on Wikipedia and in the Krause Catalog. I did find a tilt of coins and most notes, but it was nothing more than a list. I have to say, it didn ’ t even sound concern, and I was a bite worry what is there in Iceland, as they merely introduced coins in 1922. Before that, they used danish coins according to the resources I found, but we learned from Mr. Pálmason that it was more than that, they had all kinds of different scandinavian coins, the museum flush has a swedish plate money .
Iceland started to use its own currentness earlier, in 1886 they started issuing bank notes, this is when “ Iceland ” started appearing on currency, so when the first coins came out the Icelandic Krona already existed .
Iceland had three sets of coins, but interestingly after 1944 when they declared independence from Denmark, they did not issue new coins ascribable to the dearth of metal after World War II, so the old coins with the crown were used until the 1970 ’ second, when new coins were issued.

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In 1980, a modern set of coins became necessary when the Icelandic Kronur was devalued after a arduous inflation. A new inflation hit the currentness after 2008, but it wasn ’ metric ton a big as the previous one .
I had a find to touch all the coins used in circulation before the stream cobble. I did get the current coins from the stores before we visited the museum. needle to say it was the first thing I did. Since I didn ’ t have excessively many coins from Iceland, and even those have doubles, the current laid of coins were newly to me. There are some very nice, large, easy to identify coins. not only the designs are easy to tell apart, but the edges and sizes are besides very clear-cut.
stack of coins
But back to the older coins. It is interesting that not many coins have remained in dear condition, because they were used for several decades, and got completely worn out. credibly the museum has some of the nicest pieces. however, interestingly when the old icelandic krona was withdrawn, some 40 percentage of the coins still remained with the people, according to estimates some 490 tons. This may besides be because by that time the prize of these coins were very short .
precisely before visiting the museum, we found a big numeral of packages of coins at a giving store, labeled as lucky coins. These were coins from anywhere from the 1930 ’ s to the 1970 ’ sulfur for an hideous price. I left them there assuming that I could get them cheaper somewhere, though it was cool to find real previous coins sold in endowment stores. After we learned that many of the coins got so worn, I think those prices are more fair.
coins in store
After an overview of the Icelandic neologism, we besides got an introduction to the bank notes. We found out that all kinds of different notes were used, three entities officially issued bank notes, the largest being the Bank of Iceland, which was a private entity. Notes came in all colors. People at the bank signed each note individually. The largest bank note primitively was a 50 Kronur, which was worth many months of wage at the clock time. therefore, very few survived, because people used them. There is entirely one note in private collections, in the invite war on an auction the price went up so high that some people decided to buy it together to split the costs, and each one of them immediately holds the note for one year and passes it on .
After the overview of the currency of Iceland, we found out that Mr. Pálmason is working on a stick out to digitalize the holdings of the museum to make it available online. I am happy to find that more and more museums take this approach. consequently, if done well, much more data will be available to blind people this way .
It was a fascinate visit. I did not detail here all we have learned, but Mr. Pálmason gave us a very concern and detail introduction to the currentness of Iceland, the museum is absolutely deserving visit, and we haven ’ t evening seen the majority of the objects. But I am convinced again, that the best means to go is to ask local people about local anesthetic coins, which they prize and understand thoroughly .
Another museum which I would highly recommend to anybody.

Finding the museum

Finding information about the museum is not immediately obvious. When searching for money museum or numismatic museum, largely tourist sites come up, and based on one of those, we about went to the improper address, fortunately I have double checked .
The museum is housed in the Central Bank of Iceland, but owned by the National Museum of Iceland. here is a page on the Bank ’ s locate to get started, the address here is discipline : Kalkofnsvegi 1, 101 Reykjavík .
I have to say, I did not find their vane locate until after the tripper, but when I did, I was delighted to find that they have quite a bit of information available in English. Though I think one should read original documents if possible, reading Icelandic text is more than a challenge for me, indeed here are all publications listed on the locate. There are hundreds of papers in digital format, there is something for the numismatist, historian or the economist .

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