Coin Collections -HOW-TO Display & Protect them.


In my know, coin collectors are -on average- the most passionate collectors. Ask one about the histoy of a given coin and get comfortable, because you are in for it. Kind of like political button collectors in this manner, but coins go room WAY back .


Storing Coins:

You must be mindful of the hypothesis of the acerb in curatorial materials. many valuable heirlooms have been ruined after they were carefully and fondly wrapped up in acidic paper. Applies double to silver things -like coins. This is a huge, complicated, and confusing subject. I have preferably a draw to say on the subject. Check out my articles on …

archival Materials :
Fabric for Collectors:
If your solicitation is sufficiently valuable, you MUST read up on the subject at the UPPER MIDWEST CONSERVATION ASSOCIATION for more then you would ever want to know about acidic loose materials .
For slabbed coins, I suppose it depends on how many you have. Do you want to store them laid-out flat, or stood up like rows of short soldiers ? If they are slabbed, it besides depends on the size of the slab. For model, I made this casing … .
Coin Collection Drawer Case Coin Collection Drawercase
… for a crevice who had his solicitation in Intercept slab. ( You can fair see the little velvet ‘pockets ‘ I made-to- order to display then at a slight angle. )
On the other hand, these two cases were for a HUGE collection of coins that lay all naked & exposed on the clear side, but protected with tarnish cloth* on the penetrate.
Coin Collection Drawer Case

ultimately, if your collection is slabbed-up in the bad graded slab, you might consider an Architectural Drawer Case or have me build you a Custom or Semi-Custom Drawer Case -the pictures above are custom cases .

*If you collect flatware coins -or valuable silver anything for that matter-you MUST know about tarnish fabric. One flavor has bantam bits of sacrificial eloquent imbedded in the fabric and is ever-loving expensive. Google ‘tarnish fabric ‘ and you will find all sorts of sources. Another company Fifield Fabrics, offers what they call SilverShield TM, which has secret chemistry imbedded in the fabric and does the job a little cheaper .


Paper Money:

English Note
Coins are beautiful, but you have to admit that wallpaper money is interesting excessively. If you collect newspaper money, check out Riker Mounts & Frames as a display case for your best stuff and if you do go this route, be sure to have a look at my Museum Cases designed specifically to fit these handy flat display cases .

riker frame

I must tell you a floor about Riker Mounts and curating newspaper money. When I first started selling casework to collectors I did -among other subjects- a number of mint collector ‘s show. ( Found mint and bill collectors to be lovely people, but then all people are decent when they are involved in something they love. ) anyhow, at one particular read, I bought some peep old paper money from around the universe and put it all in the Riker-Mount expose font shown above. It was a bare matter to arrange the bills artistically on the cotton bat and close it all up under the field glass lid. This particular mounted solicitation went around Northern California with me and I would display it in my booth to show people how they might display things like composition money. It was a nice expose and impressed show attendees. ( The most interesting beak in the solicitation -I thought- was a filipino dollar -printed in English -issued by the japanese Occupational Authority. The ridicule who sold it to me explained that when Japan would take over a country -the time period leading up to WWII- they would issue their own currentness. )
It may have been a class or indeed late that I had occasion to open the Riker and I noticed that there was a acquit mental picture of this 50 year old charge on the glass it had been placed against. You had to hold it up to the sparkle precisely right field but there it was, a clear rearward image. Think of it -50 year erstwhile ink that was still sufficiently volatile to actually flow onto another airfoil ! It did n’t appear to have hurt the bill and it came off the glass easily enough, but -and it ‘s a big BUT -if this bill had been placed against a whiten holey surface, it would surely have stained it and might well have actually glued itself to the substrate .



US Mint “ We are from the g’ment and we are here to help ” ? Well, turns out that the U.S. Mint actually has done a nice speculate here .

coin collector Coin Collector is a effective address and message locate. besides an excellent article on the nature of the avocation of numismatics that applies to early collectors as well. besides has the requirements for the Boy Scout Merit Badge !

Inercept Coins now these people take coin storage badly, -comic books excessively. Clearly Intercept Shield has a pharmacist or two on staff and tell you more then you might want to know about flatulence and how it messes things up .

American Numismatic
American Numismatic Association – A nonprofit, educational arrangement, chartered by Congress even !

PCGS Know what PCGS stands for ? Professional Coin Grading Services. Key discussion is professional -the locate is besides .

World Exonumia Interesting word, “ exonumia ” -literally means “ outside of coins. ” This is to say coin-like things that are not actually coins or money, -medals, political push button, tokens and the like. Check out, AAA Historic Americana.

Coin Link
Coin-Link is quite a scholarly web site -international and acnient -even charts the price of gold bullion .

Maritime Coins Maritime International started out as a mint commercial enterprise, but grew into sort of an everything web site. Classy & informative .


Paper Money:

AAnotes Who ever put this web site together has an artist ‘s eye. Some newspaper money is absolutely beautiful and this site has the pretty stuff and it is all nicely arranged.

Paper Money CollectorsSociety of Paper Money Collectors Includes information, images, and a downloadable screensaver .

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