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  • Kevin Rose’s Web3 media startup PROOF has raised $10 million from Alexis Ohanian’s VC firm, Seven Seven Six.
  • PROOF’s recent Moonbirds Ethereum NFT launch has generated $446 million worth of trading volume to date.

PROOF, the Web3 media startup from Digg co-founder and venture capitalist Kevin Rose, equitable made waves in the NFT space with the massive launch of its Moonbirds project. And now the firm has raised funds from another long-familiar technical school collapse : Alexis Ohanian .
today, Rose announced that PROOF has raised $ 10 million from Seven Seven Six, the VC firm founded by Ohanian, well known as the co-founder of Reddit. Rose wrote in a tweet that his own VC firm True Ventures besides participated in the fund cycle, but he specifically said in a Twitter Space nowadays that Ohanian ’ mho firm “ invested $ 10 million. ”
PROOF began life final year as a podcast, an outgrowth from Rose ’ s existing Modern Finance podcast. last December, the party launched the PROOF Collective, a private community of 1,000 people via NFT access passes, unlock things like unblock NFT drop, access to future events, and other perks and benefits .
The PROOF Collective NFTs sold via a dutch auction format starting at 5 ETH each, but their value has surged on the secondary grocery store. As of this writing, the cheapest available NFT was listed on OpenSea at about 115 ETH—about $ 346,000.

That price has jumped importantly in recent weeks due to the buzz around Moonbirds, PROOF ’ s first Ethereum NFT profile picture solicitation, which launched April 16. PROOF NFT holders each received two Moonbirds NFTs, and ultimately 7,875 more were sold at 2.5 ETH each ( about $ 7,600 ) to collectors who won a point on the allowlist via a raffle .
Moonbirds soared on the secondary market immediately after the launch, and ultimately the project generated $ 280 million worth of total sales within the first gear two days. As of this write, CryptoSlam reports a sum of $ 446 million worth of trading volume for the project .
An NFT acts like a deed of possession to a unique digital token, including images, video recording files, and synergistic video recording game items. It can besides work as an access pass into gate online communities and live events, as PROOF, the Bored Ape Yacht Club, and other luminary NFT projects have done .
In a video interview posted nowadays, Rose said that PROOF did not need to raise outside fund, but that he wanted the opportunity to collaborate with Ohanian. PROOF plans to release extra NFTs alongside creating Web3 capacity, launching a hot conference in 2023, and other design initiatives .

PROOF’s COO departs

But PROOF ’ randomness rapid raise hasn ’ t come without controversy. soon after the launch of Moonbirds, PROOF co-founder and Chief Operating Officer Ryan Carson announced the establish of an NFT investment fund, 121G —and started buying up Moonbirds on the secondary coil market .
Following questions from collectors over whether Carson had bought the NFTs while benefiting from inside cognition of PROOF ’ s future plans and further utility for Moonbirds, Rose announced today that Carson has decided to leave PROOF to focus on his newfangled fund .

In nowadays ’ south Twitter Space, Rose answered questions from the Moonbirds community about the time of Carson ’ sulfur purchases and his departure. Rose besides responded to pinch questions .
“ I had an inner policy not to purchase any Moonbirds until after rarity counts were out to the public, ” Rose tweeted. “ I ca n’t control person clicking a push button to purchase, but I can put stronger controls in place for all future drops. for example, no employee purchases for 7-days. ”

PROOF has besides faced pushback over its electric potential gifts of Moonbirds NFTs to celebrities. comedian and television master of ceremonies Jimmy Fallon—owner of a Bored Ape— tweeted about his Moonbirds NFTs last week, but when BuzzFeed inquired about how Fallon acquired the NFTs, Rose wouldn ’ t give the publication a heterosexual answer .

“ I have an harebrained roll of advisers across a wide range of disciplines that receive Moonbirds, ” Rose told BuzzFeed via electronic mail. “ Some paid for their Moonbirds, some work for them, and some are gifts for respective assistant and advice they ‘ve contributed. ”
“ I ‘m not going to get into the fiscal details of each Moonbird transplant, but know that merely looking at the blockchain remove is punch-drunk ; it does n’t show you the whole painting of the relationships we ‘ve established or why they are receiving them, ” he added .

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