How do I know if my coins are valuable?

How do I know if my coins are valuable?

By David Gonzales – April 30, 2021

Most people that receive or inherit a coin collection have no estimate what they are worth. If fact, most are not able to identify the coin, the mint mark, and the condition. Coins can be crafty. One of the more common coins that we see are older argent dollars. Although the coin collecting flower has come and gone, there are some coins that have maintained reasonably good valley, and the silver dollar is one of them. I am specifically referring to the Morgan silver dollar. The Morgan dollar is the most roll up coin in the world, because you can buy them fairly cheap, and for the rare of dates and mints, you can easily exceed a million dollars. Keep in judgment that silver dollars were currentness back in the day, so using a ash grey dollar to buy something was the lapp as using a wallpaper dollars. It’s always good to get some help oneself when evaluating a mint solicitation. We live in an data old age, with Google at our feel tips 24/7, but what if your not certain how to even identify the mint that you are looking at ? The nuance with coins is about dateless. Google can end up leading you down the incorrect trail. I often hear from clients that they started trying to research their coins, but quickly realized that you have to have a certain cognition basal to even look up the correct coin !
It’s pretty dim-witted, coins have value based on their rarity or based on the type of metallic element that the coin is made from. Gold coins can be quite valuable without any sort of rarities. In other words the gold is going to have value based on the gold grocery store and how much gold is in that particular mint. Again, the jazz band of date, mint, and discipline is used to determine the overall rarity. One of the common misconceptions is that if a coin is old, it must be valuable, but not so.
Along with silver dollars, we see a short ton of old quarters, dime and half dollars. Keep in mind that all quarters, dime bag and halves from 1964 and earlier have 90 % silver. Keeping in mind that the us mint made these coin to circulate, meaning that they jingled around many a pock and cash record. The huge majority of those types of coins are not rare and have been heavily circulated. But they are still made of silver and therefore have considerable value in measure.
I am always amazed at peoples comments when I first meet them to evaluate their collection. I hear things like, “ I do n’t know if I should fair take these coins to the bank and cash them in. ” Those folks about always fall out of their moderate when I tell them the rate, and again they very add up ! even though coin collect is in it ‘s dying quivers, the metallic is trading close to all time highs. Gold and silver are valuable based on issue and demand. There good is n’t that much gold and silver, therefore it will maintain it ‘s value.
One of the reasons you want to work with a coin technical verses a “ cash for gold ”, is to identify the rarity. I once had a client who initially took 2 older amber coins to a cash for gold shop class. He was under melt measure for each coin ( $ 1500 each ). Within 30 seconds of him walking into my function, I know those coins were well more valuable that the mellow value. He ended up selling those 2 coins to us and we paid a little over $ 23,000 for both coins ! so again, it ‘s decidedly a good idea to work with people that have a expertness in the things you have. I constantly ask a batch of questions before I meet with person who has a collection to sell. I want to make certain I am the right fit for the types of coins a person has.
You constantly want to error on the side of having more information about your coins, anterior to selling. Our first appointment with potential clients are always intended to educate people on what they have. I look forward to seeing your coin collection !

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